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Parnassus Records has been selling classical records by mail for over 30 years. The "Select" list is a regular catalog of carefully graded rare Classical, Audiophile, Non-Classical and Jazz LPs. This catalog is available by mail aswell as on the Web.

Ordering Details

Telephone orders may be placed at 914-246-3332 at any time. When lists are active we attempt to cover the phone evenings. However, evening and weekend calls are usually answered by machine, which will allow you to leave messages of any reasonable length. We can normally handle inquiries other than catalog orders during regular business hours only, 9-5 weekends. 24 hour fax number: 914-246-6584. You can also use our e-mail address: ;parnassus@ulster.net

Payment Details

Payments may be made in dollars or sterling. Sterling checks must be made payable to Leslie Gerber. Sterling customers should include the exchange rate they have used. We accept MasterCard, VISA, and American Express charge orders; please provide account number and expiration date. New York State customers please add appropriate sales tax for your area.

Shipping Charges

We guarantee receipt of all records in satisfactory condition. If cutomers choose to declare records at less than their full value, we will be responsible ONLY for the declared value.

Grading Details

This listing of records is graded according to the following system:

ADDITIONAL CODES USED IN THIS LIST: AS = also issued in genuine stereo; BJ = blank jacket; COH = cut-out hole in jacket; D = digital recording; Df = Dynaflex (thin) pressing; EAR = early pressing; EP = English pressing; F = fake stereo; FOT = few odd ticks; LSM = harmless light surface marks; PB = pressing bubble(s); Q = quad; S = stereo; SD = "shaded dog" label; TE = "thrift edition" (no program notes); WD = "white dog" label; X = light scratch.

Any other defects will be described in detail. We do not knowingly sell records which will not track properly. No ratings can guarantee quiet surfaces unless the original pressing had them. Condition ratings apply to the records only; wear or damage on the jackets are described only when they are severe.


Foreign customers will notice drastic increases in surface shipping costs for small parcels, which result entirely from increases in the U.S. Postal Service's rates. In some cases airmail rates for small parcels are actually lower, in which cases we will use this service. In compensation, the rate on larger parcels will be lower. Foreign customers may want to pay for records and then have us stockpile them until we can ship a larger, more economical package.

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Listings are alphabetical by record label. Click on a letter of the alphabet to go to straight to that part of the catalog.


F MKO 1/2 (1) Verdi: Otello--4 exc.; Giordano: Andrea Chenier--3 exc.; Tchaikovsky: Queen of Spades--4 exc.; arias of Meyerbeer & Verdi (2). KAROLIK (t), Pettitt (pf). A. BJ.
14.021 S Bartok: Violin Sonatas. Y. & J. MENUHIN (father & son). A.
MA 30 LA 524 Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire. SEMSER (narr.); LEIBOWITZ, Virtuoso Chamber Ens. A. German-French text.
10" ALP 1007 Antheil: Piano Sonata #4. MARVIN. Bax: Elegiac Trio (THOMAS, CRAFT); Debussy: Syrinx. RUDERMAN. A-, FOT. Red vinyl.
1693 Works of Brahms (2), Debussy, Paganini, Schubert, Albeniz, Ravel, Granados, Falla (3), & Bach. SPALDING, Wolffers. Live performances from Boston University concerts. A.
3001 Bach: Cantata #211, "Coffee." GRAF, ROGERS, HERBERT; BLACK. A, LSM.
AL 59 Handel: Flute Sonatas in G & F; Trio Sonata in Bb; Schultze (attrib. Handel): Sonata in e for 2 Flutes. KAPLAN, SCHAEFER (fl), HOLMES (ob), MAYES (cello), BODKY (hpsi). A, LSM.
AL 94 Tartini: Violin Sonatas in g ("Diodone Abbandonata") & A; Corelli: Sonatas, Op. 5, #1 & 2. LACK, VALENTI. A-, LSM.
ALG 3010 Rameau: Diane et Acteon; L'Impatience. CUENOD (t), BRINK (violin), ZIGHERA (gamba), PINKHAM (hpsi & dir.) A, LSM. English text.
LEG 9004 "5 Centuries of German Song." PECHNER. Vinyl reissue pressing. A, LSM; minor PB.
DB 130 S Von Rossum: Sinfonietta. DEFOSSEZ, Liege SO. Cabus: Concerto Grosso. MAES, Belgian CO. A.
Alvina Ransaw
DM 82050 S "Songs Through the Ages" (Dowland to spirituals). RANSAW (voice, harpsichord, organ, piano, & guitar). Private release. A.
AVRS 6176 Haydn: Lira Concertos #1, 2, & 4. ANGERER, TROTZMULLER (recorders); ANGERER, ens. A. AS.
425 A S C. Davidson: The Hush of Midnight--A Midnight Synagogue Service. EDGAR(cantor); SPERBER, Zamir Chorale, rock ensemble. A.
35009 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O. A. EP, dowel spine.
35022 Schubert: Lieder. SCHWARZKOPF, FISCHER. A. EAR EP. Boxed with text.
35024 Beethoven: Sonatas #21 & 23. GIESEKING. A; 1/8" X. EP, dowel spine.
35028 Brahms: Klavierstucke, Opp. 76 & 116. GIESEKING. A, LSM. U.S. red label.
35046 Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques; Brahms: Paganini Variations. ANDA. A. EP, dowel spine.
35137 Brahms: Violin Concerto. MARTZY; KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A/A-, FOT. EP, dowel spine.
35208 Songs of Falla, Mompou, Pittaluga, Montsalvatge, Turina, & Obradors. MERRIMAN, MOORE. A. Texts. EP, dowel spine.
35219 Schubert: Schwanengesang. HOTTER, MOORE. A. EP. Text. No dowel spine.
35228 Dallapiccola: Canti di Prigonia. MARKEVICH. Delage: 4 Poemes Hindous;Berceuse Phoque. ANGELICI (s); CLUYTENS, St. Cecilia Cho. & O. Guarnieri: Quartet #2. PASCAL QT. A; 1/4" X. EP. Delux jacket taped. Text.
35236 Beethoven: 2 Romances; Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto. MARTZY; KLETZKI. A. Dowel spine.
3526 (2) Mahler: Symphony #9; Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht. KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A. EP.
35304 Arias of Cherubini, Spontini, & Bellini. CALLAS; SERAFIN, VOTTO ("Callas at La Scala: Her Great Opera Revivals"). A. EP, dowel spine. Texts.
35361 Shostakovich: Symphony #1; Prokofiev: Scythian Suite. MARKEVICH, French Nat'l Radio O. A. TE, EP.
35366 Schubert: Fantasia in C; Rondo Brillante. MARTZY, ANTONIETTI. A. EP. Program notes, no dowel.
35401 Beethoven: Grosse Fuge; Mozart: Serenata Notturna; Adagio & Fugue. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35421 Rousseau: Le Devin du Village. MICHEAU, GEDDA, ROUX; DE FROMENT (1956). A, FOT. EP, text, in box.
35429 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2, 6, 12, & 15. CZIFFRA. Early Hungarian recordings. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35444 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto; Vivaldi: Concerto in g (VANDERNOOT); Locatelli: Sonata in f (MITNIK). KOGAN. A/A-, LSM. TE, EP.
35475 Casals: Sant Marti del Canigo; Festivola; E. Casals: Tarragona; Lluny; Garreta: Innominada; La Rosada; Morera: La Nit de l'Amor. "COBLA" OF GERONA (instrumental ens.). Recording supervised by P. Casals. A. EP, dowel spine, texts.
35477 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1. ITURBI, Colonne O. A. EP, dowel spine.
35484 Bruch: Scottish Fantasy; Wieniawski: Violin Concerto #1. RABIN; BOULT, Philharmonia O. A. U.S. red label.
35488- Works of Mozart, Chopin, Schumann (2), Mendelssohn, Grieg (3), Debussy (4), Scriabin (2), & Ravel ("Souvenirs"). GIESEKING. A. U.S. pressing.
35531 Oratorio arias of Handel (5), Haydn (2), & Mendelssohn. MARSHALL; BERNARD, London SO. A. EP, dowel spine. Texts.
3554 (3, 5 sides) Verdi: Il Trovatore. CALLAS, BARBIERI, DI STEFANO, PANERAI; KARAJAN, La Scala. A. U.S. red label. Libretto. La Scala cover.
35647 Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Rachmaninov: Corelli Variations; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz. ASHKENAZY. A. EP, dowel spine.
35654 Beethoven: Sonatas #2 & 3. GIESEKING. A; minor PB. TE, EP.
35655 Beethoven: Sonatas #4, 5, & 6. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35705 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. HESS. A. EP, dowel spine.
35715 Arias of Verdi & Wagner. LOVBERG (s); SUSSKIND, BRAITHWAITE, Philharmonia O. A. EP. Texts. AS.
35725 Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. STARKER; GIULINI, Philharmonia O. A. EP. AS.
3591 (2) Liszt: Transcendental Etudes. CZIFFRA. A, LSM. EP. Notes.
3594 (2) Donizetti: L'Elisir d'Amore. CARTERI, ALVA, PANERAI, TADDEI; SERAFIN, La Scala. A. EP. AS. EP. Libretto.
45003 Bach: Concertos #1 & 5 (VANDERNOOT); Toccata in c. J. CASADESUS (pf). A. EP.
45015 Bartok: Suite, Op. 14; Rumanian Folk Dances; For Children, Vol. 1; Mikrokosmos, Books 5 & 6. SOLCHANY. A, LSM.
COLH 30 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. CASALS; SZELL, Czech PO. A. Booklet.
COLH 43 Schubert: Trio #2. SERKIN, A. & H. BUSCH. A. Booklet.
DS 37748 D Liszt: Fantasy & Fugue on "Ad nos;" Franck: Priere; Choral #1. PARKER-SMITH, Church of St. Francis de Sales organ, Philadelphia. A.
DS 37984 D Concertos of Stoelzel, Telemann (2), & Vivaldi (2). ANDRE, B. SOUSTROT (tpt), I. BROWN (vln); MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS.
DSCX 3953 D (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. VANESS, EWING, GALE, RAWNSLEY, VAN ALLAN, ALLEN, LEWIS, KAVRAKOS; HAITINK, Glyndebourne Cho., London PO. A. Libretto. German DMM pressing.
S 35445 S Grieg: Peer Gynt--exc. HOLLWEG (s); BEECHAM, Beecham Choral Soc., Royal PO. A. Text. Red label.
S 35481 S Brahms: Symphony #1. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A, LSM. Blue label.
S 35580 S Beethoven: Concerto #1 (MENGES, Philharmonia O.); Sonata #27. SOLOMON. A. Red label.
S 35725 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. STARKER; GIULINI, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 35738 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Liszt: Concerto #2. CZIFFRA; VANDERNOOT, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 35745 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #3 & 5. MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. A. Blue label.
S 35775 S Falla: 7 Popular Spanish Songs; songs of Granados, Mompou, Toldra (2),Montsalvatge, Turina, & Rodrigo (2). DE LOS ANGELES, SORIANO. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 35784 S Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; Strauss: Don Juan. GALLIERA, Philharmonia O.Very short-lived issue. A. Red label.
S 35837 S "Melodie Celebri" (Neapolitan songs). DI STEFANO; Guarino, o. A, LSM. Blue label.
S 35882 S "Great Arias from French Operas." CALLAS; PRETRE, French Nat'l Radio O. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 35888 S "Spanish Songs of the Renaissance, 1440-1600." DE LOS ANGELES; LAMANA, Ars Musicae Ens., Barcelona. A. Booklet.
S 35909 S Wolf: Goethe Lieder. SCHWARZKOPF, MOORE. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 35963 S Duet recital. DE LOS ANGELES, FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE, DROLC, POPPEN. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 36014 S Vaughan Williams: Mass in g; Bach: Cantata #4. McNELLY, YATES, CAROLAN, SCHARBACH, SALAMUNOVICH; WAGNER, Roger Wagner Chorale, Concert Arts O. A.
S 36029 S Beethoven: Concerto #3. GILELS; SZELL, Cleveland O. A.
S 36043 S Dvorak: Symphony #8; Slavonic Dances #3 & 10. SZELL, Cleveland O. A.
S 36045 S Janacek: Sinfonietta; Lutoslawski: Concerto for Orchestra. OZAWA, Chicago SO. A. Jacket repaired.
S 36046 S Dvorak: Cello Concerto; Silent Woods; DU PRE; BARENBOIM, Chicago SO. A. Late label.
S 36050 S "Duets with the Spanish Guitar." TERRI, RUDERMAN, ALMEIDA. Works of Ibert, Villa-Lobos, Desportes, Ovalle, Chopin, Almeida, Gossec, Henrique, Faure, Barroso, Ravel, & Braga. A.
S 36051 S "Duets with the Spanish Guitar, Vol. 2." ALMEIDA, TERRI, RUDERMAN (fl),LURIE (clar), SCHOENBACH (viola). A.
S 36054 S Rameau: Suite in a; Dandrieu: Suite in C. I. KIPNIS (hpsi). A.
S 36055 S Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Toccatas, BWV 911, 912, & 914; Prelude & Fugue in a, BWV 894. KIPNIS (hpsi). A.
S 36062 S Addinsell: Warsaw Concerto; Litolff: Scherzo; Gershwin: Variations on "I Got Rhythm;" Rozsa: Spellbound Concerto; works of Rachmaninov & Liszt. PENNARIO; DRAGON, NEWMAN, ROZSA, Hollywood Bowl SO. A.
S 36064 S "Clair de Lune" (transcriptions for 2 & 3 guitars). ALMEIDA. A.
S 36067 S "The Pocket Bach." FIELDS (multi-track harmonica). A.
S 36070 S Gershwin: Cuban Overture; Second Rhapsody; "I Got Rhythm" Variations. PENNARIO; NEWMAN, Hollywood Bowl SO. A.
S 36072 S "There's a Meeting Here Tonight" (spirituals). ARROYO; MAYNOR (cond), cho's. A.
S 36076 S "Duets with the Spanish Guitar, Album 3." ALMEIDA, TERRI (c), RUDERMAN (fl), DE ROSA (horn). A.
S 36079 S "The Duel between Liszt & Thalberg." LEWENTHAL. A.
S 36080 S Reinecke: Toy Symphony; Gurlitt: Toy Symphony; F. Taylor: Toy Symphony; Steibelt: 3 Bacchanales; Kling: Kitchen Symphony; Mehul: Ouverture burlesque. LEWENTHAL (pf. & cond.), ens. A.
S 36089 F Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite; Death Valley Suite. GROFE, o. A.
S 36095 S Works of Bach (4), Scarlatti (3), Martini, Latour, Froberger, Couperin (2), Rameau (2), Thome, Delius, & Templeton ("Bach Goes to Town"). KIPNIS (hpsi). A.
S 36096 S Bach: Italian Concerto; French Overture. KIPNIS (superb harpsichordist!). A.
S 36098 S Bach: Partitas #3 & 4. KIPNIS. Superb performances with embellished repeats. A. COH.
S 36099 S Bach: Partitas #5 & 6. KIPNIS. Splendid performances with embellished repeats. A. COH.
S 36126 S "Memories of Naples" (Neapolitan songs). CORELLI; Ferraris, o. A, LSM.
S 36170 S Brahms: Haydn Variations; Tragic & Academic Festival Overtures. KRIPS,Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 36347 S Strauss: 4 letzte Lieder; 5 Lieder. SCHWARZKOPF; SZELL, Berlin Radio SO. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 36403 S Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance Marches #1-5; Elegy; Sospiri; Froissart Overture. BARBIROLLI, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 36439 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in C; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. DU PRE; BARENBOIM, English CO. A. Blue label.
S 36580 S Haydn: Cello Concerto; Monn: Concerto. DU PRE; BARBIROLLI, London SO. A. Blue label.
S 36591 S Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata; Chopin: Sonata. TORTELIER, CICCOLINI. A. Blue label.
S 37109 S Shostakovich: Piano Concertos; 3 Fantastic Dances. ORTIZ; BERGLUND, Bournemouth SO. A.
S 37449 S "Renaissance Suite" (Munrow compositions & arrangements for film "La Course en Tete"). MUNROW, Early Music Consort of London. A.
S 49122 S Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf; Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. HOGAN (narr); MARKEVICH, O. de Paris. Reissue quickly suppressed when Hogan ("Crocodile Dundee") objected. A.
SB 3629 S (2) Bach: 6 Violin Sonatas. MENUHIN, MALCOLM, GAUNTLETT (gamba). A. EAR blue label.
SBL 3618 S (2) Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci. AMARA, CORELLI, GOBBI. Verdi: Opera choruses. VON MATACIC, La Scala. A. Red label. Libretto.
SBLX 3848 S (2) Strauss: Salome. BEHRENS, BALTSA, BOHM, VAN DAM, OCHMAN; KARAJAN,Vienna PO. FS. Libretto.
SD 3647 S (4) Handel: 12 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6. MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. A. Blue label.
SFO 36040 S Brahms: Symphony #4. GIULINI, Chicago SO. A.
SH 3619 S (8) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A; 2 tiny X's. Spine taped. Booklet.
Angel (Eng.)
AHC 4 Schumann: Fantasia in C; Brahms: Variations & Fugue on a Theme of Handel. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM; 1/8" X.
Angel (Japan)
EAC 40103 S Poulenc: Gloria. CARTERI. Organ Concerto. DURUFLE; PRETRE, French Radio Cho. & O. A.
GR 2159 Mozart: Piano Concerto #20. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. Violin Concerto #5. THIBAUD; MUNCH, o. A.
GR 2161 Schumann: Piano Concerto (BIGOT); Franck: Symphonic Variations (POULET). NAT. A.
GR 2214 Couperin: Harpsichord works. LANDOWSKA. A.
GR 2248 Bach: Suites #2 (MOYSE) & 3. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. A.
GR 2249 Bach: Suites #1 & 4. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. A.
Angel Melodiya
SRBO 4110 S (2) Bach-Busoni: Prelude & Fugue in d; Beethoven: 32 Variations in c; Sonata #14; Medtner: Sonata reminiscenza; works of Prokofiev, Ravel (2), Chopin (2), & Bach-Siloti. GILELS (Carnegie Hall, 1969). M.
SRC 4120 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. RICHTER. A.
Angel Seraphim
60127 Chopin: 14 Waltzes. CORTOT (1934). A.
LEV/03 S "Jubilate Deo: Canti Gregoriani." WOLF, Benedictine Int'l College Schola Cantorum. A.
8011 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies. FRIEDMAN (#2), LEVITZKY (#6), CORTOT (#11), BUSONI (#13), HAMBOURG (#14), SOLOMON (#15). A.
8070 Kathleen FERRIER song & aria recital; brief interviews w. FERRIER, MOORE, BRITTEN, WALTER. A.
8121 S (2) Delius: The Magic Fountain. PRING, MITCHINSON, WELSBY, ANGAS, THOMAS; DEL MAR, BBC Singers & Concert O. FS. Libretto.
10" 13020 Telemann: Trio Sonata in D. SCHECK (fl), SEILER (vla d'amore), NEUMEYER (hpsi), WENZINGER (gamba). Quartet in d. V. SPARR (recorder), SCHAEFFER (fl), TOTTCHER (ob), et al. A-, LSM.
198 020 S Bach: "Goldberg" Variations. KIRKPATRICK (hpsi). A.
198 424 S Purcell: Dido & Aeneas. TROYANOS, ARMSTRONG, McDANIEL; MACKERRAS, Hamburg Monteverdi Cho., NDR CO. A.
2533 159 S Handel: 3 Concerti a Due Cori; "Alexander's Feast" Concerto. K. RICHTER, English CO, Munich Bach O. A.
2533 412 S Graun: Oboe Concertos in c & g; Krebs: Concerto in b. HOLLIGER; WIJNKOOP, Camerata Bern. A.
2534 002 S Bach: Concertos for 2 Harpsichords. PINNOCK, GILBERT, English Concert. A.
ARC 3035/6 (2) Monteverdi: L'Orfeo. MACK-COSACK, GUILLEAUME, DEROUBAUX, WILD, KREBS, MICHAELIS, WUNDERLICH; WENZINGER. A. Libretto. Jacket discolored.
ARC 3064 Bach: Cantata #21. WEBER (s), KREBS (t), SCHEY (bs); LEHMANN, Berlin Motet Cho., Berlin PO. A.
DA 34 Tippett: String Quartet. AMADEUS QT. Boyhood's End; The Heart's Assurance. PEARS, MEWTON-WOOD. A. Text.
ZRG 622 S Maw: Scenes & Arias (MANNING, HOWELLS, PROCTER); Lutyens: Quincunx (NENDICK, SHIRLEY-QUIRK). DEL MAR, BBC SO. A. Oval logo. Texts.
ZRG 712 S Maxwell Davies: Points & Dances from "Taverner." MAXWELL DAVIES, Firesof London. Second Fantasia on John Taverner's "In Nomine." GROVES, New Philharmonia O. A.
LP 1604 Brian: Symphony #9. FREDMAN, Royal PO. Symphony #12. DEL MAR, BBC SO. Symphony #23. GOODMAN, U. of Illinois SO (under pseudonyms). A.
LP 1614 S Kunad: Concerto for Organ, 2 String Orchestras, & Drums; Racine Fricker: Symphony #5 for Organ & Orchestra. Pseudonymous performers. A.
ALP 107 Suk: Asrael Symphony. TALICH, Czech PO. Magnificent! A, LSM.
CLP 62/1001 Works of Handel, Scarlatti, Weiss, Rameau, Torres, Brouwer, Albeniz, Malats, Granados, & Torroba. MERCADAL (guitar). A, LSM.
Arturo Toscanini Society
ATS 1001 Haydn: Symphony #104 (1943); Symphony #88 (1938). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
ATS 1025/9 (5) Mozart: Magic Flute (Salzburg, 1937); Schubert: Symphony #2; Mendelssohn: Symphony #3; Fingal's Cave; Dvorak: Symphonic Variations; Stravinsky: Petrouchka--2 exc.; works of Tchaikovsky & Glinka. TOSCANINI. A. Magazine included.
ATS 1060 Borodin: Symphony #2 (Feb. 26, 1938); Tchaikovsky: Voyevoda Overture (April 19, 1941); Tempest, Op. 18 (March 12, 1944). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
(no #) Schubert: Rondo Brillant; Ave Maria; Anon.: Londonderry Air. SPALDING, WOLFFERS. Unique 1-sided acetate from Boston U. performance, Rondo not from LP. A-, FOT. BJ.
2009 S Beethoven: Sonatas #3 & 21. BAR-ILLAN. A.
2013 S Beethoven: "Eroica" Variations; Mozart: Rondo in a, K. 511; works of Soler (2) & Rameau. BAR-ILLAN (pianist turned political spokesman). A.
AUR 5059 S Lutoslawski: Preludes & Fugues for 13 solo strings. LUTOSLAWSKI, Warsaw Phil. CO. A. COH.
80093 F Beethoven: Sonata #7; Haydn: Sonata #50. RICHTER. A.
AS 15 S Stravinsky: Duo Concertant; Divertimento from "Le Baiser de la Fee." SHAPIRO (violin), SMITH (pf). A.
BCA 1022 Vladigerov: Violin Concerto #1 (VLADIGEROV, BRT SO). 2 Bulgarian Paraphrases--Rachenitsa (SHOPOVA, pf). KAMILAROV. A.
BCA 1058 S Pironkov: Movements for 13 Strings; Handel: 10 Sinfonias; Albinoni: Concerto, Op. 7, #5; Rossini: Sonata. KASSANDJIEV, Sofia CO. A.
BCA 1071 S Vladigerov: Bulgarian Rhapsody "Vladar;" Improvisation & Toccata; Piano Concerto #3 (DRENIKOV). A. VLADIGEROV, BRT SO. A.
BKA 12613 S Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Chopin: Nocturne, Op. 62, #2; Polonaise, Op. 53. ENCHEVA. A.
5060 S Boismortier: Quintet in e; Couperin: Concert Royal #13; Le Steinquerque; Leclair: Sonata, Op. 9, #3; Corrette: Sonatille in Eb; Mondonville: Trio Sonata in G. PARIS BAROQUE ENS. (Rampal, Pierlot, Gendre, Hongne, Veyron-Lacroix). Dandy! A.
Barbirolli Society
SJB 100 Vaughan Williams: Sinfonia Antarctica. RITCHIE; BARBIROLLI, Halle Cho.& O. Premiere recording by creators, 1953. A.
BR 308 (2, 3 sides) Bartok: The Wooden Prince. SUSSKIND, New SO. A/A-, FOT. Booklet.
BRS 303 Bartok: Mikrokosmos Suite (arr. Serly); 2 Portraits (POUGNET). SERLY, AUTORI, New SO. A.
21414 S Mozart: Serenade in Bb, K. 361. COLLEGIUM AUREUM. A.
21512 S Ockeghem: Mass, "Ecce Ancilla Domini;" Motet, "Intemerata Dei Mater." TURNER, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Collegium Aureum members. FS. U.S. pressing.
21640 S Shostakovich: Violin Concerto #1. TELLEFSEN; BERTINI, Swedish Radio SO. A.
21995 Mozart: Don Giovanni--exc. SCHECH, TESCHEMACHER, AHLERSMEYER, HOPF, BOHME, FRICK; ELMENDORFF, Dresden St. Opera (1943). A. German pressing.
22137 Verdi: Falstaff--exc. TEGETTHOF, FICHTMULLER, RASP, HOTTER, SCHELLENBERG; WEISBACH, Leipzig Radio (1939). A. German pressing.
22325 Strauss: Josephs-Legende. HEGER, Bavarian St. Opera O. (1952). A.
22504 Hindemith: Das Marienleben (1948 edition). BERGER, Puchelt (live, 1953). A.
BELL 116 Arias & songs performed by BJOERLING (6), HASSLO, BJORKER, BERGLUND, SVANHOLM, HERTZBERG, & BABS (3), from 1950 Tivoli concerts. A.
GB 2003/4 (2) Traetta: Le Serve Rivali. DESSY, NAZARIO, MATTIUCCI, RAFFANTI, BARBACINI, CORBELLI; MAINARDI, Sanremo SO. A. Libretto.
B 206 Tchaikovsky: Quartet #3. BURGIN, PANASEVICH, DE PASQUALE, MAYES (all of Boston SO). Leonard Baskin cover art. A, FOT.
BST 1500 S Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata; Kabalevsky: Sonata. MAYES, BOCKSTEIN. A, LSM.
BG 2016 S Offenbach: Les Deux Pecheurs; La Rose de St. Flour. KRIFF, SALEZ, BIDAULT. A.
BG 4019/20 (2) Masse: Galathee. MORLET, GRESSE, JOUVIN, VAGUET; ARCHAINBAUD. Recorded 1912. A.
Bruckner Haus Linz
12430/1 S (2) Bruckner: Symphony #4. WOSS, Munich PO (live, 1975). A.
12 PAL (3) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. WEGNER, MODL, FEHENBERGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; F. BUSCH, Cologne Radio. A. German summary.
BLP 102 Songs of Powers, Allitsen, J.P. Scott, Banks, Parker, & Malotte. CASSEL, Black (org). Also 2 Ervin Seale religious talks. A, LSM.
CRS 1817 S Mozart: Quintet for Piano & Winds; Clarinet Trio. HANCOCK (pf), SHULMAN (ob), KLEIN (horn), WEBER (clar), CARMEN (bsn), MESTER (vla). A.
CMTS 103 S Wagner: Overtures--Tannhauser; Flying Dutchman; Meistersinger. GUI, Florence May Festival O. A.
Canadian Talent Library
444 65137 S Works of Wolf-Ferrari, Collins, Bizet, Dela (2), Rimsky-Korsakov, Wiren, Gibbs, Mendelssohn, & Volkmann. NEEL, Hart House O. A.
640 217 Anon. 15th cent.: Alta Trinita beata; G. Gabrieli: Timor et tremor; Handl: Pater Noster; Kodaly: Jesus & the Traders; Weissmann: Psalm 23. RAMIN, St. Thomas Church Choir (1955 broadcast). A.
10" L8150 Berg: Der Wein. BOERNER (s); JANSSEN, Janssen SO. Commentary & musicalanalysis by Alfred Frankenstein. A-, LSM. Text on jacket.
G7125 Arias of Verdi & Bellini. CHRISTOFF; GUI, Rome Opera O. A, FOT.
G7151 St.-Saens: Concerto #4; Milhaud: Le Carnaval d'Aix. JOHANNESEN; TZIPINE, Philharmonia O. A.
G7236 Tchaikovsky: Songs. CHRISTOFF, Labinsky. A-, LSM. AS. Texts included.
GDR 7171 (4) Massenet: Manon. DE LOS ANGELES, LEGAY, DENS; MONTEUX, Paris Opera-Comique. A. Libretto.
P8037 Dopper: Gothic Chaconne. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Pfitzner: Palestrina--3 Preludes. KEILBERTH, German PO of Prague. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
P8060 Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Dvorak: Serenade for Strings. VON BENDA, Berlin Phil. CO. A, LSM.
P8063 Hindemith: Sonata in D, Op. 11, #2; Poulenc: Violin Sonata. KAUFMAN, BALSAM. A-, FOT; minor PB.
P8245 Barber: Adagio; Diamond: Rounds; Copland: Quiet City; Creston: 2 Choric Dances. GOLSCHMANN, Concert Arts O. A, FOT.
P8254 Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. STEINBERG, Pittsburgh SO. A, LSM.
P8289 Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; 2 Lieder, Op. 91 (COOLEY, viola); 2 Lieder. RANKIN, BOS. A, LSM. Texts.
P8307 Dohnanyi: Quartet #3, in a; Dvorak: Quartet in F, "American." HOLLYWOOD QT. A/A-; tiny X.
P8339 Works of Smetana, Gluck, Wieniawski, Vivaldi, Kodaly, Chopin, Ries, Nardini, Brahms, Massenet, Stravinsky, Paradis, & Rimsky-Korsakov. MILSTEIN, Pommers ("Milstein Miniatures"). A.
P8378 Brahms: Piano Quartet #2. ALLER, HOLLYWOOD QT. members. A, FOT; tiny X.
P8396 Works of Wieniawski (2), Falla, Ravel, Sarasate, Schumann, Bach, Novacek, Tchaikovsky, & Debussy. MILSTEIN, Pommers ("Vignettes"). A/A-, FOT.
P8457 Chopin: Sonata #2; Liszt: Sonata. PENNARIO. A, LSM. AS.
PAO 8430 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #8 & 9. MILSTEIN, BALSAM. A. AS.
PCR 8346 (3) Brahms: Piano Quartets. ALLER, HOLLYWOOD QT. A, LSM; 1 minor PB. Minor box repair.
SG 7194 S Mozart: Concertos #17 & 24. BACHAUER, SHERMAN, London O. A, LSM.
SG 7229 S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; SILVESTRI, Vienna PO. A.
SG 7240 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 23. HEIDESIECK; VANDERNOOT, Paris Cons. O. A, LSM.
SP 8458 S Works of Bach, Handel, Gluck, Purcell, Boccherini, Turina, Tchaikovsky,& Berger ("The String Orchestra"). STOKOWSKI. A.
SP 8486 S Chopin: 4 Scherzos. PENNARIO. A.
SP 8546 S Gnattali: Sonatina for Flute & Guitar (RUDERMAN); Guarnieri: Valsa #4(SCHONBACH, vla); works of Castillejo, Hugard, Weiss, Sanz, Guerau, & Murcia (MAJEWSKI, vla d'amore). ALMEIDA (gtr, lute) ("The Guitar Worlds of Laurindo Almeida"). A.
SP 8548 S Strauss: Salome's Dance; Till Eulenspiegel; Die Frau ohne Schatten--Suite. LEINSDORF, Philharmonia O. A; minor PB.
SP 8578 S "God of Our Fathers." WARFIELD (bs-b), FOX (organ). Very scarce item! A.
SP 8584 S Haydn: Sonata #38, in F; Mozart: Sonata in C, K. 330; Beethoven: Sonata #13. PENNARIO. A.
160104 S "Renaissance Songs & Dances, Vol. 3." REGINA, Martinez Chamber Cho., MEC Radio Collegium Musicum. Brazilian issue. A.
1P 7601 D Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. MEHTA, N.Y. Phil. A.
77220 S (2) Schoenberg: Ode to Napoleon. HORTON, GOULD, JUILLIARD QT. Phantasy. BAKER, GOULD. Theme & Variations. ORMANDY, Phila. O. String Trio. JUILLIARD QT. Variations on a Recitative. MASON (organ). A. EP. Program notes.
79254 S (2) Stravinsky: Concertino; Octet; Ebony Concerto; Symphonies of WindInstruments; Septet; brief works. STRAVINSKY, CRAFT. M. Dutch pressing. Texts.
D3 37862 D (3) Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. HORNE, RAMEY, NUCCI, DARA, BARBACINI; CHAILLY, La Scala. A. Libretto.
M 35891 S Bach: 6 Little Preludes; 6 Preludes; 3 Fugues; keyboard works. GOULD. A.
P4 16760 S (4) "Bell System American Orchestras on Tour." Performances by OZAWA, SOLTI, MAAZEL, GIULINI, MEHTA, ORMANDY, & PREVIN, from commercial recordings; 1 LP side includes brief interviews with each conductor. A.
S 75505 S Stravinsky: Persephone. ZORINA, MOLESE; STRAVINSKY. A. French pressing.
10" LPV 45016 Paisiello: La Semiramide in Villa. GALLI, RIBETTI, DE GIORGI, FERRIN; BASILE, RAI SO, Turin. A, LSM.
50,102 Fioravanti: Le Cantatrici Villane (opera buffa, 1806). NONI, ORELL (s), CADONI (ms), LAZZARI (t), BRUSCANTINI, CALABRESE (bs); ROSSI, A. Scarlatti O., Naples. A, FOT. Libretto.
LPC 1209 (2) Strauss: Elektra. KONETZNI, ILITSCH, MODL, KLARWEIN, BRAUN; MITROPOULOS, Florence May Festival. A, LSM. Long album. German-English libretto.
LPC 55018 Verdi: Arias. CORELLI, var. accomp. A.
LPC 55024 Haydn: Lo Speziale. MARTELLI, FRANZINI, ANDREOLLI, BORGONOVO; GUARNIERI. A; 1/8" X. Italian libretto.
Chamber Music Society
CM 11 Handel: Water Music. BAMBERGER, Netherlands PO. A. Red vinyl.
CM 26 Bartok: Violin Sonata #2. SPIVAKOVSKY; BALSAM. Quartet #4. GUILET QT. A/A-, FOT. Red vinyl.
CM 7 Tchaikovsky: Quartet #3. PASCAL QT. A. Red vinyl.
ABRD 1219 D Prokofiev: 5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27; 3 Romances, Op. 73; 2 Poems, Op. 9; 5 Poems of Konstantine Balmont, Op. 36. FARLEY (s), ARONOV (pf). A. English texts.
Chant du Monde
LDX 78423 S Prokofiev: October, Op. 74. PETROV (narr); KONDRASHIN, Russian Republic Cho., Moscow PO. On Guard for Peace, Op. 124. ARKHIPOVA; ROZHDESTVENSKY, USSR Radio Cho. & SO. A.
LDX 78474 S Prokofiev: Ballad of the Unknown Child (POLIAKOV, s; MAKHOV; t); They Are Seven (ELNIKOV, t). ROZHDESTVENSKY. Zdravitsa. SVETLANOV. A.
CMG 5001 (3) Gomes: O Guarani. TANK, PERROTTA, PATASSINI, RAYMUNDO; BELARDI. Brazilian issue. A.
AMS 91 S Sarti: Russian Oratorio; Gospodin Pomiluj Ny. SMETACEK, Czech Phil. Cho., Bratislava Radio SO. A. Corner clipped.
SLC 21 S Brahms: Concerto #1. BOUBOULIDI; HERRERA DE LA FUENTE, Paris Conservatory O. A.
Chestnut Brass Company
1/2 05 S Works of Bach, Krush (4), Running, H. Lockwood (2), & Gershwin. CHESTNUT BRASS COMPANY. Private release. A.
SCGLX 74004 S Jongen: Sonata eroica; Maleingreau: Symphonie de la passion. KAUNZINGER, St. Mathiaskirche organ, Berlin-Schoneberg. A.
L 51 103 Rimsky-Korsakov: Trombone Concerto. SHUMAN; SERLY, "Radio Artists" Band. Glazounov/Liadov/Rimsky-Korsakov: Festive Moods. "RADIO ARTISTS" [WQXR] STRING QT. 3 Russian folk songs (arr. Rimsky-Korsakov/Nazarov). SHUMAN BRASS ENS. A-, LSM. Red vinyl.
Classic Masters
CM 1003 S (2) Barber: Commando March; Dahl: Sinfonietta; Persichetti: Parable;A.F. Doppler: Andante & Rondo (B. GARNER, BAKER); Badings: Flute Concerto (BAKER); L.A. Smith: Concerto; Latham: Dilemmae. G. GARNER, W. Texas State U. Band (Carnegie Hall, 1983) A.
ARPCL 32053 (3) Beethoven: Fidelio. SCHWARZKOPF, FLAGSTAD, BRAUN, PATZAK, SCHOEFFLER; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera O. (Salzburg, Aug. 5, 1950). A.
MCL 2008 Haydn: Concerto in D; Clementi: Sonata in eb. MICHELANGELI. FS.
RPCL 2002 Mozart: Concertos #13 & 23. MICHELANGELI; CARACCIOLO (1952), GIULINI (1951). A.
RPCL 2008 Haydn: Concerto in D (ROSSI, RAI SO, Turin) (1959); Clementi: Sonata in eb (London, 1959). MICHELANGELI. A.
CRLP 10190 Tchaikovsky: Quartet #1. OISTRAKH QT. Serenade for Strings. L. STEINBERG, Bolshoi O. A, FOT.
CRLP 110 Tartini-Kreisler: Variations on a Theme by Corelli; Tchaikovsky: Meditation; Serenade melancolique; works of Chopin, Scriabin, Prokofiev (3), & Khachaturian. OISTRAKH ("The King's Bow"). A, LSM.
10" Lp 32785/6 Brahms: Symphonies #2 & 3--rehearsal excerpts. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A, FOT.
10" ML 2049 Bach-Busoni: Chaconne; Beethoven: Sonata #6. PETRI. A.
10" ML 2074 Massenet: Scenes Alsaciennes. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A.
10" ML 2081 Schumann: Piano Quintet. SERKIN, BUSCH QT. A-/B; 2 1/4" X's.
10" ML 2109 Bach: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. SCHNEIDER, KIRKPATRICK. A-, FOT; minor PBs.
10" ML 2120 Sessions: Symphony #2. MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. A, FOT; 1/2" X.
10" ML 2150 Handel: Violin Sonatas in F & D. SCHNEIDER, KIRKPATRICK, MILLER. B, FOT; 3 1/8" X's.
10" ML 2165 Arias of Verdi (2) & Rossini (CLEVA); Songs of Mozart, Haydn, Schubert,Schumann, & Brahms (BEHR, pf). NIKOLAIDI. A, FOT.
10" ML 2216 Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso; Liszt: Sonetto del Petrarca #104; Scarlatti: 2 Sonatas. LIPATTI. A-, LSM.
DL 5288 "The Organ." BIGGS. A. Hardbound album discolored.
M 31124 S Stravinsky: The Star-Spangled Banner (arr.); 4 Russian Songs; 4 Russian Peasant Songs; Renard; Zvezdoliki, Babel. Ave Maria; Credo; Pater Noster; Bach-Stravinsky: Chorale Variations. STRAVINSKY. A. Texts.
M 31312 S Schoenberg: Songs. VANNI, GRAMM, OPTHOF, GOULD. A, LSM. Texts.
M 32160 S Boulez: Le Marteau sans Maitre. MINTON (ms); BOULEZ, Ensemble Musique Vivante. Livre pour Cordes. BOULEZ, New Philharmonia O. A, LSM.
M 33826 F Schubert: Moments musicaux #1, 3, & 6; Impromptu, Op. 142, #2; Chopin:Etudes, Op. 10, #3; Op. 25, #5; Polonaise, Op. 26, #1; Ballade #2. RICHTER (1948-50). Poor-sounding fake stereo; great program notes. A.
M 35109 S Shostakovich: Violin Sonata. KREMER, GAVRILOV. Viola Sonata. DRUZHININ, MUNTYAN. A.
M 35171 S Carter: Symphony of 3 Orchestras. BOULEZ, N.Y. Phil. A Mirror on Whichto Dwell. WYNER (s); FITZ, Speculum Musicae. A.
M2L 245 (2) Schumann: Manfred. BEECHAM, BBC Cho., Royal PO (+ acting cast). Quickly suppressed due to contractual conflict. A.
M2S 734 S (2) Brahms: String Quartets; Schumann: Piano Quintet (SERKIN). BUDAPEST QT. A. 2 eye label. TAS recommendation.
M5S 677 S (5) Beethoven: Late Quartets. BUDAPEST QT. A, LSM; 2 tiny X's. 2 eye label.
ML 4001 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto. MILSTEIN; WALTER, N.Y. Philharmonic. This was the first modern LP issued. A-, FOT. EAR.
ML 4036 Mozart: Arias. PINZA; WALTER, Met. Opera O. A/A-, FOT. EAR, blue label.
ML 4056 "Celebrated Operatic Arias." SAYAO; CLEVA, Met. Opera O. A-, FOT.
ML 4155 Beethoven: Quartet in F, Op. 59, #1. BUSCH QT. A/A-, FOT.
ML 4197 Handel-Harty: Royal Fireworks Music; Britten: Young Person's Guide tothe Orchestra. SARGENT, Liverpool PO. A. Blue label.
ML 4216 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #5, "Lark;" Op. 76, #4. BUDAPEST QT. A-, FOT. Blue label.
ML 4249 Shostakovich: Symphony #6. REINER, Pittsburgh SO. A-, LSM; tiny X. Blue label.
ML 4268 Haydn: Symphony #92. SZELL, Cleveland O. Symphony #101. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4295 "Great Masters of the Keyboard, Vol. 5." MAHLER, REGER, STRAUSS, & SCRIABIN playing their works, from Welte piano rolls. A; minor PB.
ML 4353 Bach: Violin Concerto #1, in a. STERN. Harpsichord Concerto #5, in f. HASKIL (piano); CASALS, Prades Festival O. Toccata in e. ISTOMIN. Trio Sonata. STERN, WUMMER, ISTOMIN. A-, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4510 Brahms: Symphony #1. WEINGARTNER, London SO. A-, FOT.
ML 4567- Mozart: Piano Concerto #14. ISTOMIN. Flute Concerto #1. WUMMER; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A, LSM. Gray label.
ML 4569 Mozart: Concerto #22. SERKIN; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A, LSM; 1/8" X. Blue label.
ML 4581 Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 59, #3, & 95. BUDAPEST QT. A. Gray label.
ML 4640 Arias of Bach & Mozart (3). TOUREL; CASALS, Perpignan Fest. O. (HORSZOWSKI, piano in K. 505). Beethoven: Variations on a Theme from Handel's "Judas Maccabaeus." CASALS, SERKIN. A, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4649 Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate; arias. SCHWARZKOPF. A, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4712 Brahms: Piano Quartet #3. HESS, SZIGETI, KATIMS, TORTELIER. A. Gray label.
ML 4871 Hindemith: Sonata #2; Bartok: Sonata; Berg: Sonata; Scriabin: Sonata #4. SKOLOVSKY. A-, LSM; 2 1/4" X's.
ML 5030 Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps; Petrouchka Suite. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, FOT.
ML 5037 Beethoven: Concertos #2 & 4. SERKIN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, LSM.
ML 5049 Faure: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. FRANCESCATTI, CASADESUS. A.
ML 5055 Chopin: Nocturnes, Vol. 2. ISTOMIN. A; minor PB.
ML 5058 Ravel: Violin Sonata; Tzigane; violin works. FRANCESCATTI, BALSAM. A.
ML 5095 Harris: Symphony 1933. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. Symphony #7. ORMANDY, Philadelphia O. A, LSM.
ML 5116 Works of Tchaikovsky, Haydn, Grieg, Franck, Borodin, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Debussy, & Wolf. BUDAPEST QT. ("Budapest Quartet Encores"). A/A-, FOT. 6 eye label.
ML 5146 Schumann: Carnaval; Fantasia in C. CASADESUS. A.
ML 5297 Mozart: Concertos #16 & 23. SERKIN; SCHNEIDER, o. Late mono issue. A.
ML 5324 Works of Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Scott, Prokofiev, Mompou, Ravel (2), & Debussy. LEVANT ("Some Pleasant Moments in the 20th Century"). A, LSM. White promo label.
ML 5358 Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat. LANGA (s); ARAMBARRI, Madrid Concert O. Superb performance! A.
ML 5366 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso; Pavane. ENTREMONT. A, LSM.
ML 5603 Hindemith: Oboe Sonata; Loeffler: 2 Rhapsodies (KATIMS). GOMBERG, MITROPOULOS. A.
MS 6074- S Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 18, #1 & 2. BUDAPEST STRING QT. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6157 S Sibelius: Violin Concerto (OISTRAKH); The Swan of Tuonela. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, LSM. 6 eye label.
MS 6235 S Reger: Piano Concerto. SERKIN; ORMANDY, Philadelphia O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6263- S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. FRANCESCATTI; WALTER, Columbia SO. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6362- S Varese: Arcana; Deserts; Offrandes (PRECHT, s). CRAFT, o. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6414 S Nielsen: Symphony #5. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. FS.
MS 6451 S Mozart: Bassoon Concerto (GARFIELD); Flute Concerto in G (KINCAID). ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6565 S Poulenc: Fiancailles pour Rire; Rossini: 5 Songs. TOUREL, Rogers. A; minor PBs. Texts. 2 eye label.
MS 6568 S "Canzoni Italiane: 12 Favorite Italian Ballads." DI STEFANO; Pattacini, o. A, FOT.
MS 7004 S Nielsen: Symphony #1; Helios Overture; Pan & Syrinx. ORMANDY, Phila. O. FS.
MS 7052 S Foss: Phorion; Denisov: Crescendo e Diminuendo; Schuller: Triplum. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label.
MS 7066 S Mozart: Symphonies #35 & 41. CASALS, Marlboro Festival O. A, LSM. 2 eye label.
SL 158 (4) Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players (HORSZOWSKI, pf). A-/B, FOT.
Columbia (France)
FCX 363/5 (3) Gounod: Mireille. VIVALDA, GEDDA, DENS; CLUYTENS, Aix-en-ProvenceFestival Cho, Paris Cons. O. (1954). A, FOT. Booklet summary.
FCX.PM 35036/7 (2) Charpentier: Louise (abridged). VALLIN, LECOUVREUR, GAUDEL, THILL, PERNET; BIGOT. From 78s, composer-supervised. A.
Columbia (Japan)
OS 10044 J S Bartok: Viola Concerto; Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher. HILLYER; WATANABE, Japan PO. A, LSM.
Columbia (Spain)
CS 8573 S Turina: Sevilla; Rincones Sevillanos; La Andaluza Sentimental; Por LasCalles de Sevilla. RENTERIA (pf). M.
SCLL 14027 S Albeniz: Navarra; Guridi: 10 Basque Dances; Turina: La Oracion del Torero; La Procesion del Rocio. ARGENTA, Spanish Nat'l O. A.
Columbia Entre
RL 3015 Shostakovich: Cello Sonata (PAVLOVSKY); "Russian Melodies" (BERKOWITZ). PIATIGORSKY. A/A-, FOT; 1/2" X. Jacket repaired.
RL 3019 Handel-Harty: Water Music Suite; Royal Fireworks Music. HARTY, London PO. A, FOT.
RL 3026 Mozart: Symphony #38; Schumann: Symphony #4. STOCK, Chicago SO. A-, FOT.
RL 3041 Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite #2; Norwegian Dances; German: Henry VIII Dances; Welsh Rhapsody. WELDON, City of Birmingham SO. A. Jacket repaired.
RL 6625 Shostakovich: Symphony #5. RODZINSKI, Cleveland O. A, LSM.
Columbia Odyssey
32 26 0007 (2) Scarlatti: 60 Sonatas--Vol. 1. KIRKPATRICK. A.
32 26 0012 F (2) Scarlatti: Sonatas, Vol. 2. KIRKPATRICK (hpsi). A.
32 66 0001 (6) Beethoven: Symphonies. WALTER, N.Y. Phil., Phila. O. (in #6). A.
Y 31015 Brahms: German Requiem. SEEFRIED, LONDON; WALTER, Westminster Choir, N.Y. Phil. First publication. A.
Y 31534 S Chavez: Soli I, II, & IV. CHAVEZ, ensembles. Only U.S. edition. A.
Y 31923 S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. OZAWA, Toronto SO. A.
Y 32675 Strauss: 4 Last Songs; 2 Lieder; songs of Marx (2) & Mahler (3). WELITSCH, ULANOWSKY. Most items previously unpublished. A. Texts on jacket.
Y 32980 S Mozart: Concerto #9; Haydn: Concerto in D. KIPNIS (hpsi); MARRINER, "London Strings" [Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields]. Marvellous performances! A.
Y 33825 S Works of Kreisler (3), Ravel, Debussy, Sarasate, Dinicu-Heifetz, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rubinstein, Arensky, Rachmaninov, Miaskovsky (2), Shostakovich, & Shchedrin. DOKSCHUTZER (incredible trumpeter). A.
Y 34638 Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. SERKIN, BUSCH QUARTET. A.
Y 35207 S Secunda: Kol Nidre Service. TUCKER; SECUNDA. A.
Y 35210 Dvorak: Piano Concerto (FIRKUSNY); Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations (ROSE). SZELL, N.Y. Phil. A.
Y 35211 S Brahms: Piano Quintet. FLEISHER, JUILLIARD QT. A.
Y 35933 Paganini: String Quartet in E; Kreisler: Quartet in a. STUYVESANT QUARTET. A.
Y3 31242 (3) Mozart: 6 "Haydn" Quartets. BUDAPEST QT. A.
Y3 33220 S (3) Mozart: Sonatas #1-10. KRAUS. First publication of most items. A.
Y3 33224 S (3) Mozart: Piano Sonatas (Vol. 2). KRAUS. First publication of most items. A.
Y3 33324 (3) Haydn: 6 Quartets, Op. 76. BUDAPEST QT. Great program notes! A.
Y7 30051 S (7) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. WALTER, Columbia SO. A.
Columbia Special Products
C 10954 Beethoven: Concerto #3 (MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil.); Mozart: Duport Variations. J. CASADESUS. Private release by State University of New York at Binghamton, where he taught. A.
Communaute de Travail
CT 64 13 S Marescotti: Concert Carougeois #2. SACHER. Gagnebin: Suite on Huguenot Psalms. BAUD-BOVY. Roy: Ballade. HAUG, Geneva Studio O. (in all). A.
CT 64 15 Blum: Concerto for Wind Quintet. STALDER QUINTET. Schibler: Epitaph-Furioso-Epiolg. URFER QT. R. Liebermann: 4 Chinese Songs. HAEFLIGER, VOEGELIN. Geiser: Sonatine for Flute Solo. BOPP. Moser: Suite. HOLLIGER (ob), BRUNNER (clar), BOUCHET (bsn). A.
CT 64 17 Kelterborn: Metamorphosen. TRAVIS, Beromunster Radio O. Regamey: 5 Etudes. RETCHITZKA (s); DESARZENS, Lausanne CO. E. Staempfli: Ornamente. AUBERSON, ens. A.
CT 64 18 S Tischhauser: Punctus contra Punctum. MIELSCH (t), LAGGER (bs); TSCHUPP. Zbinden: Fantaisie. NICOLET (fl); DESARZENS. Looser: Rhapsodia. LOOSER (vcl); GERECZ. Perrin: Die Landschaft der Seele. DEVALLIER (c); DESARZENS. A.
CT 64 19 Pfister: Sonata for 2 Trumpets, Strings & Timpani. ADELBRECHT, DUQUENOY; TSCHUPP, Camerata Zurich. Sturzenegger: Omaggio--8 pieces. BUCKEL (s), WENDEL (fl), WINTERTHUR QT. (w. RYBAR). Mieg: Toccata-Arioso-Gigue. DAHINDEN, Winterthur SO. A.
CT 64 20 Sutermeister: Die schwarze Spinne (1 act opera). KAHMANN, RODIO, MAURER, OLSEN; N. ASECHBACHER, Bern Radio Cho., ad hoc inst. ens. A. German libretto.
CT 64 21 Keller: Passacaglia. SCHMIDT, Beromunster Radio O. Wildberger: Musick for 22 Solo Strings. DUTOIT, Swiss Italian Radio O. Wyttenbach: 3 Satze. H. & U. HOLLIGER, WYTTENBACH. Kuber: Noctes intelligibilis Lucis. H. HOLLIGER, PICHT-AXENFELD (hpsi). Holliger: Schwarzgewobene Trauer. FORRER (s), HOLLIGER, EUGSTER (cello), PICHT-AXENFELD; WILDBERGER. A.
CT 64 22 W. Vogel: Arpiade. AMIET (s); BARTH, Kammersprechchor Zurich, inst. ens. Eichenwald: Aspekte. TSCHUPP, Zurich CO. Suter: Heilege Leier. FORRER (s), HUBER (fl), LEEB (gtr). Wendel: Quintet. WINTERTHUR BAROQUE QT. A.
CT 64 23 S Burkhard: Der Schuss von der Kanzel--Overture. BURKHARD. Flury: Festouverture. L. CASELLA. Hiebner: Ouverture zu einer Commedia dell'arte. VOGT-BASEL. Vogt-Basel: 7 Pieces. COHANIER (sax), VOGT-BASEL (pf). Kulm: Suite. BOPP, HALDEMANN (fl), et al. A.
CT 64 26 D'Alessandro: 6 Preludes; Blanchet: Barcarolle; Tocsin; Mathey: 3 Esquisses Neuchateloises. DATYNER (pf). Lauber: Caprice #5; Mottu: Vif et Leter; Danse des Seizes; Stierlin-Vallon: Dimanche Matin. PERRET (pf). Semini: Incontri. POZZI (pf). A.
CT 64 27 S Works of Grast, de Senger (4), Doret (9), & Hemmerling (3). SANDOZ (s),JACQUIER (t); MERMOUD, cho's, Lausanne CO ("Extraits des Fetes des Vignerons"). A.
CT 64 28 S Works of Jaques-Dalcroze (2), Binet, Doret (3), Broquet, Barblan, Mermoud, Hemmerling, Boller, Apotheoz, Bovet (2), H. Lang, & Plumhof. CHARLET, La Chorale du Brassus. A.
CT 64 29 S Works of F. Huber, Tobler, W. Baumgartner, Suter, Hegar, Oser, & Zentner. FORSTER, Liederkranz am Ottenberg. Works of Hilber, Jenny, Jaeggi, Pfiffner, & P. Huber. FUCHS, Kammerchor Zurich. A.
CT 64 30 S Works of Charlet, Apotheloz, Binet, Diener, Doret, Kuhn, Luy, Matthes, Reichel, & Wible. CHARLET, cho's ("Musique spirituelle de la Suisse romande"). Works of Matthes, Diener, & Kuhn. FLAMIG, Zurich Radio Cho. A.
CTS P2 S Sturzenegger: Cello Concerto #4. GRIMMER; AUBERSON, Basel Radio SO. Der Topfer. WIDMER (b), WYTTENBACH (pf). Rondo variatio. WIJNKOOP, Camerata Bern. A. Ex-library.
Companhia Brasileira de Discos
SLP 9605 Schumann: Carnaval; Liszt: Paganini Etudes. MAGALOFF. Philips recording. A.
Composers' Voice
1987/3 S (2) Pijper: Symphonies #1 & 3. DUFALLO. Violin Concerto (HETTEMA); Cello Concerto (STAALEN). VIS. Symphony #2; Piano Concerto (BRUINS); 6 Adagios. VAN DRIESTEN. 6 Symphonic Epigrams. RATTLE, Rotterdam PO (in all). A.
CV 7804 S van Keulen: Chords; Keuris: Capriccio; Laman: Musica subtillor; D. Wagenaar: Liederen. NETHERLANDS WIND ENS. A.
Concert Hall
CHC 19 Villa-Lobos: Quartet #6. STUYVESANT QT. A-, FOT. Insert. Cover repaired.
CHC 2 Khachaturian: Violin Concerto. KAUFMAN; RACHMILOVITCH, Santa Monica SO. A-, FOT; minor PB. Red vinyl.
CHC 38 Schumann: Quartet in A, Op. 41, #3. WINTERTHUR QT. (Rybar, et al). A-; minor PB. Minor PB. Red vinyl.
CHC 7 Schubert: Quartet in Eb, Op. 125. GUILET QT. A. Jacket repaired.
CHS 1064 (2) Vivaldi: Il Cimento dell'Armonia e dell'Invenzione, Op. 8--#5-12. KAUFMAN; DAHINDEN. A, FOT.
CHS 1095 Mendelssohn: Piano Quartet, Op. 2; Violin Sonata in f, Op. 4. GUILET, BRIEFF, LAPORTE, BALSAM. A/A-, FOT.
CHS 1117 Dvorak: Trio in f, Op. 65. BALSAM, KAUFMAN, CERVERA. A. Jacket repaired.
CHS 1132 Chopin: Etudes, Op. 10; 3 Nouvelles Etudes. GOLDSAND. A, FOT; minor PB.
CHS 1193 Mozart: Symphonies #18, 19, 20, & 21. ACKERMANN, Netherlands PO. A.
CHS 1194 Mozart: Symphonies #22-25. ACKERMANN, Netherlands PO. A.
CHS 1256 Mozart: Symphonies #17, 26, 27, & 28. ACKERMANN, Netherlands PO. A.
CHS 1312 Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto #1 (KONDRASHIN); Beethoven: Sonata #3. GILELS. A.
CHS 1405 Mozart: Concerto #16 (DESARZENS, Winterthur SO); Variations on "Je suis Lindor," K. 354. BALSAM. A; 2 tiny X's.
E 13 Mendelssohn: Schone Melusine Overture. BUSCH, Winterthur SO. Piano Quartet, Op. 1. BALSAM, RYBAR, CORTI, BENOS. Numbered, ltd. to 3000 copies. B, FOT; 1/2" X. Red vinyl.
G 10 Mozart: Concerto in D, "Adelaide" (doubtful work) (KAUFMAN); Symphonies #17 & 26. ACKERMANN, Hilversum Radio O. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A-, LSM.
G 13 Paganini: Concerto #2. ODNOPOSOFF; HUPPERTS. Mendelssohn: Capriccio Brillant. PELLEG; GOEHR. Variations Concertantes. U. WIESEL (cello), OREN (piano). A, LSM. Red vinyl. Numbered, ltd. to 3,000.
H 10 Tchaikovsky: Quartet #3. PASCAL QUARTET. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A, LSM. Red vinyl.
H 3 Mozart: Horn Concerto #4. HOLLARD. Bassoon Concerto #2, in Bb (doubtful attribution). ZWAGERMAN; ACKERMANN. Church Sonata in C, K. 328. MATTHAEI (organ); REINHART, Winterthur SO. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A, LSM. Minor PB. Red vinyl.
H 4 Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #1. MEWTON-WOOD; GOEHR. Britten: 6 Metamorphoses after Ovid. PAROLARI (oboe). Simple Symphony. ACKERMANN. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A. Red vinyl.
H 5 Mendelssohn: Serenade & Allegro Giocoso, Op. 43 (ACKERMANN); Piano Quartet in b, Op. 3 (WINTERTHUR QT). PELLEG. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A. Red vinyl.
SMS 2488 S Liszt: Piano Concertos. MAGALOFF; BAUDO, Zurich Radio SO. A.
SMS 2678 S Schumann: Carnaval; Etudes symphoniques. MAGALOFF. A.
Concordia Choir
CDLP 7 Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes; J. Berger: In a Time of Pestilence; works of Kodaly, Nicolai, & Christiansen. CHRISTIANSEN, Concordia Choir. A.
Vol. 2 S Debussy: 3 Chansons; N. Lockwood: Inscriptions from the Catacombs; works of Sweelinck, Schutz, & Schreck. CHRISTIANSEN, Concordia Choir (+ soloists). A.
Connoisseur Society
60 5666 S Schubert: "Wanderer" Fantasy; Schumann: Sonata #2. GELBER. A.
CS 1566 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 14; Fur Elise. MORAVEC. A. White & cream label.
CS 2105 S Granados: 12 Spanish Dances, Op. 37. SORIANO. A.
S 8008 S Toch: Quartet #10, Op. 28. AMERICAN ART QT. Quartet #13, Op. 74. ROTH QT. Composer-supervised. A.
Corliss Enterprises
KM 4728 S Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 53. Philip KELLER. A.
Cornell University
N8OP 5536/7 (1) Husa: Fantasies for Orchestra; Palmer: Memorial Music. HUSA, Paris Soloists O. A.
CRSLP 6105 S Castaldi: Finale. CARDINI (pf). A.
202 Rorem: Poems of Love & the Rain. SARFATY, ROREM. Piano Sonata #2. KATCHEN. A.
SD 243 S Del Tredici: Night Conjure-Verse. B. VALENTE (s), BURGESS (ms); DEL TREDICI, Marlboro Festival Ens. Batstone: A Mother Goose Primer; Ashforth: The Unquiet Heart. BEARDSLEE (s), V. BOND ("echo"); DARE, UCLA Chamber Ens. A. Texts.
SD 307 S Riegger: Quartet #2. NEW MUSIC QT. (F) Harris: Fantasy; Moss: Elegy;Timepiece. ZUKOFSKY (violin), et al. A.
SD 527 S M. Gideon: Sonnets from Shakespeare (SHARP, b); Wing'd Hour (CASSOLAS,t); Dembski: Spectra; Stacked Deck. R. BLACK, PRISM O. A.
22 16 0088 S Brahms: Violin Sonatas #2 & 3. SUK, PANENKA. A.
CY 669 S R. Calmel: Magnificat. H. CALMEL, E. PELLETIER, BARDON, cho's, inst. ens. 5 Poemes de Leopold Senghor. BOUHEY, MURCIANO (s), CYRILLE (a), PEREZ (t), SEYNIER (bs), ENS. MUSICA NOVA. A.
Da Camera Magna
SM 93308 S Dvorak: Violin Sonata; Sonatine; 4 Romantic Pieces. NAEGELE, KRIEGER. A.
SM 93338 S Dvorak: Mazurka; Kleine Stucke, Op. 75a; Notturno; Ballade; Romanze. NAEGELE (vln), KRIEGER (pf). Jacket inscribed by Naegele. A.
SM 93399 S Grieg: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. NAEGELE, KRIEGER. A.
Dansk Musik Antologi
DMA 061/2 S (2) Nielsen: Choral works. RASMUSSEN, Canzone-Koret. A. Danish/English texts.
De Loache
LG 4478 S (2) Schubert: Winterreise. DeLOACHE (b), SIMONDS (pf). Private issue. A. Text.
10" DL 4027 Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture; Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice. FRICSAY, Lamoureux O. A. Jacket repaired.
10" DL 7520 Hindemith: Symphonic Dances. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A, FOT; minor PB.
DL 10122 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1--#17-24. TURECK. A. COH.
DL 10124 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2--#9-16. TURECK. A.
DL 79955 S Bach: Chaconne (arr. Vardi); Brandenburg Concerto #3; Paganini: La Campanella; 3 Caprices (arr. Gusikoff). BROEKMAN, Concert-Masters of N.Y. A.
DL 9541 Lopatnikoff: Violin Sonata #2; Piston: Violin Sonata. FUCHS, BALSAM. A/A-, LSM. EAR.
DL 9625 Vaughan Williams: Concerto Accademico (FUCHS); Tansman: Triptych. ZIMBLER SINFONIETTA (Boston SO members). A.
DL 9627 Monteverdi: "Vocal & instrumental works." WEND, CUENOD, DERENNE, CONRAD, et al; N. BOULANGER, ens. A, FOT; minor PBs. EAR.
DL 9795 6 16th century lute pieces; works of Ponce, Bach, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Crespo, Lauro, & Cassado. SEGOVIA. A. Late pressing.
DL 9863 Beethoven: Quartet #14, in c#, Op. 131. KOECKERT QT. A/A-, FOT; tiny X.
DL 9943 "Great Opera Arias" of Rossini, Verdi, Thomas, Meyerbeer, & Mozart. STREICH, var. accomp. A-, LSM.
DL 9971 Mozart: 9 Songs; Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben. SEEFRIED, WERBA. A.
DL 9981 Songs of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Glinka, Gretchaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, & Dargomijsky. TOUREL, B. Smith, G. Ricci (cello). A, FOT; minor PB.
DX 101 (2) Menotti: The Consul. POWERS, NEWAY, LANE, SUMMERS, MacNEIL, LISHNER; ENGEL. A, LSM. Long album. Libretto.
DX 104 (2) Haydn: 3 Trios. KRAUS, GOLDBERG, PINI. Andante & Variations in f.KRAUS (her first recording). A, LSM.
DX 125 (3) Beethoven: Piano Concertos. KEMPFF; VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A, FOT; 1/8" X. Short album.
DXSA 7165 S (2) Handel: L'Allegro ed il Penseroso. ADDISON, McCOLLUM, REARDON; WALDMAN, Musica AEterna Cho. & O. A. Text.
DXSB 7201 S (2) "Here Comes the Bride: A complete program of music for Wedding Ceremony & Reception." FOX, Girard College organ. A.
Decca (Eng.)
HEAD 5 S Henze: Compases Para Preguntas Ensimismadas (FUKAI, vla); Violin Concerto #2 (LANGBEIN). HENZE, London Sinfonietta. A. EP. Insert.
LXT 2823 Duparc: Songs. SOUZAY, BONNEAU. A/A-, FOT.
LXT 5416 Britten: A Boy Was Born, Op. 3; Rejoice in the Lamb. BRITTEN, Purcell Singers, et al. No U.S. issue. A. Texts.
SET 567/8 S (2) Schumann: Faust. HARWOOD, VYVYAN, PEARS, FISCHER-DIESKAU, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BRITTEN, English CO., cho's. A. EP. Text.
Decca (Eng.) Ace of Diamonds
SDD 271 F Schumann: Piano Concerto (LIPATTI); Carnaval (arr. Glazounov) (genuinestereo). ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A.
Decca (France)
174.118 J. Aubert (1689-1753): Concerto in e, Op. 17, #4; Violin Concerto #13,in e (GRAVOIN); Fetes champetres et guerrieres. PETIT, Petit CO. A; 1/8" X. AS?
174.154 D'Auvergne: Les Troqueurs. GARNER, LUBLIN, HERBILLON, DUNAN; PETIT, Petit Chamber O. A. AS.
Decca (Germany)
6.41505 S Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 311; Schubert: Impromptu, Op. 142, #2 (2 versions); Beethoven: Sonata #18 (incomplete); Schumann: Fantasiestucke, Op. 12--# 1 & 3. BACKHAUS (last concert performances, 1969). FS.
6.41551 S Beethoven: Sonata #32; sonatas of Galuppi & Scarlatti (3). MICHELANGELI. A.
6.48119 (2) Schubert: Lieder. SOUZAY, Bonneau, Baldwin. A.
DDLX 40/1 (2) Lipatti: Concertino in Classic Style (H. VON BENDA, co); Sonatinefor Left Hand; Enescu: Violin Sonatas #2 & 3 (ENESCU, violin). LIPATTI. Suite #1--Adagio & Fugue. ENESCU (pf). A.
DEL 25407 S Schubert: Sonata in D, Op. 53, D. 850; Handel: 6 Fugues; Webern: Variations, Op. 27. AITKEN. A.
DEL FY 006 S "Christmas Eve at Notre-Dame de Paris." MASSON, cho's; COCHEREAU (org). A, LSM.
SLL 3 D S. Wagner: Gluck; Und Wenn die Welt Voll Teufel War; Sehnsucht. EROS, Aalborg SO. A.
DSM 1025G S Prince Louis Ferdinand: Piano Quartet in f (CASTLEMAN, TURSI, SYLVESTER); Rondo in Bb (EFFRON, Eastman Philharmonia). SPILLMAN (pf). A.
GHP 4001/2 (2) Schubert: "Wanderer" Fantasy (1957); works of Balakirev, Busoni, Stravinsky, Liszt (7), Chopin (5), Schubert-Liszt, & Debussy. ARRAU (mostly from 78s, 1927-51). A.
Deutsche Grammophon
0100 009 S "Belgian National Music Competition Prizewinners, 1976." BALTUSSEN, TJAMPENS (vln), LARCIN, MERTENS (pf), DE VLEESCHHOUWER (tpt), MOORTGAT (clar), BASTIAENS (org). A.
136 214 S Arias of Wagner (4), Verdi (5), Donizetti, Meyerbeer, Ponchielli, & Flotow (all in German). KONYA; KULKA, R. KRAUS, Bamberg SO. JACKET INSCRIBED BY THE SINGER. A. Tulip label.
136 274 S Verdi: Don Carlos--exc. STELLA, COSSOTTO, LABO, BASTIANINI, CHRISTOFF;SANTINI, La Scala. A. Tulip label. Text.
138 014 S Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. QUARTETTO DI ROMA (Santoliquido, Pelliccia, Giuranna, Amfitheatroff). A, LSM. Tulip label.
138 675 S Ravel: L'Enfant et les Sortileges. OGEAS, COLLARD, BERBIE, HERZOG, SENECHAL, MAURANE, REHFUSS; MAAZEL. A. Tulip label. French libretto.
138 713 S Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. ANDA. A. Tulip label.
138 759 S Von Einem: Piano Concerto. HERZOG; FRICSAY. Blacher: 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. HAEFLIGER, DROLC QT. Egk: 4 Canzoni. SEEFRIED; EGK. A. Thick jacket.
138 795 S Cherubini: Requiem in d. MARKEVICH, Czech Singers Cho., Czech PO. A, LSM. Tulip label. Text.
138 871 S Martin: 6 Monologues from "Everyman;" Der Sturm--3 exc. FISCHER-DIESKAU; MARTIN, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label. Texts.
138 883/5 S (3) Strauss: Arabella. DELLA CASA, ROTHENBERGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; KEILBERTH, Bavarian St. Opera (live, 1963). A. Tulip labels. Summary.
139 112 S Eichner: Harp Concerto #1; Wagenseil: Concerto in G; Dittersdorf: Concerto in A; Mozart: Adagio & Rondo. ZABALETA; KUENTZ, Kuentz CO. A. Tulip label.
139 304 S Handel: Harp Concerto in Bb; Albrechtsberger: Concerto in C; Ravel: Introduction & Allegro; Debussy: Danses sacree et profane. ZABALETA; KUENTZ, Kuentz CO. A, LSM.
139 359 S Hartmann: Symphonies #4 & 8. KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio SO. A.
139 396 S Henze: Doppio Concerto (H. & U. HOLLIGER); Fantasia fur Streicher; Sonata per Archi. SACHER, Zurich Collegium Musicum. M.
139 398 S Brahms: Horn Trio (SEIFERT, DROLC); Clarinet Trio (LEISTER, DONDERER).ESCHENBACH. A. Late label.
139 440 S Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez; Fantasia para un Gentilhombre. YEPES; ALONSO, Spanish Radio SO. A. Late label.
2530 066 S Mozart: Adagio & Fugue, K. 546; Beethoven: Grosse Fuge; Strauss: Metamorphosen. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A.
2530 080 S Beethoven: Sonata #29, "Hammerklavier." ESCHENBACH. A.
2530 197 S Beethoven: Sonata #4, Op. 7. MICHELANGELI. A.
2530 254 S Beethoven: Concerto #3. ESCHENBACH; HENZE, London SO. Only recording of composer Hans Werner Henze conducting classical repertoire (very well!). A, LSM.
2530 368 S Strauss: Tod und Verklarung; 4 Last Songs (JANOWITZ). KARAJAN, Berlin PO. M. Texts.
2530 552 S Sibelius: Violin Concerto; Beethoven: 2 Romances. ZUKERMAN; BARENBOIM, London PO. A.
2531 297 S Schumann: Kinderszenen; 3 Romances; Arabeske; piano music. KEMPFF. A.
2532 099 D Strauss: Don Juan; Till Eulenspiegel; Tod und Verklarung. ABBADO, London SO. FS.
2535 010 S Beethoven: Sonata #28; Schumann: Toccata; Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit.PRATS (1st Prize, 1977 Long Competition, Paris). Live performance, 1979. M.
2535 704 Ravel: Introduction & Allegro (ZABALETA); Bartok: Violin Concerto #2 (VARGA). FRICSAY, Berlin RSO, Berlin PO. A.
2535 722 Franck: Symphonic Variations; Stravinsky: Capriccio; Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain. WEBER; FRICSAY. A.
2535 827 Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3; Suite #3--Air; Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio & Nozze di Figaro Overtures; Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Beethoven: Egmont Overture. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. From 78s, 1929/37. A.
2709 051 S (3) Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail; Der Schauspieldirektor. AUGER, GRIST, SCHREIER, NEUKIRCH, MOLL; BOHM, Staatskapelle Dresden. A. Libretto.
2709 085 S (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. TOMOWA-SINTOW, ZYLIS-GARA, MATHIS, SCHREIER, MILNES, BERRY; BOHM, Vienna PO. A. Libretto.
2721 129 S (4) Beethoven: Horn Sonata. SEIFERT, DEMUS; Quintet, Op. 16 (DEMUS); wind chamber music. BERLIN PHIL. members. A.
2740 135 S (3) Haydn: 6 Quartets, Op. 50. TOKYO STRING QUARTET. A. Box worn.
2740 254 S (4) Liszt: Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, BARENBOIM. FS. COH. Texts.
29312 Schubert: Die Winterreise--exc. ANDERS, RAUCHEISEN. A.
29336 Brahms: Violin Concerto. SCHNEIDERHAN; VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A.
410 959 1 D Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra; Don Juan. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. FS.
Deutsche Grammophon (U.S.)
DGS 712030 S Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (GEUSER); Lieder. STREICH, WERBA. A. Texts on jacket.
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi
10" HM 25146 Corelli: Sonatas, Op. 1, #13; Op. 3, #7-9. GREHLING, VORHOLZ (vln), BUHL (cello), KOCH (violone), EWERHART (org), GERWIG (lute). A.
99867 S Bach: Overture in the French Style; Italian Concerto; Prelude, Fugue &Allegro. LEONHARDT. FS.
1 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. MASSELOS, M. AJEMIAN, GOODMAN, MARCUS. A; 1/4" X.
9 Berg: Chamber Concerto. CHARNY, MONOD; LEIBOWITZ, Paris CO. A, LSM; 1/2" X.
Dischi Ricordi
RCLD 27100 D Tchaikovsky: Piano music. RICHTER. M.
202 (2) Verdi: Requiem. TEBALDI, RANKIN, PRANDELLI, ROSSI-LEMENI; DE SABATA, La Scala (1951). Berlioz: Roman Carnival; Verdi: Vespri Siciliani Overture. DE SABATA, Vienna PO (1953). A.
273 Bach: English Suite #2; Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin, Suite #1--exc.; Handel: Suites #5 & 7. LANDOWSKA (1943-49). A.
289 (2) Strauss: Salome. VARNAY, KLOSE, PATZAK, BRAUN, HOPF; WEIGERT (1953). FS.
294 (2) Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur. OLIVERO, SIMIONATO, CORELLI, CASSINELLI, BASTIANINI; ROSSI, Teatro San Carlo, Naples (1959). FS.
330 Beethoven: Symphony #5; Handel: Berenice--Overture. E. KLEIBER, Berlin St. Opera O. (1955). FS.
331 Mozart: Concerto #22 (RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil.); Vivaldi-Bach: Concerto in D. LANDOWSKA. A. EAR.
334 Beethoven: Sonata #12, Op. 26; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 537. MICHELANGELI. A.
347 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. FLAGSTAD, ANDAY, LORENZ, WEBER, SCHOEFFLER; DE SABATA (1948). A.
350 (2) Chopin: Scherzo #2; Fantasia in f; piano music. MICHELANGELI. A.
359 Beethoven: Concerto #4 (ZORAVKOVIC, 1974); Concerto #5 (STEINBERG, 1966). MICHELANGELI. A.
365 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #7; Schubert: Symphony #5. BOHM, Vienna PO, Dresden St. O. A.
369 Britten: The Rape of Lucretia--exc. FERRIER, CROSS, RITCHIE, PEARS, KRAUS, BRANNIGAN; BRITTEN (?), English Opera Group (Holland, 1946). FS.
374 (2) Mahler: Symphony #2. VINCENT, FERRIER; KLEMPERER, Concertgebouw O. (1951). Das Lied von der Erde--2 exc. FERRIER; WALTER (live, 1948). A.
385 Haydn: Cello Concerto (SARGENT); Dvorak: Concerto (TAUBE). FEUERMANN. A.
402 Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien; Carnaval. MICHELANGELI. A. EAR.
422 Mozart: Concertos #15 & 20. MICHELANGELI; ROSSI, RAI O., Turin. A.
425 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5; Serenade for Strings--exc. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O (from 78s, 1938/9). A.
431 Beethoven: Symphony #5; Weber: Freischutz Overture; Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1926-30). A.
481 S (3) Schubert: Impromptus; Wanderer Fantasy; Klavierstucke, Op. posth.; Valses nobles, Op. 77; piano music. DEMUS. A.
484 (3) Wagner: Die Meistersinger. JANSSEN, KULLMAN, SCHORR, LIST; LEINSDORF, Met. Opera (1939). A.
494 S Beethoven: Sonatas #23 & 32. BADURA-SKODA. A.
500 Schumann: Cello Concerto (BRITTEN, London SO, 1961); Miaskovsky: Cello Concerto (FAKTOROVICH, Moscow PO, 1959). ROSTROPOVICH. A.
708 Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnol (RAI O., Turin, 1952); Debussy: 2 Nocturnes;Stravinsky: Divertimento (Berlin PO, 1951/3). FURTWAENGLER. A. EAR.
737 Schubert: Fantasia in C (ROUBAKINE, 1944); Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (FRIEDMAN). HUBERMAN. A.
Discocorp (Brazil)
DCLP 82506 Mozart: Concerto #17--2nd mvt. (incomplete) (STIEDRY, 1944); Sonata inF, K. 533; Beethoven: Bagatelles, Op. 33 (1943). SCHNABEL. Noisy broadcast transcriptions. A.
DCLP 82510 Beethoven: Symphony #6. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1944). A.
DCLP 82515 Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Beethoven: Symphony #8. FURTWAENGLER, Stockholm PO (1942/48). A.
DCLP 82517 Beethoven: Concerto #5; Delius: Piano Concerto. MOISEIWITSCH; SARGENT(1963/55). A.
Discophiles Francais
DF 730.020 Tinctoris: Missa Trium Vocum. BLANCHARD, ens. A. AS. Dowel spine.
DF 730.074 Schubert: Moments musicaux; Schumann: Kreisleriana. NAT. A. Dowel spine.
DF 740.016 S Violin Sonatas of Francoeur, Leclair, & Loeillet. WEINER, BAUWENS, VAN DIJCKE. A/A-, FOT. Dowel spine.
S 33103 DR S Bach: Suite #2 (FUMET, fl); Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 136 & 138. BERNARD THOMAS C.O. A.
97258 S Liszt: "Late Piano Music." FIORENTINO. A.
HCR 5222 Galuppi: 6 Concerti a Quattro. BIFFOLI QT. A.
HCR 5225 Albinoni: Concerti a Cinque, Op. 9, #1, 4, 7, & 10. FERRARESI (vln); BRYKS, Italian Baroque Ens. A.
HCR 5232 Geminiani: Concerti Grossi, Op. 2--#3-6. BIFFOLI, GIUSTO; ECKERTSEN, Gli Accademici di Milano. A, FOT.
HCR ST 7258 S Liszt: "Late Piano Music." FIORENTINO. A.
Ducretet-Thomson (France)
320 C 107 "Les Primitifs Francais de Philippe-Auguste a Philippe-le-Bel." BLANCHARD, vocal & instrumental ens. A, LSM.
ECM 1033/4 S (2) Jarrett: Metamorphosis. FREIVOGEL (vl); GUTESHA. Short Piece (TOWNER, gtr); In the Cave, In the Light. JARRETT, S. German SO, Stuttgart. Fughata; Pagan Hymn. JARRETT (pf). Brass Quintet. AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. String Quartet. SONNLEITNER. M.
3094 Works of Mortelmans, Lonque, d'Hooghe, A. Huybrechts, de Boeck, de Meester, Vermeiren, & Bartsch. HUYBREGTS ("Belgian Piano Music"). A.
ECE 0149 Arias of Donizetti, Verdi (4), Bizet, Flotow, Massenet, & Puccini (3). PISO (t); MASSINI, Rumanian Opera O. A.
ECE 0224 Capoianu: Violin Concerto. HAMZA; ELENESCU. Vieru: Flute Concerto. POP; BACI, Rumanian Radio SO. A. Jacket repaired.
10" E 70039 Beethoven: Concerto #3. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. A, LSM.
10" E 70041 Beethoven: Concerto #4. E. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. A.
E 80032/3 (2, 3 sides) Bach: Goldberg Variations. WALCHA (hpsi). A.
E 80684 Schubert: Impromptus. SCHNABEL. A, LSM.
E 80872 Schubert: 3 Military Marches; Andantino varie; Rondo in A; Divertissement a la Hongroise. A. & K.U. SCHNABEL. A.
E 83336 "Vera Kalman erzahlt Die Emmerich Kalman Story." Various excerpts from 78s with narration in German. A.
E 90016 Beethoven: Symphony #7. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A/A-, FOT.
E 90026 Wagner: Gotterdammerung--Siegfried's Rhine Journey & Funeral Music. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. Immolation Scene. FLAGSTAD; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A.
E 90100/4 (5) Wagner: Die Walkure. MODL, RYSANEK, KLOSE, SUTHAUS, FRANTZ, FRICK; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, FOT; 1/8" X. No booklet.
SME 74169 S "Bella Venezia" (operetta & popular songs). GEDDA, ROTHENBERGER, var. accomp. A.
STE 91261 S Mozart: Concertos #18 & 25. ENGEL; PROHASKA, Bavarian Radio SO. A.
01382/3 (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas. FOURNIER, SCHNABEL. A.
01609 Liszt: Concerto #1; Franck: Symphonic Variations. GIESEKING; WOOD, London PO, London SO. A.
02042 S Beethoven: "Triple" Concerto. RICHTER, OISTRAKH, ROSTROPOVICH; KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A. German pressing.
02674 S Songs of Liszt (4), Wagner, Berlioz, Cornelius (2), Nietzsche (3), Weingartner, Ritter, Streicher, Raff, Eulenburg, & Schillings. FISCHER-DIESKAU, REIMANN. A.
03039/40 (2) Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 4; Ruins of Athens & Coriolan Overtures; Brahms: Haydn Variations. CASALS, Casals O. of Barcelona, London SO. A.
10544 Operetta songs of Chabrier (2), Lecocq (2), Petit, Auber, Messager (3),Pierne (2), Audran, Ganne, & Offenbach (2). REVOIL, var. accomp. M.
11348 S Ravel: Trio (PLUDERMACHER); Sonata for Violin & Cello. JARRY, TOURNUS. A.
12100 S Poulenc: Concerto for 2 Pianos (POULENC, FEVRIER); Concert champetre (VAN DE WIELE, hpsi). PRETRE, Paris Conservatory O. A.
13 0194 3 Q (2) Zeller: Der Volgelhandler. HOLM, ROTHENBERGER, DALLAPOZZA, BERRY,UNGER, ANHEISSER; BOSKOVSKY, Vienna Volksoper Cho., Vienna SO. A. Libretto.
1394931 S Gade: Violin Concerto; Capriccio. KONTRA; FRANDSEN, GARAGULY, Tivoli SO. A.
1544553 (2) Brahms: Piano Quartet #1 (PRO ARTE QT.); Violin Sonata #3 (KOCHANSKY); Cello Sonata #1 (PIATIGORSKY); Franck: Violin Sonata (HEIFETZ). RUBINSTEIN (in all). From 78s, 1932-37. A.
16423 S St.-Saens: Etudes, Opp. 52 & 111; piano music. DUCHABLE. A.
17017 1 Works of Chopin (2), Scarlatti (2), Galuppi, Albeniz, Granados, Marescotti, & Debussy. MICHELANGELI. A.
1731841 D Magnard: Symphony #4; Chant Funebre. PLASSON, Toulouse O. A.
28947 Schumann: Fantasiestucke, Op. 12; Schubert: Impromptus, D. 899. ERDMANN. A.
28991/2 S (2) Lehar: Das Land des Lachelns. ROTHENBERGER, HOLM, GEDDA, FRIEDAUER, MOELLER; MATTES. A. German summary.
34283 S Works of Sibelius, Englund, Sallinen, Segerstam, & Rautawaara. GOTHONI (pf). A.
36024 S Merikanto: Concert Piece (HOYLA, cello); Partita; Piano Concerto #2 (HEINONEN). SODERBLOM, Finnish Nat'l Opera O. A.
43139 D Schumann: Carnaval; Papillons; Toccata. EGOROV. A.
46435/6 D (2) Schumann: Scenes from Goethe's Faust. MATHIS, GEDDA, FISCHER-DIESKAU, BERRY; KLEE, Dusseldorf SO & Cho. FS. German-French text.
50344/6 S (3) Strauss: Ein Heldenleben; Don Quixote (TORTELIER); Rosenkavalier Waltzes; Tod und Verklarung; Dance Suite after Couperin. KEMPE, Staatskapelle Dresden. A.
52100/2 S (3) Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica; Aus Italien; Till Eulenspiegel; Josephslegende; Dance of the 7 Veils. KEMPE, Staatskapelle Dresden. A.
99757/8 D (2) J.M. Haydn: 6 "Salzburg" Symphoies. KUHN, Rias Sinfonietta. A.
EMD 5506 S Penderecki: Stabat Mater; Ligeti: Lux Aeterna; Morning; Night; Petrassi: Nonsense Rhymes; Werle: Nautical Preludes; Castiglioni: Gyro. ERICSON, Swedish Radio Cho. & SO. A.
8 Marais: Gamba Suites #4 & 5 (abridged). HEINETZ, WOLFF (hpsi). A, LSM. Jacket taped.
E 302 Ravel: La Valse; Prokofiev: Le Pas d'Acier; Stravinsky: Petrouchka. COATES, London SO (from 78s, 1926-32). A.
BC 1043 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1-3. GOLDBERG, Netherlands CO. A, LSM. EAR.
BC 1140 S Stravinsky: Serenade; Piano Sonata; Schoenberg: 2 Pieces, Op. 33a & b; Suite, Op. 25. ROSEN. A.
BC 1255 S Schubert: Sonata in A, Op. posth.; Mozart: Rondo in a, K. 511. ROSEN. A.
BC 1371 S Brahms: Die schone Magelone. HAEFLIGER, ULANOWSKY. A. Texts.
BSC 150 S (7) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. SZELL, Cleveland O. A. Blue label. Booklet.
LC 3026 Beethoven: Symphony #7. VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A-, FOT.
LC 3038 Haydn: Symphonies #53 & 67. SACHER, Vienna SO. A.
LC 3059 Haydn: Symphonies #44 & 85. SACHER, Vienna SO. A.
LC 3291 Brahms: Violin Concerto. SENOFSKY; MORALT, Vienna SO. A; minor PB.
LC 3298 Tansman: Isaiah, the Prophet. VAN KEMPEN, Hilversum Radio Cho. & O. A, LSM.
LC 3358 Schumann: Waldszenen; Kinderszenen. HASKIL. A-, FOT.
LC 3399 St.-Saens: Violin Concerto #3; Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso; Havanaise. GRUMIAUX; FOURNET, Lamoureux O. A-, LSM.
LC 3467 Geminiani: Concerti Grossi, Op. 7--#1, 2, 3, 5, & 6. I MUSICI. A.
LC 3509 Krenek: Sestina. BEARDSLEE; KRENEK, ens. Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae. FLAMIG, Dresden Church Music School Cho. Mono only issue. A.
LC 3817 Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Boccherini: Concerto in Bb (original version). GENDRON (cello); CASALS (cond), Lamoureux O. A, LSM. AS.
NUM 750693 D (3) Dukas: Ariane et Barbe-Bleue. CIESINSKI, PAUNOVA, BACQUIER; JORDAN. A. COH. Libretto.
NUM 751272 D (2) Purcell: King Arthur. SMITH, FISHER, PRIDAY, ROSS (s), STAFFORD (a), ELLIOTT (t), VARCOE (b); GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists. A. COH. Text.
STU 70667/8 S (2) Honegger: King David. EDA-PIERRE, COLLARD, TAPPY; DUTOIT, Caillard Cho., inst. ens. A.
STU 70679 S Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. TOSO; SCIMONE, I Solisti Veneti. A.
STU 71416 S (2) Rameau: Dardanus. EDA-PIERRE, VON STADE, GAUTIER, DEVLIN, SOYER, VAN DAM; LEPPARD, Paris Opera. A, LSM. Libretto.
Eterna (E. Germany)
8 25 341/2 S (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. BOSSE, SUSKE (vln), KRUG (tpt), KASTNER, PISCHNER (hpsi), et al; KOCH, Leipzig Gewandhaus Bach O. A.
8 25 416 S Beethoven: Symphony #7. KONWITSCHNY, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
8 26 076 S Carissimi: Jefte. RONISCH, PRENZLOW, SCHREIER, HAUSMANN; KOCH, Berlin Radio Cho. & CO. Handel: Armida abbandonata. WOYTOWICZ; MASUR, Berlin CO. A.
8 26 085 S Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte; Deutsches Liebeslieder; ItalienischeLiebeslieder. SCHREIER, OLBERTZ. A.
8 26 537 S Auber: Fra Diavolo--exc. TERMER, KATTERFELD, NEUMANN, BUCHNER, SUSS; HAUSCHILD, Berlin Radio Cho. & SO. A.
8 27 439/40 S (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9; S. Thiele: Gesange an die Sonne. MOSER, LANG, SCHREIER, ADAM; MASUR, cho's, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. (live perf., 1981). A.
8 27 819 S "Eine Hausmusik bei Anna Magdalena Bach." BURKHARDT (s), SCHREIER (t); GRUSS, Capella Fidicinia (period instruments). A, LSM.
200 841 366 S Strauss: Lieder. SCHREIER, SHETLER. A. German texts.
300 027 440 S (3) Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail. GRUBEROVA, EBEL (s), ARAIZA, ORTH (t), BRACHT (bs); WALLBERG, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich Radio O. A. German libretto.
300 086 435 Q (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concerti. SUK, JACCOTTET, BOURGUE, NICOLET, TOUVRON; BAUMGARTNER, Festival Strings Lucerne. A. Score included.
302 435 445 D (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. VARADY, AUGER, MATHIS, TITUS, PANERAI, MOSER, ROOTERING, SCHOLZE; KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio. DMM pressing. A. COH. Libretto.
89519 F (2) Shostakovich: Symphonies #5 & 8. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO (1954/47). A.
Evelyn Stark
SI 544 "All About the Violin" (lecture-recital with works of Bach, Mozart, Brahms, J. Strauss, et al). Evelyn STARK, anon. accomp. A.
3083 S Dvorak: Cello Concerto. CASALS; SCHNEIDER, Casals Festival O. of Puerto Rico. Suppressed almost immediately after publication. A, LSM.
6083 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. CASALS; SCHNEIDER, Casals Festival O. of Puerto Rico. Suppressed almost immediately after publication. A/A-, FOT. AS.
8015 S Lassus: Choral works (sacred & secular). BOEPPLE, Dessoff Choirs. A, FOT. Red vinyl. Texts.
Favorit Klassik
FK 50145 Pfitzner: Piano Quintet in C, Op. 23 (KAMPER); Wolf: Italian Serenade. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. From broadcasts. A. Preiser Records jacket.
308 5003/4 S (2) Chopin: Nocturnes. CERQUINHO. A.
Festival Classique
FC 428 S Schumann: Piano Concerto; Weber: Konzertstuck. KRAUS; DESARZENS, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
FL 3333 S Liszt: "Virtuoso Piano Paraphrases." BOLET. A.
FA 328 S Rautavaara: Cantus Arcticus; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #2. PEKKANEN, Klemetti Institute SO. A.
Fonit Cetra
DOC 46 (2) Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas; Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales; Beethoven: Sonata #3; Chopin: Sonata #2; Brahms: Paganini Variations (abridged). MICHELANGELI (Arezzo, 1952). A.
LAR 14 S Schumann: Symphony #2. CELIBIDACHE, RAI O., Rome (1960). A.
French Broadcasting System in N. America
135/6 (2) Debussy: Le Martyre de St. Sebastien--exc. ROSENTHAL. Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet--exc. MAAZEL, French Nat'l Radio O. Broadcast transcriptions with narration. A-, FOT. BJ. No cue sheets.
481/2 (2) Jolivet: Percussion Concerto. DROUET; JOLIVET, ORTF O. Ravel: Oiseaux Tristes; Tombeau de Couperin--Toccata. MERLET. Crequillon: Motets & Songs. BLANCHARD, Roger Blanchard Vocal Ens. Broadcast transcriptions with narration. A, LSM.
FSM 53903 S Works of Sweelinck, Walond, Schein, & Hellendaal ("Early Music for Brass"). EASTMAN BRASS QUINTET. A.
FSM 68908 S Melani: All'armi, pensieri; A. Scarlatti:" Su le sponde del Tebro; 2 arias. SHELTON (s), CARROLL (tpt), et al. A.
GS 1061 S L. Berger: Grand Sonate; Moscheles: Sonate Caracteristique. MARVIN (pf). A.
Giannina Hofmeister
75 001 S Hewitt: The Battle of Trenton; O. Levant: Sonatine; Y. Nat: Sonatine#1; Gottschalk: Le Bananier. HOFMEISTER (pf). A, LSM.
100 Arias of Verdi, Massenet, Puccini, Donizetti, Flotow, Leoncavallo, Mascagni, Meyerbeer, Ponchielli, & Blanc. MARTINELLI. EJS production, "limited edition of 100 copies." A. BJ, as issued.
Golden Age of Opera
EJS 243 "Rosa PONSELLE in Opera & Song, 1934-54." A, LSM. BJ, as issued.
EJS 410 Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 1. LARSEN, MELCHIOR (at 70), WEDEL; JENSEN, Danish Radio SO (1960). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 413 (2) Weber: Oberon. PICCHI, CERQUETTI, DI PALMA, PIRAZZINI; GUI, RAI Milan (1957). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 468 Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera--exc. MORRIS, SCHUH, LARRIMORE, BJOERLING,ROTHMULLER, TREIGLE; W. HERBERT, New Orleans Opera (1950). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 550 Mussorgsky: Boris Godounov--exc. THORBORG, MAISON, KIPNIS; SZELL, Met.Opera (1943). Wagner: Siegfried--finale. FLAGSTAD, HARTMANN; BODANZKY, Met. Opera (1938). A; typical PBs. BJ, as issued.
Golden Crest
RE 7002 Wilder: Horn Sonatas #1 & 2; Suite for Horn & Piano. BARROWS, KAYE. A.
GPF 2323 S Beethoven: Sonata #14; Debussy: Suite Bergamasque. P. FIRPO. A.
Handel Society
HDL 20 Handel: 3 Italian Cantatas. VAN DOORN (s), WOUD (a), HOLLESTELLE (bs);LOORIJ. A.
Harmonia Mundi
HM 1210 S Works of Bach (3), Verdi, Lassus, Wagner, Mozart, & Chopin (2) (all arr. Liszt). HOUBARD, Cavaille-Coll organ, Grenade-sur-Garonne. A.
Haydn Society
HS 9023 Haydn: 2 Organ Concertos in C. A. HEILLER; GILLESBERGER, Vienna SO. Harpsichord Concerto in G. E. HEILLER; A. HEILLER. A.
HS 9091 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 50, #5 & 6. SCHNEIDER QT. A.
HS 9104 "Rhythm in 17th-Century Italian Monody: Italian Songs & Dances, 1600-1630." MORRILL (s), ALDRICH (hpsi). A. Texts.
HSL 1054 Mozart: Concertos #14 & 21. JENSEN; WOLDIKE, Danish St. Radio CO. A-, FOT.
HSL 95 Corelli: Sonata in g, Op. 5, #5; Bach: Sonata in g; Leclair: Sonata in d; Handel: Sonata in A, Op. 1, #14. FRIEDEMANN, VIDERO, DECKERT (period inst.) A.
HSLP 1040 Mozart: Piano Concerto #17; Violin Concerto #4. R. KIRKPATRICK (Challis fortepiano); SCHNEIDER (violin & cond.), Dumbarton Oaks CO. A-, FOT.
HSLP 2004 Haydn: Mass #9, in d, "Nelson." DELLA CASA, HOENGEN, TAUBMANN, G. LONDON; STERNBERG, Vienna Academy Cho. & SO. A; 1/4" X.
HSLP 2045 Haydn: Soprano arias. HOPF; VON ZALLINGER, Vienna SO. A. Texts on jacket.
88026/7 (2) Verdi: Rigoletto (in German). BERGER, ROSWAENGE, SCHLUSNUS; HEGER, Berlin St. Opera (1944). A.
89510 S Chopin: Piano music. POLLINI, BLOCK (as prizewinners at 1960 Int'l Chopin Competition). A, LSM.
R205 Works of Liszt, Lecuona, Debussy, Chopin, Debussy, Arensky, Rachmaninov, Falla, Sinding, & Gershwin. P. CARTER (97 key Bechstein piano). A.
R720 Works of Bach (2), Yon, Gigout, Dunstable, Boex, Buxtehude, Nevin, & Widor. PRINCE-JOSEPH, Aeolian-Skinner organ, Columbia U. A. AS.
High Fidelity
10" 55 "Musicians Off Stage: Thomas STEWART; Artur RUBINSTEIN." 15" interviews for radio broadcast, never sold. A, LSM; 1/4" X. BJ, white label test.
10" 58 "Musicians Off Stage: Leontyne PRICE; Rafael KUBELIK." 15" interviews for radio use, never sold. A. Test pressing. BJ, as issued.
10" BLP 1089 Debussy: 2 Nocturnes; Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe Suite #2. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A.
10" BLP 1092 Simpson: Symphony #1. BOULT, London PO. A.
ALP 1026 Purcell: Dido and Aeneas. FLAGSTAD, SCHWARZKOPF, HEMSLEY; G. JONES. A.
ALP 1027 Walton: Symphony #1. WALTON, Philharmonia O. A.
ALP 1093 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer." HEIFETZ, MOISEIWITSCH. A.
ALP 1185 Turina: Canto a Sevilla. DE LOS ANGELES; FISTOULARI, London SO. A. EAR. Small wedge cut from jacket.
ALP 1272 Beethoven: Sonatas #23 & 28. SOLOMON. A; 1/8" X.
ALP 1692 Bach: Partitas #3 & 6. TURECK. A; tiny X.
ALP 1747 "An Introduction to Bach" (simple keyboard works). TURECK (pf). A/A-, FOT.
ALP 1791 Bach: Overture in the French Style; Italian Concerto. TURECK. A-, FOT; 1/2" X.
ALP 1901 Schubert: Sonatas, D. 664 & 784. SOLOMON. First publications. A.
ALP 1983 Delius: Songs of Sunset (FORRESTER, CAMERON, Beecham Choral Soc.); Vidal: Gavotte; German: Gipsy Suite. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A. Text. Minor jacket damage.
ALP 2115 Claire CROIZA recital, from 78s. 17 songs, 8 accompanied by composers ROUSSEL, DE BREVILLE, POULENC, & HONEGGER. A.
ASD 2329 S Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending (BEAN); Symphony #6. BOULT, New Philharmonia O. A. Small dog label.
ASD 2750 S Elgar: Enigma Variations; Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite; Greensleeves Fantasia. BOULT, London SO. A. Small dog label.
ASD 3060 S Shostakovich: Symphony #2; Prokofiev: Scythian Suite. KONDRASHIN, RSFSR Academic Russian Cho., Moscow PO. 7, They Are 7. ELNIKOV (t); ROZHDESTVENSKY. A.
ASD 322 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. H. MENUHIN, AMADEUS QT., MERRETT. A. EAR large dog.
ASD 3456 Q Beethoven: Symphony #6. BOULT, Lonodn PO. A. Small dog label.
ASD 3502 S Kalinnikov: Symphony #1. SVETLANOV. Tchaikovsky: Overture in c; Coronation March in D. LAZAREV, USSR SO. M.
ASD 3649 S Holst: The Planets. BOULT, London PO. A. Small dog label.
ASD 3660 S Balakirev: Tamar; Glazounov: Stenka Razin; Rachmaninov: The Cliff. SVETLANOV, USSR SO. A.
ASD 397 S Bach: Cantata #203; Handel: Dalla Guerra Amorosa; Cuopre Tal Volta IlCielo; Trio Sonata #2, in d. FISCHER-DIESKAU, NICOLET, KOCH, PICHT-AXENFELD, POPPEN. A. Odeon label. English texts.
ASD 4387 S Holst: At the Boar's Head. ROSS, PALMER (s), LANGRIDGE (t), WILSON-JOHNSON (b), TOMLINSON (bs); ATHERTON, Royal Liverpool PO. A. Large dog label. Libretto.
ASD 4401 S Stanford: Songs of the Sea; Songs of the Fleet. LUXON; DEL MAR, Bournemouth SO & Cho. A.
ASD 549 S Brahms: Double Concerto (TORTELIER; KLETZKI, Philharmonia O.); Beethoven: Violin Sonata #1 (BARBIZET). FERRAS. A. Black Odeon label.
ASD 612 S Schoenberg: Suite for Strings; Lutyens: O Saisons, O Chateaux (M. TYLER, s); Britten: Prelude & Fugue. DEL MAR, Royal PO. A.
ASD 627 S Mozart: Serenade in D, K. 250, "Haffner." MENUHIN (vln & cond), Bath Festival O. No U.S. issue. A. Black Odeon label.
ASD 640 S A. Goehr: 2 Choruses; Maxwell Davies; Leopardi Fragments; M. Williamson: Symphony for Voices; Bennett: Calendar. ALLDIS, Alldis Choir; CAREW, Melos Ens. A.
HQM 1153 Works of Liszt, Debussy (3), Ravel, Poulenc, Stravinsky, Chopin (2), Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, & Khachaturian. MOISEIWITSCH. From 78s. A.
HQM 1210 Bach: Partita #1; 3 transcriptions; Mozart: Sonata in a, K. 310; Brahms: Waltzes, Op. 39--exc. (N. BOULANGER). LIPATTI. A.
RLS 7712 (3) Schumann: Carnaval (1939); Beethoven: Sonatas #24 & 31; Weber: Konzertstuck (GALLIERA); Schubert: 3 Moments Musicaux; 2 Impromptus; works of Chopin, Mendelssohn, Debussy, Liszt, & Granados. ARRAU. Some items stereo. A. Minor damage to box back.
SLS 5067 Q (4) Strauss: Oboe Concerto (CLEMENT); Violin Concerto (HOELSCHER); Horn Concertos (DAMM); Burleske (FRAGER); Parergon on the Sinfonia Domestica; Panathenaenzug (ROSEL); Duett-Concerto (WEISE, LIEBSCHER). KEMPE, Dresden St. O. A.
SLS 5137 S (2) Brahms: Serenades #1 & 2; Haydn Variations. BOULT, London PO. A. Small dog label.
SLS 5247 S (3) Glinka: Russlan and Ludmilla. RUDEKNO, BORISOVA, NESTERENKO, MASLENNIKOV; SIMONOV, Bolshoi Opera. A. Libretto.
SXLP 20026 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. No U.S. issue. A; tiny X.
XLP 30118 Respighi: Fountains of Rome; Debussy: Jeux; works of Verdi (3) & Wolf-Ferrari (2). DE SABATA, St. Cecilia O., Rome. A, LSM.
HMV (Australia)
OASD 7604 S Sculthorpe: Sun Music I-IV. HOPKINS, Melbourne SO. A.
HMV (Sweden)
SCLP 1059/60 S (2) Rosenberg: Symphony #4, "Johannes uppenbarelse." SAEDEN (b); BLOMSTEDT, Swedish Radio Cho. & O. A. Swedish text.
LPX 11759 "The 100-Year-Old Hungarian Academy of Music." Performances & talks by Bartok, Kodaly, Dohnanyi, Kerpely, Hubay, Weiner, Polgar, Szabolcsi, Zathureczky, et al. A.
SLPX 11458 S Haydn: Symphonies #26, 26, & 45. TATRAI, Hungarian CO. Jacket inscribed by Tatrai. A.
Inedits ORTF
995 008 S Jolivet: Symphony #1. TZIPINE. Nikiprowetzky: Hommage a Antonio Gaudi. CONSTANT, French Nat'l Radio O. A.
995 018 Ohana: Silenciaire. CHABRUN, Percussions de Strasbourg, instrumental ens. Sibylle. GARCISANZ (s), BALET (percussion). 4 Improvisations. DEBOST (flute). A.
995 020 S Messiaen: Chants de Terre et de Ciel; Debussy: 5 Poemes de Baudelaire. HERZOG (s), LAFORGE (pf). A.
995 021 S Sauguet: The Garden's Concerto (GARDEN, harmonica); 2 Movements for Strings. SAUGUET, ORTF CO. A.
Inter-American Musical Editions
OAS 002 S Nobre: In Memoriam; Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras #4; Santoro: Asymptotic Interactions. KARABTCHEVSKY, Brazil SO. A.
OAS 007 S Diemer: Youth Overture; Guarneri: Suite Vila Rica; N. Slonimsky: My Toy Balloon; Kohn: Castles & Kings; Chavez: Horse Power. McLAIN, D.C. Youth O. A.
OAS 012 S Ponce: Sonatina Meridional; Lauro: Suite Venezolana; Brouwer: 3 Apuntes; works of Carlevaro, Guarnieri, Nobre, & Villa-Lobos (3). GLOEDEN ("The Classical Guitar in Latin America.") A.
International Gramophone Society
IGS 023/4 (2, 3 sides) Delius: Fennimore & Gerda. MICHELOW, ALLISTER, CAMERON, WORTHLEY, LUMSDEN; ROBINSON (1962). A. Summary.
IGS 079/80 (2) Delius: A Village Romeo & Juliet. MORISON, FELLEY, WAKEFIELD, McINTYRE; DAVIES, Sadler's Wells (1962). M. Summary.
International Piano Archives
IPA 106/7 (2) Mozart: Concertos #13 & 22 (RODZINSKI) (live, 1945-6); Sonata in F, K. 332 (unpub. 78s); Poulenc: Concert Champetre (STOKOWSKI) (live, 1949). LANDOWSKA (piano, harpsichord in Poulenc). A.
IPA 113 Chopin: Sonata #2; works of Debussy, Sinding, Chaminade, Rubinstein, &Tchaikovsky. GODOWSKY. A.
IPA 114 "Mischa LEVITZKI: His Rarest Recordings (1923-1929)." A.
IPA 503 Beethoven: Concerto #4. HOFMANN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. (1938). Rubinstein: Concerto #4. HOFMANN; KRUGER, Detroit SO (1945). A.
International Piano Library
IPL 1001 Moszkowski: Piano Concerto. GOODIN, anon. cond. & o. Godowsky: Passacaglia. GLOVER. A, LSM. Booklet.
IPL 103 Josef HOFMANN Brunswick recordings. A. Booklet.
IPL 105 Grieg: Ballade; Beethoven: Sonata #26; Schumann: Carnaval. GODOWSKY.Booklet apparently never printed. A.
International Recorded Music Society
IRMS 1149 Liszt: 6 Paganini Etudes; Rachmaninov: Variations on a Theme of Chopin. GOLDSAND. A. TE.
ITL 70009 S Petrassi: Concertos for Orchestra #1 & 8. PESKO, BBC SO. A.
ITL 70058 S Petrassi: Suoni Notturni; Serenata-Trio #2 (ANTONELLI, harp; PELLEGRINO, mandolin); Nunc; Alias (DE ROBERTIS, hpsi). SALDARELLI (gtr, in all). A, LSM.
ITL 70076 S Petrassi: Concertos for Orchestra #5 & 6. PESKO, RAI O., Milan. A. COH.
JAS 19028 S Bach: Concerto in d after Marcello; Italian Concerto; Partita #4. GILBERT (hpsi). A.
190 S Martin: Requiem. SPEISER, BOLLEN, TAPPY, LAGGER; MARTIN, Union Chorale, Suisse Romande O. A.
1972 2 Chopin: Concerto #2 (SVETLANOV); Grieg: Piano Concerto (OISTRAKH, Bergen Festival O.) RICHTER (1968). First publications. A. Minor jacket damage.
KCL 9020 Dahl: Music for Brass; Hindemith: Morgenmusik; Berezowski: Brass Suite; Sanders: Quintet in Bb. VOISIN BRASS ENSEMBLE. A, LSM.
K102 S S Bartok: Piano Concerto #3. D.P. BARTOK. Serly: Concerto for 2 Pianos.FRID, PONSE; SERLY, Vienna Volksoper O. Composer's widow playing his last composition, written for her. A.
SLD 19 S Farquhar: Partita; Whitehead: Fantasia on 3 Notes; Lilburn: 9 Short Pieces; Carr: Sonata; McLeod: Piano Piece 1965. BIRNIE (pf). A.
SLD 57/8 S (2) Lilburn: Clarinet Sonata (HAMER); Piano Sonata. NIELSEN. String Trio; String Quartet; Duos for 2 Violins. SCHOLA MUSICA ENS. Wind Quintet. CONCERTANTE ENS. A.
SLD 67 S Lilburn: Canzonas 1-4; Elegy (LAWREY, MOLLER, ms); 3 Poems of the Sea (VERE-JONES, narr); Introduction & Allegro. HEENAN, Schola Musica. A.
SWL 15004 Debussy: String Quartet; Lees: Quartet #2. PAGANINI QUARTET. A/A-; minor PB.
10" LD 9203 Ravel: Histoires naturelles; Faure: 5 Verlaine songs. SOUZAY, BONNEAU. A.
5346 Arias of Verdi (5), Meyerbeer, Giordano, Cilea (2), & Puccini (3). BERGONZI; GAVAZZENI, St. Cecilia Academy O. Contents partially different from stereo release. A.
5362 "Music from Vienna." GUEDEN; Loibner, Adler. A.
CM 9067 Handel-Harty: Water Music Suite; Royal Fireworks Music. VAN BEINUM, London PO, Concertgebouw O. A.
CM 9107 Bruckner: Symphony #3. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Vienna PO. A.
CM 9146 Britten: Ceremony of Carols. BRITTEN, Copenhagen Boys Choir. Simple Symphony. GOOSSENS, New SO. A.
CM 9245 Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy; Zigeunerweisen; St.-Saens: Havanaise; Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso. RICCI; GAMBA; London SO. A. AS.
CS 6432 S Brahms: Quartets, Op. 51, #1 & 2. WELLER QT. A.
CS 6535 S Beethoven: Sonatas #4, 25, & 31. BACKHAUS. A.
CS 6543 S Tchaikovsky: Suite #3. RICCI (violin); ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. Large FFRR label.
CS 6585 S Beethoven: Sonatas #2, 10, & 19. BACKHAUS. A. EP.
CS 6819 S Walton: Violin Concerto; Stravinsky: Concerto. CHUNG; PREVIN, London SO. A. EP.
CS 6839 S Rachmaninov: Symphony #2. WELLER, London PO. A. EP.
CS 6865 S Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--exc. MAAZEL, Cleveland O. A. EP. COH.
CS 6885 S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. SOLTI, Chicago SO. A. EP. COH.
CS 6894 S Mozart: Concertos #12 & 21. LUPU; SEGAL; English CO. A. EP.
CS 6940 S Bach: Partita #2; Sonata #3. CHUNG. A. EP.
CS 6946 S Gershwin: Cuban Overture; Rhapsody in Blue (I. DAVIS); An American in Paris. MAAZEL, Cleveland O. A. EP. COH.
CS 6954 S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. MAAZEL, Vienna PO. A. Corner clipped.
CS 7030 S Chopin: Sonata #3; piano music (Vol. 3). ASHKENAZY. A. EP.
CS 7115 S Schubert: Symphony #6; Rosamunde--exc. MEHTA, Israel PO. A.
CS 7129 S Debussy: La Mer; Scriabin: Poem of Ecstasy. MAAZEL, Cleveland O. A. EP.
CSA 2213 S (2) "Art of the Prima Ballerina." BONYNGE, London SO. A, LSM. Booklet. Large FFRR EP label.
LDR 10005 D Beethoven: Concerto #5. LUPU; MEHTA, Israel PO. A.
LDR 10013 D Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. MEHTA, N.Y. Phil. A. Corner clipped.
LDR 10040 D Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition; Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin. SOLTI, Chicago SO. A.
LL 1036 Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. FOURNIER; MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A.
LL 1045 Beethoven: Concerto #4. CURZON; KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
LL 1073 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; BOULT, London PO. A.
LL 1123 Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem. BRITTEN, Danish Radio O. Diversions. KATCHEN; BRITTEN, London SO. A, LSM.
LL 1148 Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 2). SOUZAY, Baldwin. A, FOT. COH.
LL 1157 Auber: Overtures. WOLFF, Paris Conservatory O. A, FOT.
LL 1189 Chopin: Sonata #3; 4 Impromptus; Berceuse. MAGALOFF. A, LSM.
LL 135 "Robert Stolz Suite." STOLZ. "Emmerich Kalman Suite." REINSHAGEN, Zurich Tonhalle O. A-; tiny X.
LL 1537 Khachaturian: Violin Concerto. RICCI; FISTOULARI, London PO. A, LSM. Spine taped.
LL 1550 Rubbra: Quartet #2; Bliss: Quartet in f. GRILLER QT. Program notes bythe composers. A, FOT.
LL 1680 Lieder of Wolf & Strauss. FLAGSTAD, McARTHUR. A. Texts.
LL 3024 E. Halffter: Sinfonietta. ARGENTA, Spanish Nat'l O. A. AS.
LL 316 Beethoven: Symphony #4. SOLTI, London PO. A, FOT. EP.
LL 417 Beethoven: Concerto #4. BACKHAUS; KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A. EP.
LL 893 Regamey: Quartet #1. WINTERTHUR QT. (w. RYBAR). Honegger: Petite Suite. NICOLET. Moeschinger: Violin Sonata #1. SCHNEEBERGER, SOUVAIRAN. A. FOT. 1/8" X.
LL 944 Rosenberg: Symphony #3. MANN, Stockholm SO. A.
OSA 12106 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Grand Duke. LILLEY, HOLLAND, GOSS, REED, REID, SANDFORD; NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera. A. EP. Libretto.
SPC 21114 S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. LEINSDORF, London PO. A. EP.
London International
TW 91004 "Preludes & Intermezzi, No. 2" (Zarzuelas). ARGENTA, Madrid CO. A-, LSM. Boxed.
London Treasury
STS 15054 S Sibelius: Violin Concerto; Tchaikovsky: Serenade melancolique; Scherzo. RICCI; FJELDSTAD, London SO. A. EP.
STS 15063 S Bach: Musical Offering. MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A. EP.
STS 15073 S Works of Bach, Boccherini, Mozart, Hofstetter, Vivaldi, Grieg, Schumann, Mozart, Handel, & Schubert. MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO ("Munchinger Miniatures"). A. EP.
STS 15079 S J.C. Bach: 6 Wind Symphonies. BRYMER, London Wind Soloists. A. EP. COH.
STS 15093 S Ibert: Divertissement; St.-Saens: Danse Macabre; Le Rouet d'Omphale; Bizet: Jeux d'Enfants. MARTINON, Paris Conservatory O. Superb recording! A. EP, ZAL matrix.
STS 15150 S Brahms: Handel & Paganini Variations. KATCHEN. Early versions (originally CS 6158). A. EP.
STS 15188 S Elgar: Enigma Variations; Brahms: Haydn Variations. MONTEUX, London SO. A. EP.
STS 15198 S "Baroque Flute Sonatas" of Loeillet, Gaultier, Handel, Telemann, Vinci,& Blavet. PEPIN (fl), LEPPARD (hpsi), VIALA (cello). A. EP.
STS 15222 S Works of Buxtehude, Bach (3), Telemann, & Ropek. ROPEK, organ of St. Giles, Cripplegate. A. COH. EP.
STS 15228 S Stravinsky: Le Baiser de la Fee. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP.
Longanesi Periodici
GCL 10 Mendelssohn: Symphony #4 (Berlin PO, 1950); Schubert: Symphony #2 (Cologne Radio SO, 1958). CELIBIDACHE. A.
GCL 12 Brahms: Violin Concerto. FRANCESCATTI; MITROPOULOS, Vienna PO. FS.
GCL 14 Mozart: Concerto #20. KEMPFF; KARAJAN, Berlin PO (1956). Concerto #27.BACKHAUS; BOHM, Vienna PO (1960). A.
GCL 32 Prokofiev: Classical Symphony. CELIBIDACHE, Scarlatti O., Naples (1961). Violin Concerto #1. OISTRAKH; BOUR, Strasbourg Municipal O. (1959) A.
GCL 36 Mozart: Concertos #13 & 19. HASKIL; FRICSAY, RIAS SO (1953/52). A.
GCL 49 Beethoven: Sonatas #3 & 32. MICHELANGELI (Warsaw, 1955/London 1961). A.
GCL 69 Chopin: Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise (KONDRASHIN, London SO, 1961); Polonaise Fantaisie; Ballade #4 ("Rome, 1962" [actually ASHKENAZY commercial recording]); Scherzo #4 (N.Y., 1960). RICHTER. A.
Longines Symphonette
LW 121/130 St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso (PIASTRO); Grieg: Piano Concerto--finale (HAMBRO); St.-Saens: The Swan (ROSE); Wieniawski: Polonaise (SHUMSKY). PIASTRO, Longines Symphonette (+ side 2 pops choral program). A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Red vinyl.
Lyric Art
AMRH 003 Hollander: Psalms of David. Agnes MOORHEAD (narr); HOLLANDER (violin &cond.), cho. A.
LL 3 (2) Bach: 2 Part Inventions; 3 Part Sinfonias; 4 Duets; 18 Little Preludes. BALOGH (pf). A, LSM.
LL 88 A. Scarlatti: Stabat Mater. GIANCOLA, TRUCCATO-PACE; EPHRIKIAN, ScuolaVeneziana O. A. Text on jacket.
LLST 7110 S (3) Bach (?): St. Luke Passion. SORELL, MOREIRA, EQUILUZ, WIMMER; BARATI, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & St. Opera O. A. Text.
E3010 Works of Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Bloch, Milhaud, & Starer ("Piano Music for Children"). PRESSLER. A-, FOT. EAR.
E3053 Berlioz: Les Troyens--4 exc. MARTINON, Lamoureux O. Glinka: Russlan &Ludmilla--4 exc. FISTOULARI, London SO. A. EAR.
E3141 Hanson: Symphony #1, "Nordic;" Siegmeister: Ozark Set; Skilton: Suite Primeval--2 exc. WALTHER, Hamburg PO. A, FOT. EAR.
E3204 Tchaikovsky: Album for the Young; Mendelssohn: 6 Children's Pieces, Op. 72. PRESSLER. A, LSM. EAR.
E3239 Bloch: Piano Quintet. J. HARRIS, WALDEN QT. A, FOT. EAR.
E3244 M. Richter: Piano Sonata; Ben-Haim: Sonata. PRESSLER. A, LSM. EAR.
E3475 "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" (carols). ELLSASSER (harmonium & celeste). A. EAR.
MCS 9066 S Handel: Suites--Jephtha; Solomon; Rodrigo; Mirtillo. BROTT, Northern Sinfonia O. A.
MXX 9093 S Haydn: Lira Concertos #1, 2, & 4. ANGERER, TROTZMULLER (recorders); ANGERER, ens. FS.
001 Beethoven: Symphony #5 (British SO, 1932); Consecration of the House &Prometheus Overtures; 11 Viennese Dances. WEINGARTNER, London PO. Original edition, later reissued by Past Masters. A.
MC 20170 Beethoven: Concerto #1 (G.F. HARRISON, Eastman-Rochester O.) (1936); works of Lully-Godowsky (2), Loeillet-Godowsky, Scarlatti, Brahms, Palmgren, & Chopin (3) (1941/43). Cecile Staub GENHART. A.
MRS 23396 S "The Flute Family: Unaccompanied Flute Solos." MOSKOVITZ. A.
MRS 26125 S Washburn: Festive Overture; Wieloszynski: Variations for Orchestra; Respighi: Pines of Rome. WILLETT, State University College at Fredonia SO. FS.
MW 40 Bruckner: Symphony #1. ANDREAE, Vienna SO. A-, LSM.
McIntosh Music
MM 113 Sarasate: Spanish Dances. S. WEINER, McClure. Top & bottom of jacket crudely taped. A.
10" D 1566/7 Ukrainian folk songs. KOZLOVSKY; MINKOVSKY, cho. & o. A. TE.
10" D 5594/5 Shebalin: Trio. EDLINA, DUBINSKY, BERLINSKY (future Borodin Trio). A.
D 013345/6 Georgy NELEPP song & aria recital. A.
D 023227/8 Mark REIZEN song & aria recital. A-/B, FOT.
D 027725/6 Medtner: Sonata in a, Op. 38; Ravel: Pavane; Jeux d'eau; Chopin: 2 Etudes; Prokofiev: Love for 3 Oranges--Scherzo & March. GILELS (live, 1968). M.
D 03154/7 (2) Tchaikovsky: Iolanta. LAVROVA, DOVENMAN, SHAPOSHNIKOV, BULATNIKOV, ADRIANOV; GRIKUV, Maly Opera, Leningrad. A. Russian summary only.
D 03216/7 Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry. DORLIAK, DOLUKHANOVA, MASLENNIKOV, SHOSTAKOVICH. 5 songs. GMYRYA, OSTRIN. A, LSM.
D 06709/10 Beethoven: Sonata #23; Haydn: Sonata #33, in c. RICHTER. Magnificent live performances, Moscow, 1960. A.
D 09163/4 Tchaikovsky: Hamlet (incidental music). SAKHAROVA, ABRAMOV; GAUK, USSRRadio O. A.
M10 40769/70 Franck: Symphonic Variations; Chopin: Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise; St.-Saens: Concerto #2 (ELIASBERG, USSR Radio SO); Liszt-Busoni: La Campanella. GILELS (live, March 4, 1951). A.
M10 40961/2 Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. M. Pink label.
M10 43877 Eugene YSAYE recital, from acoustic Columbia 78s. A.
M10 45173 Rimsky-Korskov: Le Coq d'Or--Scene of King Dodon & the Queen of Shamakha; 5 arias; songs & arias of Pavlov, Verdi, Glinka, & Gliere. STEPANOVA. From 78s, 1912-37; 1 aria conducted by IPPOLITOV-IVANOV. A.
M10 45199 Recordings of PIROGOV (bs) (8), GRYZUNOV (b) (5), BALANOVSKAYA (s) (1),& BONACHICH (t) (2), from 78s, 1910-13. A.
M10 47465 Bruckner: Symphony #6--movements #2-4. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1943).First movement recording apparently does not survive. A.
M10 49717 Schumann: Piano Concerto (FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO, 1942); Kreisleriana(1942). GIESEKING. A.
S 01397/8 S Taneyev: Suite de Concert. GRACH; ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow Radio SO. A, LSM.
S 02353/4 S Shostakovich: Symphony #5. M. SHOSTAKOVICH, USSR SO. A.
S 02681/2 S Works of Glazounov, Rachmaninov, Dvorak, Suk, Granados, Sgambati, Sarasate, & Brahms (2). KOGAN, VALTER. A.
S 03533/4 S Scriabin: Sonatas #2 & 9; piano music. NOVITSKAYA. A.
S 04213/8 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. RICHTER. A.
S10 06505/6 S Bach: Concerto in d; Haydn: Concerto in D. VIRSALADZE; MARKIZ, o. A.
S10 06963/4 S "ARKHIPOVA Sings Romances to Poems of Pushkin." Jacket autographed by the singer. A.
S10 07027/30 S (2) Songs of Brahms, Liszt, Schubert (ARKHIPOVA), Gounod (MAZUROK), Grieg (PETROV), & Vlasov (RUDENKO); works of Ysaye, Liszt, Debussy, Mendelssohn, St.-Saens, Smetana, Dvorak, Dinicu, Sarasate, Khachaturian, & Chulaki. REYENTOVICH, et al, Bolshoi Ens. A.
S10 10225/6 S Taneyev: Quartet #7 (1880). TANEYEV QT. A.
S10 12333/4 S Taneyev: Quartet "#9" (1883). TANEYEV QUARTET. A.
S10 17429 S Mosslov: Piano Concerto #1. KHUNTSARIA; KOZHUKHAR, USSR SO. Iron Foundry. SVETLANOV. Soldiers' Songs. GNUTOV, Osipov Russian Folk Cho. A.
S10 22065 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #2. GILELS; SVETLANOV (live, 1972). A.
S10 28381 S Part: Pro et Contre (LILJE, Estonian St. SO); Ellerhein-Metsala: Sonata "In Memoriam;" Stockhausen-Kaasik: Zodiac (MAIDRE, organ). KAASIK (cello, in all). A.
MEL 024 (3) Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana. MILANOV, ELIAS, TUCKER, VALENTINO. Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci. AMARA, BAUM, MERRILL, GUARRERA; CLEVA, Met. Opera (March 22, 1957). M. No booklet.
MEL 161 (2) Marschner: Der Vampyr. SYNEK, RATHAUSCHER, HEPPE, SPERLBAUER, OEGGL, LAGGER; TENNER, Vienna Radio Cho. & O. (1951).
MEL 225 (3) Wagner: Rienzi. STICH-RANDALL, LUDWIG, SVANHOLM, SCHOEFFLER, BERRY; KRIPS, Vienna Radio O. (1960). Also SVANHOLM Wagner aria recital. M.
MEL 226 (2) J. Strauss: Orchestral works; arias (MUSIAL, ANDERS). FRICSAY, RIAS SO (Berlin, 1949). A.
10" MG15030 Brahms: Rhapsodies, Op. 79, #1 & 2; Op. 119, #4. CHASINS. A-, FOT.
MG10006 Liszt: Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne. STROBLE, Munich Tonkunstler O. A-, FOT.
MG10017 Bach: Sonatas #1 & 2 for unaccompanied violin. SCHNEIDER. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Jacket repaired.
MG10135 Brahms: Waltzes, Op. 39 (KEENE); 3 Rhapsodies. CHASINS. A.
MG10142 Sibelius: Symphonies #5 & 6. EHRLING, Stockholm Radio SO. A.
MG50071 Gershwin: An American in Paris; Porgy & Bess--Symphonic Picture (arr. Bennett). DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A, LSM. AS, different couplings.
MG50085 Loeffler: Memories of My Childhood; Poem for Orchestra; Griffes: Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan; White Peacock; Clouds; Bacchanale. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A, LSM.
MG50087 Hanson: Symphony #5; The Cherubic Hymn; Barber: Symphony #1. HANSON, Eastman Cho., Eastman-Rochester SO. A.
MG50175 Hanson: Merry Mount Suite. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. (with composer's spoken analysis). A. AS.
MG50226 Stravinsky: The Firebird. DORATI, London SO. A. AS.
SR90413- S Mozart: Piano Concertos #20 & 23; Rondo in A, K. 386. HASKIL; PAUMGARTNER, Vienna SO. A. 1 RFR matrix, 1 late.
Metropolitan Opera Record Club
MO 518 J. Strauss: Die Fledermaus--exc. (in English). KRALL, HURLEY, MILLER, SULLIVAN, HAYWARD, BROWNLEE, HARVUOT; KOZMA, Met. Opera Cho. & O. A, FOT. Libretto.
MXT 3005 S S. Wagner: Gluck; Scherzo; Die heilige Linde--Overture. BELL, Berlin SO. A.
1967 4 Brahms: Handel Variations; Wagner-Liszt: Tannhauser Overture; Chopin:Ballades #2 & 3. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM. BJ, as issued.
1506 Kabalevsky: Symphony #4. KABALEVSKY, Leningrad PO. A.
1547 Brahms: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. I. OISTRAKH, A. GINSBURG. A.
1566 Dargomyzhsky: Songs. GMYRYA, Ostrin. A, FOT.
213 B (2) Tchaikovsky: The Snow Maiden (incidental music). DOKUKHANOVA, ORFENOV; GAUK, USSR Radio SO. A. English summary.
1004 Mozart: Concerto #23 (RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil.) (memory slip edited out of finale) (1946); Sonata in Bb, K. 333 (noisy acetates, 1943). SCHNABEL. Private first editions. A. BJ.
MC 2005 Bach: Sonata in C (I. OISTRAKH); Mozart: Sonata in Bb, K. 454. OISTRAKH, YAMPOLSKY. Beethoven: Trio in Eb. GILELS, KOGAN, ROSTROPOVICH. A, LSM.
1 (3) Charpentier: Louise. MOORE, JOBIN, PINZA; BEECHAM (Met. Opera, 1943). A. BJ.
Mostly Mennonite Music
RR 42381 S A. Parker: Vocal works. SHEELER, FYOCK (s), SCHRAG (a), SHEELER (t), FIFER (b); PARKER, ensembles. A.
Movimento Musica
01.016 Mahler: Symphony #1. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. (live, 1955). A.
01.028 Beethoven: Concerto #3. RICHTER; ROWICKI, Warsaw PO (1954). M.
Music Academy of the West
(no #) (2) Songs of Schubert (5), Mendelssohn (2), Cornelius (2), Wagner, Hahn (6), Brahms (4), & Strauss. Lotte LEHMANN, Koldofsky. "Post-farewell" recital, Aug. 7, 1951, issued in blank jacket with white labels & program replica. A, LSM.
Music Guild
S 12 S A. Scarlatti: S. Filippo Neri. RIZZOLI, CASONI, ROTA, MUNTEANU; CARACCIOLO, Angelicum O. A. Text.
S 13 S Stradella: Cantata per il Ss. Natale. MANCINI, MARINO (s), NOBILE, GAZZERA (t), ROVETTA (b), TADEO (bs). Trumpet Concerto. BATTAGLIOLA; MAGHINI, Turin Polyphonic Cho., Angelicum O. A. Text.
S 16 S Schubert: Rondo in D; Fantasy in f; Grand Rondo in A; Mozart: Andante& Variations, K. 501. BADURA-SKODA, DEMUS. A.
S 17 S Bach: Capriccio on the Departure of His Beloved Brother; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Italian Concerto; Anna Magdalena Book--exc. DEMUS. A, LSM; minor PB.
S 29 S J.C. Bach: Dies Irae. RIZZOLI, GARAZIOTI, MUNTEANU, GAETANI; MAGHINI, Turin Polyphonic Cho., Angelicum O., Milan. A.
S 35 S Haydn: Organ Concerto #1 (HOLDERLIN); Sinfonia Concertante; 2 Notturni. RISTENPART, Saar CO. A.
S 39 S Milhaud: Divertissement en 3 parties. PARIS WIND ENS. Britten: SimpleSymphony. RISTENPART. Poulenc: Suite Francaise. POULENC, chamber o. Jolivet: Bassoon Concerto. ALLARD; ALBERT, Cento Soli O. A.
S 50 S Haydn: Lyra Concertos #2-4. RAMPAL (fl), PIERLOT (ob); DOUATTE, Collegium Musicum of Paris. A.
Music Library
MLR 7008 St.-Saens: Oratorio de Noel, Op. 12. L. DOWNEY, San Jose State CollegeCho., soloists, ens. A.
Musica Bavarica
MB 907 S Rheinberger: Mass in Eb; choral works. HAGGENMULLER; R. THOMAS, Choir of St. Ludwig, Munich. Andante pastorale (KALMUS, ob); Grosse Fuge in f. G. WEINBERGER (org). A.
Musica Helvetica
MH SE 8 S Martin: Athalie--Overture; Haydn: Symphony #92. NOWAK, Bienne SO (1984 Geneva Competition conducting prizewinner). Broadcast transcription with narration. A.
Musica Magna
MAG 50009 S Turina: Danzas Fantasticas; works of Falla, Granados, Rodrigo, Mompou,Espla, & Albeniz. GLORIEUX. Scarce Belgian issue. A, LSM.
Musical Heritage Society
CC 8 S Charpentier: Sonate a 8; Nuit; Couperin: Apotheose de Lully. PAILLARD, Paillard CO (+ soloists), A.
MHS 1306 S Ockeghem: Motets to the Virgin. VENHODA, Prague Madrigal Singers, inst. ens. A. Texts.
MHS 1560 S Concertos of Naudot, Sammartini, A. Scarlatti, & Telemann. CONRAD (recorder); BOETTCHER, Vienna Soloists. A.
MHS 1561 S Kabalevsky: Children's Pieces, Opp. 27 & 39. ARZRUNI (pf). A.
MHS 1562 S Joachim: Variations on an Original Theme; Mendelssohn: Viola Sonata. E. & L. WALLFISCH. A.
MHS 1575 S Soler: 6 Concertos for 2 Organs. M.C. ALAIN, TAGLIAVINI, San Petronio Basilica organs, Bologna. A.
MHS 1582 S Charpentier: Messe a 8 voix. JANIN, SELIG, BONTE, FRIEDMANN, RONDELEUX; POPESCO, Popesco & Baron Cho's, French Radio CO. A. Text.
MHS 1589 S Mozart: Davidde Penitente, K. 469. LANDWEHR-HERRMANN, JOHNS (s), FISCHER (t); W. FISCHER, Tubingen U. Collegium Musicum Cho. & O. A. Text.
MHS 1596 S Boieldieu: Harp Concerto; Krumpholz: Concerto #6. LASKINE; PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
MHS 1600 S Ward: Prairie Overture; Invocation & Toccata. WODICZKO. Fantasia; Festive Ode. SZOSTAK, Polish Radio O. A.
MHS 1609 S Beethoven: Piano Concerto in Eb (HEIDE, Vienna Haydn O.); early piano music. MARCIANO. A.
MHS 1618 S Reger: Deutsche Tanze, Op. 10A; 6 Waltzes, Op. 22. K.H. & M. SCHLUTER (pf). A.
MHS 1624 S Fanfares & Simphonies of Mouret & Lully. PAILLARD, Paillard CO ("Ceremonial Music from the Court of Louis XIV"). A.
MHS 1627 S Tapray: Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 9; Organ Concerto, Op. 1, #1; Symphonie in G. GENDRE (vln), HOUDY (pf), SCHOONBROODT (hpsi & org.), Cartigny CO. A.
MHS 1636/7 S (2) Weber: 4 Sonatas. J. DA COSTA (pf). A.
MHS 1638 S Lassus: Sacrae Lectiones ex Propheta Job. VENHODA, Prague Madrigalists. A. Texts.
MHS 1644 S Albinoni: Violin Concerto in C; Sonata in A, Op. 6, #11 (KUSSMAUL); Concerto a 5, Op. 5, #5; Sinfonias, Op. 2, #3 & 6. HEIDELBER CHAMBER O. A.
MHS 1647 S Jolivet: Trumpet Concerto #2; Concertino (ANDRE); Cello Concerto (NAVARRA). JOLIVET, Lamoureux O. A.
MHS 1649 S Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain. DE LARROCHA. El Amor Brujo. RIVADENEIRA (c); ARAMBARRI, Madrid Concerts O. A.
MHS 1651 S Carulli: Gran Duo; Notturno; works of Diabelli (5) & Kuffner. SICCA (guitar), FLERES (pf). A.
MHS 1653/4 S (2) Stutchewsky: 6 Israeli Melodies; Starer: 3 Israeli Sketches; Avidom: Concertino for Violin & Piano; Partos: Yiskor; works of Ben-Haim (5), Mayim, Binder, Aranowicz, Rigai, et al. DANTO (t), RIGAI, GOLD (pf), CATELL (cello), SACKSON (vln & vla). A.
MHS 1657 S Cantatas of Schuetz (3), Bernhard, Rosenmuller, Geist, & Buxtehude (2).McCULLOCH, Collegium Sagittarii. A. Texts.
MHS 1667 S Reger: Violin Sonata in f#, Op. 84; Suite in a, Op. 103a. WEINER, DEMOULIN. A.
MHS 1675 S Works of Blavet, Nadermann, Gluck, Faure, Ibert, Honegger, & Loucheur. LARDE (fl), JAMET (harp). A.
MHS 1681 S Campra: Les Fetes Venetiennes--Suite. COLLEGIUM AUREUM (period inst.) A.
MHS 1687 S Dallapiccola: Canti di Prigionia; Castiglioni: Gyro; Guezec: ReliefsPolychromes. COURAUD, French Radio Cho. & Ens. A. Dallapiccola text.
MHS 1688 S Clerambault: Livre d'Orgue. GILBERT, Beckerath organ, St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal. A.
MHS 1697 S Reger: Sonatas for Solo Violin, Op. 91--#1-4. NAEGELE. A.
MHS 1702 S Works of Vodansky, Polzic, Otradovic, Vejvanovsky, Cernohorsky, Zelenka, Seger, Linek, et al ("Bohemian Sacred Instrumental Music"). PRO ARTE ANTIQUA. A.
MHS 1712 S Ariosi: 4 Chamber Cantatas (C. LEHMANN, s); Viola d'Amore Sonatas #2 &5 (G. WEISS). I. & H BUNTE (vln), J. WOLF (cello), T. KLEIN (hpsi). A. Texts.
MHS 1714 S Buxtehude: Singet dem Herrn; Laudate Dominum; Herr, auf dich traue ich; Also hat Gott die Welt geliebet. PETRESCU (s); ZIEGLER, ens. A. Texts.
MHS 1716 S "Instrumental Music at the Court of Maximilian I." HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus Wien. A.
MHS 1717 S C.P.E. Bach: Concertos in F & Eb for harpsichord & piano. SGRIZZI, VEYRON-LACROIX; PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
MHS 1722 S Bartok: 44 Duos for 2 Violins. FENYVES, MARTIN. A.
MHS 1723 S Haydn: Lira Concertos #1, 2, & 4. ANGERER, TROTZMULLER (recorders); ANGERER, ens. A.
MHS 1726 S Reger: Violin Sonatas, Opp. 72 & 103 b/2. S. KAROLYI, GODEFROID. A.
MHS 1730 S Works of Couperin, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Chopin; Paderewski, Faure, Debussy (2), & Weber. DE LARROCHA. A.
MHS 1738 S Works of Finck, Senfl, Hofhaymer, & Isaac. LES MENESTRELS, HASELBOCK (organ) ("Musica Maximiliana"). A.
MHS 1740 S Boccherini: Symphonies in A & d. MARTINOTTI, Angelicum O. A.
MHS 1741 S Reger: Sonatas for Solo Violin, Op. 91--#5-7. NAEGELE. A.
MHS 1745 S J.C. Bach: Flute Sonatas, Op. 2. DINGFELDER, MEYERS, KOSMA. A.
MHS 1749 S G. Gabrieli: Sacrae Symphoniae, Vol. 2. CORBOZ, Lausanne U. Cho. & CO. A. Texts.
MHS 1752 S Reger: Cello Sonatas, Opp. 5 & 28. MANTEL, FRIESER. A.
MHS 1753 S Mozart: Trios, K. 10-15. HOKANSON, DIEDRICHSEN, HERZER (period inst.) A.
MHS 1760 S Mozart: "London Sketchbook" (brief & incomplete keyboard works, c, 1766). MARCIANO (fortepiano). A.
MHS 1762 S Messiaen: Visions de l'Amen. K. & M. LABEQUE. Composer-supervised; program notes by the composer. A.
MHS 1764 S Mozart: Concerto in D, K. 107 (after J.C. Bach). LANGFORT (hpsi); GUSCHLBAUER. Concerto #5. ABRAM; TOPOLSKI, Austrian Tonkuenstler O. Rondo in D, K. 382. E. LIST; K. LIST, o. A.
MHS 1765 S Reger: Cello Sonatas, Opp. 78 & 116. MANTEL, FRIESER. A.
MHS 1767 S Purcell: Fantasies for Viols. HARNONCOURT, Concentus Musicus Wien. A.
MHS 1772 S Faure: 13 Barcarolles. J. DOYEN. A.
MHS 1776 S Poulenc: Songs. KRUYSEN, Richard. A. Texts.
MHS 1785 S "Fanfares from 6 Centuries." ANDRE, BARBOTEU, SUZAN; PAILLARD, Paris Brass Ens. A.
MHS 1787 S Kuhlau: Flute Quintet. W. RICHTER, S. KAROLYI, EURICH, HEYER, THOMAS. Quartet for 4 Flutes. RICHTER, EPPEL, NOSKE, LOECKLE. A.
MHS 1790 S Works of Conceicao, Krieger, J. Jimenez, Banchieri, Frescobaldi, Loffenholtz, Cabanilles, Bull, & Kerll ("Battle Music for Organ"). HASELBOCK, Hildesheim Cathedral organ. A.
MHS 1796 S Schumann: Missa Sacra in c, Op. 147. STOKLASSA, RAUCAMP, SCHMIEG; BADER. A. Text.
MHS 1802 S "Songs & Dances of the Renaissance." RUHLAND, Capella antiqua Munchen. Christophorus recording. A.
MHS 1804 S "Tower Music." FREIBURG CATHEDRAL BRASS; DORFNER, Salzburg Tower Brass. A.
MHS 1806 S Offenbach: Duets in E & g. WOLF, BLENDINGER-POIGNE (cellos). A.
MHS 1807 S Works of Zilcher, Knorr, Roseling, Hermann, H. Lang, Brehme, Lundquist,Molique, Zilcher, Schaper, & Schelb. BUGALA, RAUCH (accordions), et al. A.
MHS 1809 S Marais: Pieces de Viole--Suites #1 & 3; Chaconne; Rondeau. HSU (solo gamba), BAGGER (hpsi), DAVIDOFF (continuo gamba). A.
MHS 1837/8 S (2) Pergolesi: 14 Trio Sonatas. JAHN, ARAKI (vln), REITH (cello), SCHNEIDER (hpsi). A.
MHS 1846 S J.C. Bach: Arias. GIEBEL (s); ARNDT, Berlin Bach O. A. Texts.
MHS 1848 S Corrette: Le Ballet des Ages; Christmas Concerto #2 (EUSTACHE, fl); LePhenix; Les Carillons des Morts. CARTIGNY, Cartigny CO. A.
MHS 1852 S Sweelinck: Harpsichord works. COOK. MHS original recording. A.
MHS 1853 S Schutz: Symphonie Sacrae #16 & 17 (CHARLSTON, s; ZIEN, a); Sonatas of Fasch, Galliard, Telemann, & Boismortier. THOMPSON (bsn), TROBAUGH (hpsi). A.
MHS 1854 S "English Cathedral Voluntaries of the 18th Century." MARDIROSIAN ["Fanfare" magazine critic], Lutheran Church of the Reformation organ, Washington, D.C. MHS original recording. A.
MHS 1855 S Handel-Babell: Rinaldo--arias. SMITH (hpsi). A.
MHS 3241 S Ben-Haim: Sonata for Solo Violin. MENUHIN. A Star Fell Down. MAYER-REINACH (c), BEN-HAIM (pf). Daus: The 12th Sonnet. PALM (cello). Paporisz: Florianata. NICOLET (fl). Touma: Taqsim. Aloys KONTARSKY (pf). A.
MHS 3310 S Gastoldi: Balletti. CASTET, Early Music Ens., Lyon; CORNUT, Lyon VocalEns. A.
MHS 3475/80 S (6) Mozart: Violin Sonatas. SHUMSKY, BALSAM. Issued in parts, seldom found complete. A.
MHS 3482 S Schoenberg: Variations on a Recitative; Ligeti: Lumina; Bach: Prelude & Fugue in e. FOLTS, Beckerath organ. A.
MHS 515 S Motets of Campra (2), Mouret (2), & Gautier. MESPLE, DEPRAZ, KREBS; FREMAUX, Paillard O ("Provencal Masters of the Soloist Motet"). A.
MHS 520 S Torelli: Trumpet Concerto in D (ANDRE); Symphonies, G. 29, 31, & 37; Concertos, Op. 6, #1; Op. 8, #2 & 8. PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
MHS 523 S Vivaldi: Chamber Concertos. LARRIEU (fl), CHAMBON (ob), FERNANDEZ (vln), LOUCHEZ (bsn), FONTENY (cello), BECKENSTEINER (hpsi). A.
MHS 529/30 S (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. BARCHET, REDEL, PIERLOT, ANDRE, VEYRON-LACROIX; REDEL, Munich Pro Arte CO. A.
MHS 531 Charpentier: Te Deum; choral works. COLLART, Y. MELCHIOR, GIANOTTI, ARCHIMBAUD; MARTINI. A.
MHS 535 S Bach: Concerto in a for violin, flute & harpsichord; Concerto in F for2 recorders & harpsichord. BECKENSTEINER (hpsi), FERNANDEZ (vln), LARDE (fl), DUSCHENES, GOLDBERG (recorder); PAILLARD, Leclair Ens. A.
MHS 537 Vivaldi: 5 Concertos. PAILLARD, Leclair Ens. Mono only. A.
MHS 539 S Viotti: Concerto for Piano & Violin; Haydn: Double Concerto; Mozart: Rondo in D, K. 382; Vivaldi: Concerto in g. E. LIST (pf), GLENN (vln); K. LIST, o. A.
MHS 541 Biscogli: Concerto for Oboe, Trumpet,& Bassoon (PIERLOT, VAILLANT, HONGNE); Vivaldi: 2 Piccolo Concertos (RAMPAL). PAILLARD. A.
MHS 547 Bach: Cantatas #147 & 160 (actually Telemann?). REICHELT, BENCE, KREBS, KELCH; WERNER, Schutz Cho., S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden. A.
MHS 548 Mozart: Flute Quartets. REDEL, BUCHNER, SCHMID, SCHNELLER. Mono only. A.
MHS 549 Works of Telemann, C.P.E. Bach, Fasch, & Fux. PAILLARD, Leclair Ens. Mono only. A.
MHS 596/7 S (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas. STARKER, SEBOK. A.
MHS 826 S Haydn: Quartet in D; Cassation in C; Divertimento in F. LAZARDE (guitar), GENSER-WINKLER (violin), STIERHOF (viola), WINKLER (cello). A.
MHS 874 S Galuppi: Concerti a Quattro #1, 2, & 6. BRUNNER, Vienna CO. Trio Sonata in G. RIESSBERGER (fl), HERTEL (ob), STIEDL (bsn), LANGFORT (hpsi). A.
OR 174 S Alkan: Piano music. SMITH (fortepiano). A.
OR 322 S "4 Centuries of Spanish Guitar Music." BITETTI. A.
OR 420/1 S (2) Purcell: Harpsichord works (complete). RANCK. A.
OR 434/5 S (2) Handel: Deborah (in German). STOKLASSA, PATZSCHKE (s), MELZER (c-t), JELDEN, MARTENS (t), SCHWARZER (b), OSTENBURG (bs); WEISSENBORN, Kantorei St. Jacobi, Gottingen, NDR SO Hannover. A. Libretto.
OR 436 S Cabezon: Organ works. ORTIZ, Covarrubias & Daroca organs. A.
OR A 262 S Works of Hopkinson, Moller, Billings, Lyon, Reinagle, Selby, Duport, Bremner, Pellssier, Palma, & Hewitt ("Anthology of American Organ Music, Vol. 1: The 18th Century"). BECK, Noehren organ, First Baptist Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. A.
OR A 263 S Works of Parker (4), Foote, Chadwick, Bristow (3), & Paine (3). BECK ("Anthology of American Organ Music, Vol. 2, the 19th Century"). A.
OR A 264 S Organ works of Ives (2) & Sowerby (4). BECK, Noehren organ, First Baptist Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. ("Anthology of American Organ Music, Vol. 3). A.
OR H 292 S Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata. KLOCKER, GENUIT. Oboe Sonata. KUHN. Bassoon Sonata. PRAPPACHER, LAUGS (pf). A.
OR H 293 S Hindemith: Die Serenaden. C. LEHMANN (s), ens. 4 Motets. FEUERHAKE (s), MECKIES (pf). A.
OR H 423/4 S (2) Hindemith: 3 Piano Sonatas; Suite, "1922;" Reihe kleiner Stucke; 4 Pieces. BILLETER. A.
BM 30 SL 1941 S Kelterborn: Musica Spei. K. GRAF (s); L. JUON, Kammerchor Chur. Octet 1969. KELTERBORN, Zurich Chamber Ens. 4 Pieces. STALDER (clar), BURKHARD (pf). A, LSM.
RC 764 S Haydn: Lyra Concertos #2-4. RAMPAL (fl), PIERLOT (ob); DOUATTE, Collegium Musicum of Paris. A.
0887 Bach: Partitas #1 & 2. SAMUEL. Preludes & Fugues in d & a; Fantasia & Fugue in g. GRAINGER. A; 1/8" X. BJ, as issued.
Nathan Nirenstein
NNP 1000/2 (2) S. Katz: Psalms. Sholom KATZ (cantor); SILBERMINTZ, cho. & o. A.
National Public Radio
S80 775/7 S (3) Copland: The Tender Land. HAYES, LAYMAN, STAMMLER, JULIAN, NEVE; McKINNEY, U. of Kansas Opera. Broadcast transcription with narration, never offered for sale. A. Df. Program note photocopies.
New England Conservatory of Music
NEC 105 S Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. SCHULLER, New England Conservatory O. A.
New Records
10" NRLP 402 Enesco: Cantabile e Presto; Karg: Elert: Sonata for Solo Flute; Platti: Sonata No. 1, in e. CARATELLI, MIGUEL. A, LSM.
78017 S Rochberg: Quartet #7; Barber: Quartet; Dover Beach (GUINN, b). CONCORD QT. A. COH. Text.
78018 S Haydn: Sonatas #59 & 62. BILSON (fortepiano). A. COH.
78019 S Works of Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, Goldstein, Michelet, S. Slonimsky, Khachaturian, Sheynkman, Shchedrin, Sviridov, Prokofiev, & Shostakovich (2). SHEYNKMAN (mandolin), MACALUSO (gtr). A. COH.
78021 1 S L. Couperin: Suite in g; Marchand: Suite #1; F. Couperin: Suite #26.KIPNIS (antique hpsi's). A. COH.
78022 1 S Barber: Summer Music; Milhaud: La Cheminee du Roi Rene; Arnold: 3 Shanties; Ligeti: 6 Bagatelles; Ibert: 3 Pieces Breves. TUCKWELL WIND QUINTET. A. COH.
78023 S Mozart: Sonata in D, K. 448; Fugue in c; Larghetto & Allegro in Eb. BILSON, Robert LEVIN (fortepianos). A. COH.
78024 1 S Wolpe: Enactments. SELTZER, CHAMBERLAIN, SACHS (pf's). Second Piece for Violin Alone. DUBOW. From Here On Farther. DUBOW, KRAKAUER (clar), SMYLIE (bs clar), SACHS. A. COH.
78025 1 S Debussy: Chansons de Bilitis; Fetes galantes; Ravel: Histoires naturelles. DeGAETANI, KALISH. A. COH. Texts.
78026 1 S Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy; 3 pieces; Milhaud: Suite Francaise; Poulenc: Suite Francaise. WICK, London Wind O. A. COH.
79037 1 D Handel: Suites #5 & 8; Lesson in Bb; keyboard works. KIPNIS (fabulous harpsichordist!). A. COH.
79038 1 D Stravinsky: Petrouchka; 3 Pieces for String Quartet (both arr. Stravinsky). JACOBS, OPPENS (pf). A. COH.
79040 D Spohr: Violin Concerto #8; Beethoven: 2 Romances; Konsertsatz in C, WoO 5. LUCA; ZINMAN, Rochester PO. A. COH.
79042 1 D Mozart: Concertos #17 & 23. GOODE, ORPHEUS. A. COH.
79043 1 D Del Tredici: In Memory of a Summer Day. BRYN-JULSON (s); SLATKIN, St. Louis SO. A. COH.
79051 1 D Bartok: Rhapsody #1; Janacek: Fairy Tale; Prokofiev: Cello Sonata. GROSSMAN, WALSH. A. COH.
79055 1 D C.P.E. Bach: Harpsichord Concertos in G, Wq. 16; in g, Wq. 32. HAMILTON; SCHWARZ, L.A. CO. A.
79058 1 D Bolcom: Violin Sonata #2; Duo Fantasy; Graceful Ghost. LUCA, BOLCOM. Short-lived LP, never reissued on CD. A. COH.
79063 1 D Schumann: Kinderszenen; Brahms: 3 Intermezzos, Op. 117; 2 pieces. MORAVEC. Superb performances never on CD. A. COH.
79065 1 D Brahms: Serenade #1. SCHWARZ, L.A. CO. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A. COH.
79068 1 D Brahms: String Quintets. Boston Symphony Chamber Players. A.
79073 1 D Mozart: Serenades, K. 375 & 388. L.A. CO WINDS. A.
79076 1 D Brahms: Horn Trio (KOVALOVSKI); Clarinet Trio (WRIGHT). BOSTON SYMPHONY CHAMBER PLAYERS (Kalish, pf). Kovalovsky, a magnificent hornist, was originally a physicist. A. COH.
D 79001 D Schoenberg: 5 Pieces for Orchestra; Chamber Symphony #1. SCHWARZ, L.A.CO. A. COH.
D 79009 D Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 297b (WOLFGANG, ob; HAMBORSKY, clar; MORELLI, bsn; PURVIS, horn); Idomeneo--ballet music. ORPHEUS. A. COH.
D 79010 D Soler: Fandango; 10 Sonatas. KIPNIS (my favorite harpsichordist!). A. COH.
D 79011 D Works of Moran, Glass, Babbitt, Harrison, Sessions, Fennimore, Krauze, Tower, Ashforth, Constanten, Helps, I. Tcherepnin, Stout, Gena, Felciano, Cage, & Thomson. MORAN, COBB, FEINBERG, MIKHASHOFF (pf) ("The Waltz Project"). A. COH.
D 79012 D Dvorak: Quintet in G, Op. 77; 2 Waltzes, Op. 54. SEQUOIA QT., LEVINE (bass). A. COH.
D 79015 D C.P.E. Bach: Harpsichord Concertos, Wq. 8 & 18. HAMILTON; SCHWARZ, L.A. CO. A. COH.
D 79016 D Weill: Cello Sonata; Dohnanyi: Sonata. GROSSMAN, WALSH. A. COH.
D 79017 D Weber: Quintet in Bb (SEQUOIA QT.); 7 Variations; Grand Duo Concertante (DOPPMANN, pf). SHIFRIN (clar). A. COH.
D 79024 D Thomson: Portraits. JACOBS (pf & hpsi), SILVERSTEIN (vln), AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. A. COH.
D 79025 D Boccherini: Quintets, Op. 17, #1; Op. 48, #6 (Vol. 1). BOCCHERINI ENS.(Carmirelli, et al). A. COH.
D 79028 D Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht; Trio, Op. 45. SANTA FE CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL (A. Kavafian, Trampler, Eddy, et al). A.
D 79029 D "O Dolce Vita Mia: Italian Music from the High Renaissance." TYLER, London Early Music Group. A. COH. Texts.
D 79031 D Brahms: Viola Sonatas. TREE, GOODE. Scarce, short-lived issue, never on CD. A. COH.
H 71067 S Haydn: Lyra Concertos #1 & 5. RAMPAL (fl), PIERLOT (ob); DOUATTE, Paris Collegium Musicum. A.
H 71307 S Strauss: Tod und Verklarung; Hindemith: Symphony, "Mathis der Maler."HORENSTEIN, London SO. FS.
H 71380 S Handel: Trio Sonatas (Vol. 2). ROSEMAN, BREWER (ob), MacCOURT (bsn), E. BREWER (hpsi). FS. COH.
N 78013 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 497 & 123a/381. Robert LEVIN, BILSON (fortepiano). A. COH.
North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
NASO 1001 S W.G. Still: Symphony #3. WOODS, North Arkansas SO. Romance. UMIKER (sax), TOLLEFSON (pf). Folk Suite #4. GARRISON (fl), UMIKER (clar), MAGILL (cello), TOLLEFSON. 3 Rhythmic Spirituals. GROH, U. of Arkansas Schola Cantorum. A.
North Star
DS 0004 S "Songs My Mother Taught Me" (Romantic violin encores). DELMONI, VAS. A.
Norwegian Composers
NC 4916 S Kolberg: Aria in Aria. EGGEN, Royal PO. For the Time Being. ELECTRIC PHOENIX. A.
N 9631/2 S (1) R. Sherman: Wind Quintet; Heiden: Sinfonia; I. Fine: Romanza; Knight: Instances. MUSICAL ARTS QUINTET. A.
O 80633 Bach: 2 Part Inventions; 3 Part Sinfonias. WALCHA (hpsi). A.
411 099 1 S "Sergei RACHMANINOV: The Ampico Recordings, Vol. 2." FS. Df.
DSLO 609 S Works of Bull, Philips, Farnaby, Johnson, Byrd, Gibbons (3), C.P.E. Bach (2), & Arne (2). HOGWOOD (varied historical keyboard instruments). FS.
DSLO 9 S Shostakovich: Quartets #7, 13, & 14. FITZWILLIAM QT. A. EP.
OL 50016 Mozart: Quintet for Piano & Winds (VEYRON-LACROIX); Cassazione-Quartetfor Winds. PIERLOT, LANCELOT, COURSIER, HONGNE. A.
OL 50050/1 (2) Leclair: 8 Flute Sonatas. RAMPAL, VEYRON-LACROIX. A.
OL 50076 Keyboard works of Byrd & Tomkins. DART. A.
OL 50097 Sonatas of C.P.E. & W.F. Bach. GERLIN (hpsi & pf). A.
OL 50103 Vierne: Symphony #2. COCHEREAU, Notre-Dame Cathedral organ, Paris. A.
OL 50117 "French Operatic Airs from Lully to Rameau." SUSSMAN (s), RAMPAL (fl); DE FROMENT, o. A, FOT.
OL 50130 "Masters of Early English Keyboard Music III: Bull & Locke." DART. A.
OL 50131 Works of Gibbons & Farnaby. DART ("Masters of Early English Keyboard Music IV"). A.
OL 50135 J.C. Bach: 4 Quintets. FRENCH WIND ENS. (Lancelot, Desurmont, clar; Coursier, A. Fournier, horn; Hongne, bsn). A.
OL 50138 Bach: Concerto in d, BWV 1052; C.P.E. Bach: Concerto in d, Wq. 17. NEF; COLOMBO, o. A.
OL 50153 De Lalande: Te Deum; Confitemini. HARPER, McLOUGHLIN, FYSON, ATKINS, HOPKINS. A.
OL 50155/7 (3) Couperin: Messe pour les Paroisses; Messe pour les Couvents. COCHEREAU, Organ of the Church of Holy Cross, Le Mans, St. Paul Choir (Paris). A.
OL 50163 Dowland: Lachrymae. DART, Philomusica of London. A.
OL 50174 Corrette: Concerto Comique #16; Boismortier: Gentillesse, Op. 33, #2 & 3; Anon.: 2 Dance Suites. DART, Philomusica of London. A.
SOL 60002 S Purcell: The Tempest--Songs (VYVYAN, HERBERT, ALAN); Trumpet Sonata (EGAN); The Virtuous Wife--3 exc.; Chacony. LEWIS, Philomusica of London. A.
SOL 60008/9 S (2) Purcell: King Arthur. MORISON, HARPER, THOMAS (s), WHITWORTH (c-t), GALLIVER, BROWN (t), CAMERON (b), ALAN, ANTHON (bs); LEWIS, St. Anthony Singers, Philomusica of London (DART, hpsi & org). A. Libretto.
OSL 13 S Bach: Harpsichord Concertos #1 & 4. GERLIN; DESARZENS, Cento Soli O. A.
Opera Disc
OD 1003/5 S (3) Meyerbeer: L'Africaine. VERRETT, MANDAC, DOMINGO, MITTELMANN, ESTES, TOWNSEND; PERISSON (San Francisco, 1972). A. BJ, libretto.
73 Liszt: Concerto #1 (ROHAN, Yomiuri SO, 1965); Totentanz (KUBELIK, RAI Turin O., 1961). MICHELANGELI. A. EAR.
79 Liszt: Concerto #1 (CARIDIS, Danish Radio SO, 1967); Concerto #2 (HAITINK, London PO, 1970); Les Jeux d'Eau a la Villa D'Este; Rapsodie Espagnole (78s). ARRAU. A.
80 Bach-Busoni: Concerto #1, in d. LIPATTI; VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. (live, 1947). Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes. KEDROFF, POLIGNAC, CUENOD, CONRAD, DERENNE, LIPATTI, N. BOULANGER. A. EAR.
84 Nellie MELBA Farewell Performance (Covent Garden, 1926), + 1910 "distance test". A, LSM; minor PBs.
Opus One
19 S Stern: Carom (w. electronics); Spratlan: Prelude & Rondo; Thorne: Fanfare, Fugue & Funk. GUTTER, Springfield SO. Limited first edition. M.
ORS 75194 S Ornstein: Danse Sauvage; 3 Moods; 10 Poems; piano music. SELLERS. A.
ORS 79340 S Hervig: Clarinet Sonata #1. AYRES, AVERY. String Quartet. STRADIVARI QT. D. Godfrey: A Celebration; 5 Character Pieces (PREUCIL, vla). AVERY (pf). Trio. Ross (clar), PREUCIL, HUNDEMER (horn). FS.
ORS 79361 S Bartsch: Bagatelles; works of Mortelmans, Lonque, d'Hooghe, A. Huybrechts, de Boeck, de Meester, & Vermeiren. P. HUYBREGTS (pf). A.
ORS 82428 S Bartok: Violin Sonata #2 (SWIATKOWSKI); Sonata for Solo Violin. PLUMMER. A.
ORS 82431 S Severac: En Vacances; En Languedoc. HUYBREGTS (pf). A.
ORS 82437 S Reinagle: 4 Sonatas. GLICKMAN. A.
ORS 82442 S W.G. Still: Kaintuck (STEIGERWALT); The Bells; 3 Visions. FIELDS (pf). A.
ORS 83444 S Schonthal: Sonata Concertante. NEUMAN (cello), J. STEIN (pf). 4 Epiphanies. DOKTOR (vla). Van de Vate: Viola Sonata. JOHNSON, UNGER. String Quartet #1. RIDGE QT. A.
ORS 83448 S Letelier: Sonetos de la Muerte (MONTES, s); D. Vargas: Obertura para Tiempos de Adviento. TEVAH, Chile SO. A.
ORS 83452 S Schumann: Etudes symphoniques (complete); Scarlatti: Sonata, K. 380; Liszt: Consolation #3. HUYBREGTS. A.
ORS 83457 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #11; piano music; D.C. Taylor: Schema; Borden: 2 Dialogues; Hakim: Sound-Gone. JORDAN (pf). A.
ORS 83460 S Schumann: Kinderszenen; Papillons; Scriabin: Etude, Op. 2, #1; Sonata#5. HUYBREGTS. A.
ORS 84473 S Persichetti: Piano Sonata #12; 2 Poems; Crumb: Gnomic Variations. JACOB. A.
ORS 85481 S Locklair: Constellations (R. BROWN, perc); Inventions--2 exc. RAVER (organ). Visions in the Haze. L. GOLDSTEIN (pf). A.
ORS 85488 S F. Kaufman: Violin Sonata #1; Interiors. MALAN, SUTHERLAND. Violin Concerto. MALAN, U. of Colorado O. A.
ORS 86494 S Stanchinsky: 2 Preludes; 3 Sketches; Rachmaninov: Sonata #1; Medtner:Sonata-Reminiscenza. FEOFANOV. A.
1704 S Handel: "Italian Chamber Duets & Trios." SHEPPARD, LE SAGE (s), BEVAN (b), ELLIOT (hpsi), RYAN (gamba). A. Texts.
1803 S Alkan: Piano music. SMITH (fortepiano). A, LSM.
10 Porter: Symphony #1; Concerto Concertante for 2 Pianos (TERASSE, COHEN); Dance in 3 Time. PORTER, Colonne Concerts O. A, FOT.
14 Mozart: Fantasia in f, K. 608; Adagio & Allegro in F, K. 594; Bach: Prelude & Fugue in Eb. DUPRE, St.-Sulpice organ, Paris. Lumen recording, 1955. A, LSM.
15 Le Roux: Suites #1-7. FULLER (hpsi). A.
11 0232 S Macha: Variations; Barta: Symphony #2; Feld: Dramatic Fantasy; Hlobil: Symphony #5. NEUMANN, Czech PO (live perf., 1970). A.
Paperback Classics
SL 9212 S Overtures of Wagner, Rossini, Weber, Mozart, Beethoven, & Verdi. LEINSDORF, Philharmonia O. A.
PLP 120 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. RICHTER; ANCERL, Czech PO. A.
PLPS 168 S Shostakovich: Symphony #5. ANCERL, Czech PO. A.
PLPS 169 S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. SUK; KONWITSCHNY, Czech PO. A.
1001 Smetana: Quartet #1, "From My Life;" Suk: Quartet #1, Op. 11 (with revised, unpublished finale). BOHEMIAN STRING QUARTET (SUK, 2nd violinist). From 78s, recorded 1928; magnificent performances! A.
Past Masters
PM 21 St.-Saens: Symphony #3. COPPOLA, o. (1930). A.
DTX 222 St.-Saens: Piano Concertos #1 & 3. DARRE; FOURESTIER, French Nat'l Radio O. A. Dowel spine. Booklet.
DTX 252 St.-Saens: Concerto #5. DARRE; FOURESTIER. Septet in Eb. DARRE, DELMOTTE, PASCAL QT., LOGEROT. A. No booklet. Dowel spine.
20 S Llobet: Guitar works. CHRISTENSEN. A.
44 S Overtures of Mozart, Spontini, Bellini, & Rossini (2) (arr. Giuliani). KAMMERLING, CHRISTENSEN (gtrs). A.
ADW 7103 S Markevich: Variations, Fugue et Envoi sur un theme de Handel; Stefan le Poete. FUJII (pf). DMM pressing. A.
GEM 139 Liszt: Hungarian Fantasia; Piano Concerto #1 (RONALD, Royal Albert Hall O.); Hungarian Rhapsody #12. DE GREEF. From acoustic 78s, c. 1920-1923. A.
GEMM 167 Leopold GODOWSKY recital, from Brunswick & Columbia 78s, 1913-28. A, LSM.
GEMM 195 Glazounov: The Seasons. GLAZOUNOV, o. Symphony #1. IVANOV, USSR St. SO. A.
GEMM 212/3 (2) Tchaikovsky: Symphonies #4 & 5; Serenade for Strings--Waltz. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. (1928/9). A.
GEMM 233 "KREISLER Plays Encores." A. Corner clipped.
EXP 80 S Handel: 4 Trio Sonatas. TILFORD ENSEMBLE (Ryan, Murdoch, Williams, Pople, Stevens). A.
LP 2023 S Works of Davidov, St.-Saens (2), Cui, Tchaikovsky (2), Granados, Debussy, Gluck, Popper, Zherbin, F. Schubert, & Weber. SOLOW (cello), STEVENSON (pf) ("Vocalise"). A.
17 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. HOROWITZ; SZELL, N.Y. Phil. First publication. A.
SPL 539 Miaskovsky: Violin Concerto; Prokofiev: Concerto #1. OISTRAKH; GAUK, USSR St. O. Only transfers from Russian 78s. A, LSM. BJ.
SPL 725 Olga SOULINE: Russian Popular Songs. A, LSM.
SPL 734 G. Gabrieli: 8 Canzoni. BARON, N.Y. Brass Ens. A. AS.
SPL 743 Miller: Prelude; Colgrass: Percussion Music; Strang: Percussion Music; Harrison: Song of Quetzelcoatl; Benson: Trio. PRICE, percussion ens. A. AS.
Peters International
PLE 001 Q Chausson: Poeme; St.-Saens: Le Deluge--Prelude; Berlioz: Reverie & Caprice; Vieuxtemps: Fantasia Appassionata. FONTANAROSA; DE FROMENT, Luxembourg Radio O. A.
PLE 002 Q Telemann; Trumpet Concerto in D; Purcell: Sonata in D; Torelli: Concerto in D; Stoelzel: Concerto in D. BERNARD, WALLEZ, Ensemble Instrumental de France. A.
PLE 003 Q Schumann: Violin Concerto in d; Fantasia in C. FONTANAROSA; CAPOLONGO,ORTF SO. A.
PLE 004 S Concertos of Cimarosa, Vivaldi, Salieri, & Albinoni. LARRIEU (fl), PIERLOT (ob); DE FROMENT. A.
PLE 005 Q Lalo: Concerto Russe; Violin Concerto in F. WALLEZ; KOIZUMI, ORTF PO. A.
PLE 006 S "Gregorian Chant: The Feast of St. Michael." GAJARD, Nuns Choir, Abbeyof Notre Dame, Argentan. A.
PLE 007 Q Locatelli: Concertos, Op. 4--#8, 10-12. WALLEZ (violin & cond.), Instrumental Ens. of France. A.
PLE 008 Q Debussy: Sonata for Flute, Viola & Harp (B. PASQUIER, vla); Danses sacree et profane (WALLEZ); Ravel: Introduction & Allegro (Paris Octet members). MILDONIAN (harp), LARRIEU (fl). A.
PLE 009 Q St-Saens: Concert Piece; Chabrier: Larghetto; works of Dukas, D'Indy,& Corrette. BOURGUE (horn); FRECCIA, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A.
PLE 011 Q Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. WALLEZ, French Instrumental Ens. A.
PLE 012 S "Gregorian Chant: Requiem Mass; Offices for the Dead." GAJARD, Solesmes Abbey Monks Choir. A.
PLE 015 Q Weber: Concertino; Mercadante: Horn Concerto; F. Strauss: Concertino; Schumann-Ansermet: Adagio & Allegro. BOURGUE; LOZANO, Radio-France Lyric O. A.
PLE 016 S "Gregorian Anthology." GAJARD, St. Pierre de Solesmes Abbey Monks Cho. A. Texts.
PLE 020 S Beethoven: Symphony #3. MORRIS, Symphonica of London. A.
PLE 021 S Debussy: La Damoiselle Elue; Chausson: Poeme de l'Amour et de la Mer.CABALLE; MORRIS, Symphonica of London, Ambrosian Ladies Cho. A. Texts.
PLE 024 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. ROSEN; MORRIS, Symphonica of London. A.
PLE 026 S Telemann: 4 Horn Concertos. BOURGUE; WALLEZ, Ensemble Instrumental de France. A.
PLE 027 S Works of Viviani (2), Bach (2), Vivaldi, Krebs (2), & Gervaise. BERNARD(tpt), KRAPP (organ). A.
PLE 028 S C.P.E. Bach: Flute Concerto in a; Hoffmeister: Concerto in D. LARRIEU; FRECCIA, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A.
PLE 029 S Works of Posse, Hasselmans, E. Halffter, Bartok, Prokofiev, M. Albeniz,Scarlatti, Daquin, Soler, & Granados. MILDONIAN ("3 Centuries of Harp Music"). A.
PLE 031 S "Gregorian Chant Masses for Easter." GAJARD, Solesmes Abbey Monks Choir. A.
PLE 034 S Schubert: Symphony #1; M. Haydn: Symphony in G. FLAGELLO, Rome CO. A.
PLE 035 S Grieg: Holberg Suite; 2 Elegiac Melodies; 2 Melodies, Op. 53. FLAGELLO, Rome CO. A.
PLE 037 S Faure: Caligula--exc.; Prometheus--exc. GALLAND (s); NORRINGTON, Gabriel Faure Cho., Monte-Carlo Opera O. Gorgeous performances & recording! A.
PLE 040 S Mendelssohn: Concerto in d for Violin & Piano. FONTANAROSA, PARROT; CHORAFAS, Monte Carlo Opera O. A.
PLE 041 S C.P.E. Bach: Flute Concerto in A; J. Stamitz: Concerto in D; Mozart: Rondo in C. LARRIEU; STADLMAIR, Munich CO. A.
PLE 042 S Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. C. ROSEN. A.
PLE 044 S Marais: Sonnerie de St. Genevieve du Mont; works of Telemann (3), Bach(2), Pachelbel, Vivaldi (2), & Couperin. REDEL, Munich Pro Arte O. A.
PLE 048 S Hummel: "Military" Septet, Op. 114; Octet-Partita in Eb; Druzecky: Partita in Eb. PAVLIK, Bratislava Chamber Harmony. A.
PLE 052 S Mesangeau: 5 pieces; Gaultier: Pieces in G; Pieces in D; Mouton: Pieces in f#. BAILES (lute). EMI Reflexe recording. A.
PLE 053 S Roman: Swedish Mass. ARUHN (s), DE WOLF (a), OLSSON (bs); HEMBERG, Stockholm U. Cho., Norrkoping SO. A. Text.
PLE 054 S Britten: Simple Symphony; Rawsthorne: Light Music; Chagrin: 5 Aquarelles; Warlock: Capriol Suite. FLAGELLO, Rome CO. A.
PLE 057 S Works of Rosenmuller, Rosier, Kerll, Pohle, Abel, Schmelzer (2), & J.M.Nicolai. MUSICA ANTIQUA KOLN ("Virtuoso German Violin Music of the 17th Century"). A. COH.
PLE 059 S Barber: Serenade, Op. 1; Diamond: Elegy in Memory of Ravel; D. Wilson: Dedication; Green: Hymn Tunes. FLAGELLO, Rome CO. A.
PLE 061/3 S (3) Rabaud: Marouf. BLANZAT, LECOCQ, PETRI; ETCHEVERRY, Loire PO. A. Libretto.
PLE 064/5 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #2. ANDER, HODGSON; MORRIS, Symphonica of London, Ambrosian Singers. A.
PLE 066 s Spohr: 3 Sonatas for Flute & Harp. LARRIEU, MILDONIAN. A.
PLE 078 S Rameau: Zephyre. PENA, GARCINSANZ, LANGRIDGE; WALLEZ. A. Libretto.
PLE 129/31 S (3) Massenet: Sapho. DORIA, ORY, SIRERA, LEGROS; BOUTRY, Caillat Cho., Garde Republicaine SO. A. Libretto.
00386 Arias of Wagner (4) & Verdi (4). BROUWENSTIJN; MORALT, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
01233 Mozart: Quartets, K. 499 & 575. BUDAPEST QUARTET. A.
412 970 1 D (5) Mozart: 10 Concertos. BRENDEL, COOPER (in K. 365, analog); MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
416 987 1 D Dorati: Duo Concertant (SCHIFF, pf); 5 Pieces for Solo Oboe; Trittico (DORATI, Basel SO). HOLLIBER (oboe, in all). FS. COH.
6500 047 S Handel: Water Music. LEPPARD, English CO. FS.
6500 131 S Purcell: Dido & Aeneas. VEASEY, DONATH, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, PATTERSON; C. DAVIS, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Alldis Choir. A. Libretto.
6500 427 S Mompou: Los Improperios (RUNGE, b); Victoria: Ave Maria; Vexilia Regis; Ferrer: Lamentacion (CHOMORRO, S; LERER, c; DEL MONTE, t). MARKEVICH, Spanish Radio Cho. & O. A.
6514 222 D Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. OZAWA, Boston SO. FS.
6514 228 D Strauss: Tod und Verklarung; Till Eulenspiegel; Don Juan. HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. FS.
6514 381 D Sor: Introduction & Variations on a Theme of Mozart; works of Albeniz,Malats, Tarrega (6), Torroba, & C. Romero (2). P. ROMERO (gtr). FS.
6526 022 F Schumann: Piano Concerto (VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO); Kinderszenen; BunteBlatter #1-8. HASKIL. A.
6537 025 S E. Martin: Messe du Sacre des Rois de France. MEURANT; MARTIN, Chanteurs de Saint-Eustache, Notre-Dame Children's Cho. A.
6701 038 S (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonata #1 (KEMPFF); Trios, Op. 70, #1 (ENGEL) & 97 (HORSZOWSKI). CASALS, VEGH. A.
6701 048 S (2) Wagner: Tristan & Isolde (rehearsal exc.); Ring--exc. NILSSON, LUDWIG, WINDGASSEN, ADAM; BOHM, Bayreuth Festival. A.
6733 002 S (4) Mozart: Concertos #20 & 24; Beethoven: Concerto #3 (MARKEVICH); Sonatas #17 & 18; Schubert: Sonata in Bb; Mozart: Sonata in C, K. 330 (last 2 fake stereo). HASKIL. A.
6768 001 S (5) J.C. Bach: 18 Piano Concertos, Opp. 7 & 13. HAEBLER (fortepiano);MELKUS, Capella Academica Wien. A.
6770 048 S (2) Strauss: Complete Works for Winds. DE WAART, Netherlands Wind Ens. A.
6833 164 S Kreisler: Violin works. SZERYNG, C. REINER. Mercury recording. JACKET INSCRIBED BY SZERYNG TO HAROLD SHAW (manager). A.
802 708 S Vieuxtemps: Concerto #4; Chausson: Poeme; Ravel: Tzigane. GRUMIAUX; ROSENTHAL, Lamoureux O. A, LSM.
835 103 S Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 301, 304, 376, & 378. GRUMIAUX, HASKIL. A. French pressing.
836 935 F Mozart: Concertos #9 & 23. HASKIL; SACHER, Vienna SO. A; 1/4" X.
836 936 F Schumann: Kinderszenen; "ABEGG" Variations; Waldszenen; Bunte Blatter #1-8. HASKIL. A, LSM.
9500 171 S Works of Van Bree, Vivaldi, Locatelli, et al. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields ("A Tribute to Holland"). A.
9500 305 S Boccherini: Quartets, Op. 6, #1 & 3; Op. 58, #2. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. FS.
9500 680 S Mozart: "Great" Mass in c, K. 427. MARSHALL, PALMER, ROLFE JOHNSON, HOWELL; MARRINER, Academy & Cho. of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 692 S Wu: Little Sisters of the Grassland (LIU TEH-HAI, pipa); Liszt: Concerto #1 (LIU SHIH-KUN, pf); Sousa: Stars & Stripes Forever. OZAWA, Boston SO. A.
9500 695 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. ARRAU; C. DAVIS, Boston SO. A.
9500 725 S Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time. DE LEEUW, BETHS, PIETERSON, BYLSMA. A.
9500 756 S Handel: 3 Concerti a Due Cori. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 762 S Mayuzumi: Nirvana Symphony. TOYAMA. Mandala Symphony. YAMADA, NHK SO, Japan Chorus Union. A.
9500 768 S Handel: Royal Fireworks Music; Concerto Grosso in C, "Alexander's Feast;" Overture in D. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 891 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Schumann: Concerto. ARRAU; C. DAVIS, Boston SO. A.
9500 909 S Alfven: Festspiel; Midsummer Vigil; Nystroem: Sinfonia Espressiva. EHRLING, Goteborg SO. A.
9500 965 S Debussy: Estampes; Images. ARRAU. A.
9500 971 D Rimsky-Korsakov: Antar; Russian Easter Overture. ZINMAN, Rotterdam PO. A.
9502 003 S Bach: 3 Gamba Sonatas. CERVERA, PUYANA. A.
9502 005 S Cimarosa: Requiem. AMELING, FINNILA, VAN VROOMAN, WIDMER; NEGRI, Montreux Festival Cho., Lausanne CO. A.
9502 025 S Schutz: Musikalische Exequien. MAUERSBERGER, Dresdner Kreuzchor. A. Texts.
AXS 4004 S (4) Mendelssohn: Symphonies #1-5. SAWALLISCH, New Philharmonia O. A.
Philips (Eng.)
10" SBR 6216 Wagner: Der Freischutz--exc. BROUWENSTIJN, SCHWAIGER, KMENTT, BERRY; HOLLREISER, Vienna St. Opera Cho., Vienna SO. A, LSM.
GL 5756 Halevy: La Juive--exc. RHODES, MONTEIL, PONCET, DEMIGNY, SERKOYAN; COURAUD, Karlsruhe Opera. A. AS.
Philips (Japan)
13PC 80 Schumann: Kinderszenen; "ABEGG" Variations; Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas; Ravel: Sonatine. HASKIL. A.
Philips (U.S.)
PHM 2 520 (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas. ROSTROPOVICH, RICHTER. A. AS.
PHS900 060 S Strauss: Lieder. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A. COH. Texts.
PHS900 236 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 4. GRUMIAUX; C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
Philips World Series
PHC 9001 S Beethoven: Sonatas #17 & 18. HASKIL. A.
LP 9001 S Furtwaengler: Symphonic Concerto. BARENBOIM; MEHTA, [L.A. PO]. A.
SHM 3010 S Mozart: Flute Concertos. GALWAY; PRIEUR, New Irish CO. A. EP.
Plant Life
PLR 019 S Dieupart: Suite in e; Hotteterre: Trio Sonata in C; Faber: Parties sur les Fleuts Dous; Corelli: Trio Sonata, Op. 2, #7. CHESTER RECORDERS. A. EP.
PRLP 1007 Faure: Piano Quartet #1. G. CASADESUS, GUILET, SCHOEN, SOYER. Cello Sonata #2. SOYER, MITTMAN. A; 1/4" X.
SPR 10041 S Apostel: Chamber Symphony; Intrade; Quartet for Flute, Clarinet, Horn & Oboe; 4 Bagatelles. KEUSCHNIG, "Kontrapunkte" Ens. A.
Pro Arte
2PAD 202 D (2) Schubert: Trios (complete). ODEON TRIO (Hokanson, Didrichsen, May). A.
4PMC 4702 S (4) Brahms: Symphony #1. HORENSTEIN, London SO. Symphony #4. FISCHER-DIESKAU, Czech PO. Symphonies #2 & 3; Tragic Overture; Schumann: Manfred Overture. KEMPE, Berlin PO. A.
PAD 102 D Schuman: Newsreel; works of Bernstein, Ives (2), Ruggeri, Copland (2),Barber, & Cowell. FOSS, Milwaukee SO. A.
PAD 104 D Mozart: Serenade in d, K. 250, "Haffner." KUHN, RIAS Sinfonietta. A.
PAD 111 D Beethoven: Sonatas #27 & 28; 2 Rondos, Op. 51. P. SERKIN, Graf fortepiano. Not reissued on CD. A.
PAD 114 D "Encore!" BRUGGEN (recorder & flute). A.
PAD 115 D Mozart: Violin Concertos #4 & 5. ALTENBURGER; WINSCHERMANN, German Bach Soloists. A.
PAD 124 D Bach: Violin Concertos; Double Concerto (VAN DAEL). S. KUIJKEN (vln & cond), La Petite Bande. A.
PAD 133 D Works of Toselli, Sibelius (2), Ravel, Enesco, Debussy (2), Yoshimoto, & Godard (var. arrangements). I SALONISTI ("Serenata: I Salonisti Play Music of the Grand Salon"). A.
PAD 135 D "Music of the Grand Salon" (classical arrangements). The SALON ORCHESTRA. A.
PAD 136 D "Classic Cafehaus Music." SALON ORCHESTRA. A.
PAD 137 D Mozart: Serenade in Bb, K. 361. COLLEGIUM AUREUM (period inst.) A.
PAD 138 D Stravinsky: Dumbarton Oaks Concerto; Pulcinella Suite; Instrumental Miniatures. ORPHEUS. A.
PAD 149 D Copland: Short Symphony; Ives: Symphony #3. DAVIES, St. Paul CO. A.
PAD 160 D Britten: Ceremony of Carols; Missa Brevis; 3 2-Part Songs. KUZMA, American Boychoir. A.
PAD 164 D St.-Saens: Piano Quartet in Bb, Op. 41; D'Indy: Piano Quartet in a, Op. 7. CANTILENA CHAMBER PLAYERS (F. Glazer, Michell, Naegele, Mori). A.
PAD 170 D Nazareth: Waltzes; Tangos. LIMA (pf). A.
PAD 171 D Schubert: Dances. P. SERKIN, Graf fortepiano. Lovely! A.
PAD 173 D Ravel: Concerto in G; Faure: Ballade; Fantaisie. VARSANO (Tagliaferropupil); A. DAVIS, Philharmonia O. A.
PAD 175 D Beethoven: Concerto #1 (NEUMANN, Czech PO); 2 Rondos, Op. 51. SHERMAN. A.
PAD 176 D Beethoven: Concerto #2 (NEUMANN, Czech PO); Fantasy, Op. 77; Rondo a capriccio. SHERMAN. A.
PAD 179 S J. Strauss: Waltzes (arr. Schoenberg, Webern, Berg). REICHERT, Ensemble 13 Baden-Baden. Digitally remastered. A.
PAD 185 D Bach: Magnificat; Hoffmann: German Magnificat. BRYDEN, BAIRD (s), HOFFMEISTER (t), OPALACH (bs); RIFKIN, Bach Ens. (period inst.) A.
PAD 210 D "Happy Birthday Bach!" BAYLESS (piano improvisations on "Happy Birthday" in famous composers' syles). A.
PAD 211 D "Bach Meets the Beatles: Variations in the style of Bach." BAYLESS (pf). A. COH.
PAD 222 D Works of Thomas, Delibes, Wieniwaski, Offenbach, Liszt, Gounod, Ganne, & Gillet ("Le Salon Parisienne"). SALON ORCHESTRA. A.
PAD 224 D Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; works of Suppe, Beethoven, Strauss, J.Strauss (3). SLATKIN, Minnesota O. A.
PAD 224 D "Gershwin by Guitar." HOLMQUIST, ESTREM (guitar duo). DMM pressing. A.
PAD 235 D Works of Nazareth, Gnattali, Falla, Almeida, Rodrigo, & Coryell. ALMEIDA, ISBIN, CORYELL ("3 Guitars 3"). A.
147 LP S "Harpsichord Sounds of Celebration: Baroque, Renaissance & Folk Music." ROGELL. A.
GSGC 14083 S Berlioz: Overtures--Roman Carnival; Les Francs-Juges; Benvenuto Cellini; Waverley. BOULT, London PO. A.
HLPX 159 Verdi: Arias. TISZAY, FODOR, RETI, SIMANDY, SVED, SZEKELY. Early Hungarian LP issue. A, FOT. Paper jacket repaired.
HLPXMN 1009/10 (2) Kodaly: The Spinning Room. TISZAY, PALLO, UHER; FERENCSIC, Hungarian Radio Cho. & O. A, FOT. German libretto.
LPX 11310/1 (2) "Stars of the Hungarian Opera House, 1884-1945." A, LSM.
Queen Elisabeth Int'l Music Competition
1980 043 S Ysaye: Poeme Elegiaque; St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso; Wieniawski: Faust Fantasy; works of Kreisler & Vieuxtemps. ZAZOFSKY, Epperson. A.
PMC 7210 S Beethoven: Variations, Opp. 34, 35, & 76. RICHTER. A.
34 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke." RICHTER, KOPELMAN, BERLINSKY (Tours, June 24, 1984). Individually cut acetate disc. M.
EO LQB 12921/2 (1) Arias of Charpentier, Gounod, Bizet, Puccini (2), & Verdi; songs of Moore, Watts, Brahms, Nevin, et al. Edith MASON. Private edition. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. BJ.
RCA Camden
CAL 102 Beethoven: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, London PO. A.
CAL 140 Mussorgsky-Stokowski: Boris Godounov--"Symphonic Synthesis;" Debussy: 3 Nocturnes. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A.
CAL 156 Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales; Daphnis & Chloe--Suite #1. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. Suite #2. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM; 2 tiny X's.
CAL 164 Brahms: Symphony #3. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A.
CAL 250 Wagner: Rienzi; Glinka: Russlan & Ludmilla; Thomas: Mignon; Suppe: Fatinitza; Boieldieu: La Dame Blanche; Beethoven: Consecration of the House (overtures). FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A, LSM; minor PB.
CAL 265 "The Art of Josef LHEVINNE." A, FOT.
CAL 291 Schumann: Symphony #2. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, LSM.
CAL 304 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F. SANROMA; FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A-, LSM.
CAL 419 Works of Tartini, Chopin, Fiocco, Sarasate, & Kreisler (6). CAROL, Julius Levine. A/A-, LSM.
RCA Red Seal
ARC1 5411 D (3) Donizetti: L'Elisir d'amore. POPP, DVORSKY, NESTERENKO, WEIKL; WALLBERG, Munich Radio. A. Libretto.
ARl1 0447 S Halevy: La Juive--exc. ARROYO, MOFFO, TUCKER, GIAIOTTI; ALMEIDA, New Phil. O. FS. Df. Libretto.
ARL1 1571 S Lieder of Strauss & Wolf. BLEGEN, KATZ. A. Texts.
ARL2 4198 S (2) Rochberg: Quartets #4-6. CONCORD QT. A. COH.
ARM1 2719 Mozart: Sonata in F, K. 332; Czerny: La Ricordanza; Mendelssohn: Variations serieuses; works of Scarlatti, Clementi, & Schumann. HOROWITZ. FS.
RL 71048 D Paganini: Violin Concerto #1; Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy. UGHI (vln & cond), St. Cecilia CO. A. Italian pressing.
RCA Victor
10" LCT 6 Prokofiev: Violin Concerto #2. HEIFETZ; KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, FOT.
CSC 302 S Liszt: Opera transcriptions. WILD. A.
LBC 1004 Brahms: Symphony #1. LEINSDORF, Robin Hood Dell O. A-, LSM.
LBC 1016 Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake--exc. RIGNOLD, Covent Garden Opera O. Gounod: Faust--ballet music. FOURESTIER, Paris Opera O. A, LSM; minor PB.
LBC 1031 Beethoven: Sonata #23. MEDTNER. Chopin: Piano music. CZERNY-STEFANSKA. A, LSM; 1/4" X. BJ.
LBC 1041 Liszt: Concerto #1 (FISTOULARI); Consolation #3; Don Juan Fantasy. CHERKASSKY. A. Spine taped.
LBC 1081 Schumann: Piano Concerto (ACKERMANN, Philharmonia O.); Fantasiestucke,Op. 12. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM.
LBC 1087 Haydn: Symphony #92, "Oxford;" Beethoven: Overtures--Leonore #3; Coriolan; Prometheus. MALKO, Royal Danish O., Philharmonia O. A, FOT.
LBC 1088 Elgar: Symphony #2. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. A.
LCT 1032 Beethoven: Concerto #4. RUBINSTEIN; BEECHAM, Royal PO. A.
LCT 1041 Beethoven: Symphony #5; Prometheus Overture; Quartet #16--Adagio & Scherzo (arr. Toscanini). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. Leonore Overture #1. TOSCANINI, BBC SO. A, LSM.
LCT 1120 Bach: Double Concerto. MENUHIN, ENESCO; MONTEUX. Violin Sonata in E. MENUHIN, LANDOWSKA. A.
LCT 1125 D'Indy: Symphony #2. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A, FOT.
LCT 1141 Schumann: Trio #1; Schubert: Trio #1. CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. A.
LCT 6000 (2) Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana. RAISA, SIMIONATO, GIGLI, BECHI; MASCAGNI, La Scala (1940). Includes composer's brief spoken introduction. A/A-, FOT. Libretto.
LCT 6700 (5) Beethoven: Piano Concertos; "Eroica" Variations. SCHNABEL; SARGENT, London SO, London PO. A; tiny X.
LDS 6152 S (3) Strauss: Ariadne auf Naxos. RYSANEK, PETERS, JURINAC, PEERCE; LEINSDORF, Vienna PO. A. Soria booklet.
LHMV 13 Schumann: Symphony #4; Wagner: Siegfried Idyll. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A.
LHMV 900 (5) Wagner: Die Walkure. MODL, RYSANEK, KLOSE, SUTHAUS, FRICK, FRANTZ; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, LSM. Libretto. Spine taped.
LM 1056 Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A.
LM 1145 Beethoven: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM.
LM 1203 Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (BOULT); Wolf: Lieder. THEBOM. A/A-, FOT. Texts on jacket.
LM 1719 Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition; Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet. CANTELLI, NBC SO, Philharmonia O. A; minor PB.
LM 1727 Goeb: Symphony #3; Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. STOKOWSKI. JACKET SIGNED BY ROGER GOEB. A; tiny X.
LM 1781 Strauss: Don Quixote. PIATIGORSKY; MUNCH, Boston SO. A.
LM 1791 Bach: Partita #4 (incomplete); Schubert: Landler; Impromptu in Ab; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz; Hungarian Rhapsody #11. KAPELL ("In Memoriam.") A.
LM 1797 Bruch: Concerto #1. MENUHIN; MUNCH. Mendelssohn: Symphony #4. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, FOT. Minor jacket soiling.
LM 1806 Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra; Dance of the 7 Veils. REINER, Chicago SO. Original mono issue. A, LSM. Gatefold album.
LM 1899 Beethoven: Symphony #3. REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM.
LM 2005 Scriabin: Sonata #3; 16 Preludes. HOROWITZ. A. EAR.
LM 2009 Beethoven: Sonatas #14 & 21. HOROWITZ. A. EAR.
LM 2030 Debussy: Le Martyre de St.-Sebastien. CURTIN, AKOS; MUNCH, New EnglandConservatory Cho., Boston SO (with MUNCH narration, deleted from stereo reissue). A. Text. Writing on jacket.
LM 2073 Mozart: Clarinet Concerto (MUNCH); Clarinet Quintet (BOSTON SYMPHONY QT.) GOODMAN. A. Writing on jacket AS (later edition).
LM 2120 Beethoven: Concerto #1. RUBINSTEIN; KRIPS, Symphony of the Air. A. AS.
LM 2121 Beethoven: Concerto #2. RUBINSTEIN; KRIPS, Symphony of the Air. A. AS.
LM 2122 Beethoven: Concerto #3. RUBINSTEIN; KRIPS, Symphony of the Air. A. AS.
LM 2124 Beethoven: Concerto #5. RUBINSTEIN; KRIPS, Symphony of the Air. A. AS.
LM 2143 Villa-Lobos: The Surprise Box; Falla: Homenajes. CASTRO, Rome SO. A.
LM 2149 Mozart: Symphonie Concertante; Benjamin: Romantic Fantasy. HEIFETZ, PRIMROSE; SOLOMON, o. A. EAR. AS.
LM 2153 Beethoven: Sonatas #11, 20, & 28. SCHNABEL. A.
LM 2158 Beethoven: Sonatas #1, 10, & 28. SCHNABEL. A.
LM 2167 Mozart: Quartets, in G, K. 387; in C, K. 465. JUILLIARD QT. A. EAR.
LM 2168 Haydn: Quartets, Opp. 74, #1; 77, #1. JUILLIARD QUARTET. A. Writing on jacket.
LM 2180 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 3. HEIFETZ, PRIMROSE, PIATIGORSKY. A. EAR.
LM 2200 Beethoven: Piano Quartet, Op. 16; Schumann: Piano Quartet. FESTIVAL QUARTET (Goldberg, Primrose, Graudan, Babin). A. AS (in set).
LM 2223 Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night's Dream--exc.; Schubert: Rosamunde--exc.MONTEUX, Vienna PO. A. AS.
LM 2257 Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance Marches; Bliss: Things to Come Suite; Welcome the Queen. BLISS, London SO. A. AS.
LM 2285 Walton: Facade--Suite; Lecocq: La Fille de Mme. Angot. FISTOULARI, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden. A. AS.
LM 2311 Beethoven: Sonatas #18 & 21. RUBINSTEIN. A. SD (only) label.
LM 2330 Brahms: Piano Quartet #3. FESTIVAL QUARTET (Goldberg, Primrose, Graudan, Babin). A. AS.
LM 2342 Sibelius: Symphony #2. MONTEUX, London SO. A. AS.
LM 2352 Blackwood: Symphony #1; Haieff: Symphony #2. MUNCH, Boston SO. A. AS.
LM 2362 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. MONTEUX, Vienna PO. A, LSM. AS.
LM 2377 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #5 ("Spring") & 9 ("Kreutzer"). SZERYNG, RUBINSTEIN. A. SD label. AS.
LM 2382 Bennett: Song Sonata; works of Brahms (3), Shulman, Khachaturian, Paganini (2), Sgambati, Kroll, Stravinsky, Ravel, Shostakovich, Debussy, Dinicu, & St.-Saens. HEIFETZ, var. accomp. A, LSM.
LM 2438 Berlioz: 5 Overtures. MUNCH, Boston SO. A. AS.
LM 2459 Brahms: Sonata #3, Op. 5; Intermezzo, Op. 116, #6; Romance, Op. 118, #5. RUBINSTEIN. A. AS.
LM 2473 Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. FESTIVAL QT. (Babin, Goldberg, Primrose, Graudan). A. AS.
LM 2491 Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 8. MONTEUX, Vienna PO. A. AS.
LM 2493 Schubert: Sonata in D, Op. 53. GILELS. A. AS.
LM 2541 Liszt: Totentanz; Rachmaninov: Concerto #1. JANIS; REINER, Chicago SO. A. SD label. AS.
LM 2642 Mahler: Symphony #1. LEINSDORF, Boston SO. A. SD label. AS.
LM 6014 (2) Vladimir HOROWITZ 25th Anniversary Recital. A, FOT. EAR.
LM 6034 (2) Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty. IRVING, Royal Opera House O., Covent Garden. A.
LM 6711 (5) Haydn: Symphony #99; Symphonie Concertante; L. Mozart: Toy Symphony; Brahms: Serenade #2; Gesang der Parzen; Liebeslieder Waltzes; Sibelius: Symphony #2; Pohjola's Daughter; Shostakovich: Symphonies #1 & 7. TOSCANINI, NBC SO, et al. A.
LM 7020 (2) Rossini: La Scala di Seta. SCIUTTI, RINALDI, JACOPUCCI, LI DONNI;FERRARA, Rome PO. A. Libretto.
LSC 2566WD S Grieg: Piano Concerto (WALLENSTEIN, o.); works of Schumann, Liszt, Villa-Lobos, Prokofiev, & Falla. RUBINSTEIN. A.
LSC 2617 S Verdi: Il Trovatore--exc. L. PRICE, ELIAS, TUCKER, WARREN, TOZZI; BASILE, Rome Opera. A. SD label.
LSC 2815WD S Alkan: Symphonie; piano music. LEWENTHAL. A. No insert.
LSC 2887WD S Smetana: Quartet #1, "From My Life;" Dvorak: Quartet in Ab, Op. 105. GUARNERI QUARTET (debut recording). A.
LSC 2987 S Dowland: Dances. BREAM (lute). A. Canadian SD label.
LSC 3016 S Beethoven: Sonata #32; Bagatelles, Op. 126. LATEINER. Magnificent performances! A. WD.
LSC 6187 S (3) Handel: Solomon. ENDICH, BROOKS, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, YOUNG; SIMON. FS. Libretto.
LVT 1017 Dohnanyi: Serenade. HEIFETZ, PRIMROSE, FEUERMANN. Gruenberg: Violin Concerto. HEIFETZ; MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. FS. Df.
LVT 1032 Schumann: Kinderscenen; Chopin: 7 Mazurkas. HOROWITZ. A, FOT; 1/4" X.
RCA Victrola
VIC 1046 Josef LHEVINNE recital, from 78s. A. EP.
VIC 1544 Josef LHEVINNE recital, from 78s. A. Df.
RCA Victrola (Eng.)
VIC 1047 Sibelius: Symphony #5; Pohjola's Daughter; Harris: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A.
Record of the Month Club
RMC S/115 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1; Litolff: Scherzo. CHERKASSY; BOULT, London PO. Australian issue. A.
Records International
7002 1 D Villa-Lobos: Choros #8 & 9. SCHERMERHORN, Hong Kong PO. A.
7003 1 D Strauss: Symphony in d (1880); Interludio (for Mozart's "Idomeneo"); Kampf und Sieg. SCHERMERHORN, Hong Kong PO. A.
7005 1 D Strauss: Symphony in f, Op. 12. HALASZ, Slovak PO. A.
Red Mark/Liben
RML 8610 S Proto: Bass Concerto #2; Fantasy. RABBATH (bass); STAHL, o's. A.
ES 12 S Husa: 12 Moravian Songs; Webern: 5 Dehmel Songs; Dallapiccola: Rencesvals; Vaughan Williams: 4 Poems by Fredegond Shove. PELTON (t), MARTORELLA (pf). A.
ES 28 S Erb: Quintet; The Last Quintet. ERB, Voices of Change. Lamb: Prism. LAMB, ens. Waldenmaier: Capriccio, for piano, winds & percussion. J. BOATWRIGHT; WALDENMAIER, Southern Methodist U. Wind Ens. A.
RRES 2 S Hovhaness: Sonata for Trumpet & Organ; Persichetti: The Hollow Men; Torelli: Sinfonia con Tromba. STITH (tpt), PATERSON (org). A.
SREG 1084 S Chopin: Ballades #3 & 4; Scherzos #2 & 4; Fantaisie-Impromptu; Nocturnes #12 & 18. MOISEIWITSCH. A.
10" R 149 21 Schubert: Moments musicaux. DEMUS. A-, LSM. EAR. Usual mild PBs.
10" R 149 4 Works of Chopin (2), Brahms, Debuissy, Liszt, Gershwin, Shostakovich, &Granados (2) ("Encore!"). FOLDES. A/A-, FOT. Jacket repaired.
R 199 145 Brahms: Violin Concerto. SPALDING; LOIBNER, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A, FOT; 1/3" X.
R 199 172 Offenbach-Rosenthal: Gaite Parisienne. ROSENTHAL, RIAS SO. A-, FOT.
R 199 191 Sibelius: The Origin of Fire (Helsinki U. Cho.); Pohjola's Daughter. JOHNSON, Cincinnati SO. Glazounov: Violin Concerto. "GABRIEL" [Roman TOTENBERG]; G.L. JOCHUM, RIAS SO. A.
R 199 201 Sibelius: Symphony #5. JALAS, RIAS SO. A, LSM.
R 199 21 Beethoven: Symphony #3. F. BUSCH, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A-, FOT. EAR.
R 199 88 Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; Ippolitov-Ivanov: Caucasian Sketches. WOSS, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A.
RPL 2466 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. CELIBIDACHE, Cologne Radio SO (1957). A.
RIC 007 S Villa-Lobos: Choros #12. BARTHOLOMEE, Liege PO. A.
908031 2938 S Schumann: Carnaval; Schubert: Moments muxicaux. LUVISI. A.
2020 Works of Chopin (6), Palmgren, Leschetizky, Moszkowski, Delibes, Mussorgsky, Weber, Brahms (2), & Scarlatti-Tausig. MOISEIWITSCH (from 78s). A.
2049 "Famous Pianists." Performances by ST.-SAENS (4), DIEMER, KIENZL (2), LEGINSKA, ESIPOVA (piano roll), & SCHARWENKA (4). A.
2060 Bach: Concerto for 2 Pianos (K.U. SCHNABEL; BOULT); Italian Concerto; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Toccatas in c & D; The Well-Tempered Clavier--Prelude & Fugue #5. SCHNABEL. A.
2064 Schumann: Carnaval; Brahms: Ballades, Op. 10. MICHELANGELI. A. Booklet.
2073 Debussy: Images, Books 1 & 2; Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. MICHELANGELI A.
2088 Clementi: Sonata in Bb; Chopin: Sonata #2. MICHELANGELI. A. Booklet.
R 27 Ernestine SCHUMANN-HEINK song & aria recital [Vol. 2]. A.
R 29 Emma EAMES aria & song recital. A.
R 32 Lucrezia BORI aria & song recital. A.
RT 101 S "Fantasies, Ayres & Dances: Music for lute from the 16th-18th centuries." BASS, BOWMAN (c-t). A.
3130088 S (2) Hristic: Opelo; works of Bortnianski (2), Mokranjac (3), Kuzmanovic, Babic (2), Skalovski, & Petrovic. PANCIC, Ivo Lola Ribar Cho. A.
5351/3 S (3) Messiaen: 20 Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus. RAJNA. A.
5472 S Satie: Piano Music (Vol. 2). McCABE. A.
L7OP 5055/6 (1) Works of Tchaikovsky, J. Strauss, Rimsky-Korsakov, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Gounod, & Ponchielli. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. ("Just Your Cup of Tea.") Promotional issue from RCA originals. A, LSM.
8 Copland: A Lincoln Portrait (in Spanish). SUJO (narr); COPLAND. Estevez: Concerto for Orchestra. ESTEVEZ, Venezuela SO. Copland's scarcest LP? A.
25 767 5 S (2) "Famous Waltzes." MOURAO (pf). A.
Schwann Musica Mundi
VMS 1001 S E.T.A. Hoffmann: Quintet for Harp & Strings (NORDMANN); Trio in Eb (JOSTE, pf). FRENCH STRING TRIO (Jarry, Collot, Tournus), GHESTEM (vln). A.
VMS 1003 S Rossini: Sinfonia di Bologna in D; Prelude, Theme & Variations (CECCAROSSI, horn); Variations in C (PECILE, clar). PRADELLA, Angelicum O. Allegro agitato. R. & A. CARUANA (cello & pf). A.
VMS 1005 S Works of Leclair, Corrette, Hotteterre, Caix d'Hervelois (2), & Couperin. LE RONDEAU DE PARIS (Boulay, hpsi; Heurtier, cello; Noufflard, fl). A.
VMS 1016 S Humperdinck: String Quartet in C; Gounod: Quartet in a; Donizetti: Quartet #2, in A. TONHALLE QT., ZURICH. A.
VMS 1017 S Reicha: Violin Sonata in A, Op. 62; Franck: Sonata. CHAUVETON, PARROT. A.
VMS 2009 S "Musik am Englischen Konigshofe." EUSTACHE (fl), KLEMENT (ob), CAMERATALUTETIENSIS. A.
VMS 2020 S F. Benda: Symphony in C; Flute Concerto in G (KLEMENT); J. Benda: Grave; J.A. Benda: Symphony in F. MUSICI PRAGENSES. A.
VMS 2024 S Myslivecek: Overture in F; Symphony in #b; Dusek: Sinfonias in F & D;Mozart: Io ti lascio, o cara, addio, K. 621a (STUMMER, bs). MUSICI PRAGENSES. A.
VMS 2031 S Roman: Violin Concerto in d. LILJEFORS; MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. Drottningholm Suite. EUSTACHE (fl), CAMERATA LUTETIENSIS. A.
VMS 2036 S J.M. Haydn: The Dream. ALDEA, KUSTER-JORDAN (s), MAYR (a), RANINGER (bs); HINREINER, Camerata academica Salzburg. A. Summaries.
VMS 2038 S "Cries of London/Music in Honour of Queen Elizabeth I." STEVENS, Accademia Monteverdiana. A. English texts.
VMS 2054 S Schubert: Overture in c, D. 8; Volkmann: Serenade #1; Weber: 6 Ecossaises; Bruch: Serenade; Reger: Lyrical Andante. STAREK, RIAS Sinfonietta. A.
VMS 2057 S Dvorak-Suk: Cypresses; Janacek: Suite for Strings. STAREK, RIAS Sinf. A.
VMS 2060 S J.C. Bach: Viola Concerto in c; Telemann: Concerto in G; C. Stamitz: Concerto in D. CHRIST; MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. A.
VMS 4010 S Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia: Piano Quartet in f; Liszt: Elegy on Themes of Prince Louis Ferdinand. SALOME (pf), MEYER-SCHIERNING (vln), STOWASSER (vla), STARCK (cello). A.
VMS 4014 S Myslevicek: String Quartet in C; Mica: Quartet in C; Reicha: Flute Quartet in C, Op. 98, #2 (JURKOVIC). SLOVAK QT. A.
VMS 803 S Mozart: Serenata notturna; Vivaldi: Concerto, Op. 10, #2; Boccherini:Quintet, "Musica notturna di Madrid;" Biber: Serenada (PETER, b). MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. A.
VMS 804 S Works of Vejvanovsky & Zach. KLEMENT (ob), Musici Pragenses CO. A.
VMS 809 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in C. NYFENNEGER. Concerto in D. STARCK; MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. FS. Corner clipped.
VMS 817 S Hoffmeister: Piano Concerto in D (W. NEUHAUS); Haydn: Piano Concerto in F (SCHROTER). MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. A.
VMS 910 S Haydn: Concerto for Violin & Harpsichord; M. Haydn: Concerto for Viola & Harpsichord. R. KUSSMAUL (vln), CHRIST (vla), TRIMBORN (hpsi); MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. A.
VMS 912 S Haydn; Sinfonia Concertante in Bb. PIGUET (ob), STIFNER (bsn), MELKUS (vln), ATAMACAYAN (cello). Pleyel: Sinfonia Concertante in F. MOHRING (fl), PASSIN (ob), GODE (bsn), LEXUTT (horn); MULLER-BRUHL. A.
Schwann Musica Sacra
AMS 2503 S Schumann: 6 Etudes in Canon Form, Op. 56; 6 Fugues on BACH, Op. 60. KAUNZINGER, Cavaille-Coll organ, Sainte Clotilde, Paris. A.
AMS 2533 S Rachmaninov: Vespers, Op. 37, #1-13. LINKE, Jonannes-Damascenus-Chor. A.
AMS 2549 S Poulenc: Gloria. CARTERI. Organ Concerto. DURUFLE; PRETRE, French Radio Cho. & O. A.
AMS 2594 S Tchaikovsky: Vespers & Solemn Matins, Op. 52. PENTEK, Romanos Choir. A. German text.
AMS 706/7 S (2) Mozart: Masses, K. 139 & 337; Davidde penitente, K. 469. DEGLER, TABORSKY (s), KISSEL (a), VROOMAN, ZUR ECK (t), MULLER (bs); HINREINER, Salzburg Radio & Mozarteum Cho., Mozarteum O. A.
AMS 708/9 S (2) Weber: Mass in G, Op. 76, "Jubelmesse." TABORSKY, KINK, POLLMANN,HUBER; EHRET, St. Michael's Cho. & O., Munich. Mass #2, in Eb, "Freischutzmesse;" 2 Offertoria; J.M. Haydn: Tenebrae factae sunt. STOKLASSA, LISKEN, RAUCAMP, KAGEL; BADER. A.
AMS 714/5 S (2) Mozart: Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes, K. 35. AUGER, LAKI, GESZTY (s), HOLLWEG, AHNSJO (t); BADER, Berlin Domkapelle. A. German text.
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
SS 5002 S Gliere: The Red Poppy--Suite; Berwald: Sinfonie Singuliere. KATIMS, Seattle SO. A.
SEFD 5005 D Bartok: Kossuth; 4 Pieces, Op. 12. JOO, Budapest SO, Budapest PO. A.
SEFD 5007 D Bartok: Suite #2; 2 Pictures, Op. 10. JOO, Budapest PO. A.
SEFD 5008 D Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin Suite; Dance Sute. JOO, Budapest PO. A.
SEFD 5009 D Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra. JOO, Budapest SO. A.
SEFD 5013 D Kodaly: Concerto for Orchestra; Galanta Dances; Minuetto Serio. JOO, Hungarian St. Concert O., Budapest PO. A.
SEFD 5014 D Kodaly: Marossek Dances; Folk Dances of Kallo; Summer Evening. JOO, Hungarian Radio Cho., Budapest PO. A.
SEFD 5015 D Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite; Theatre Overture; Ballet Music. JOO, Budapest PO. A.
SEFD 5019 D Brahms: Piano Quintet. SAARINEN, ORFORD QT. Excellent! A.
SEFD 5020 D Mozart: Concertos #17 & 21. NEMECZ; JOO, Budapest SO. A.
SEFD 5027 D Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. JOO, Philharmonia O. A.
SEFD 5028 D Strauss: Rosenkavalier Suite; Die Frau ohne Schatten--Suite. JOO, Philharmonia O. A.
SEFD 5029 D "Popular Piano Pieces." SAARINEN. Fine encore recital. A.
SEFD 5030 D Respighi: The Birds; Liu Tieshan & Mao Yuan: Dance of the Yao People;An-Lyn Huang: The Sword. GIORDANO, Fort Worth CO. A.
100 A/B Works of Campra, Lully, Durante, A. Scarlatti, Bassani, Purcell (2), Bach (4), & Mozart (3). SOUZAY. Single record from private set. A, LSM; 1/2" X. BJ.
Siegfrieds Mechanischem Musikkabinett
SMMK 07 S "Robert Stolz von der Notenrolle" (Stolz melodies on mechanical instruments). A, FOT.
Silver Crest
T 83 10 S Berlioz: Benvenuto Cellini Overture; Strauss: Don Juan; Respighi: Pines of Rome. BRUSILOW, Southern Methodist U. SO (live, 1983). A.
SOL 31 S Wieniawski: 6 Dances (STALANOWSKI, vln); Lutoslawski: Dance Preludes;Szalowski: Sonatina; Penderecki: 3 Miniatures (FAUCOMPREZ, clar). RAES (pf). A.
70,002 Torroba: Luisa Fernanda. PEREZ, GONZALEZ, NAYA, MAR, CAMARA; ROIG, choi & o. Cuban recording. A, FOT; 1/3" X. Spanish libretto.
15 Weber: Sonata #4; Malipiero: Poemi Asolani. H. SCHNABEL. A, LSM, Tiny X.
17 Strauss: Symphony in f, Op. 12. HAFNER, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
23 Quantz: Flute Concerto #17, in D; Frederick the Great: Concerto #3, in C. WANAUSEK; ADLER, Vienna SO. A.
28 Beethoven: Flute Sonata; Trio. BRENDEL, WANAUSEK (fl), CERMAK (bsn). A.
4 Krenek: Piano Sonata #3; 5 Pieces, Op. 39; 8 pieces. KRENEK. A-/C.
SR 135 S Mozart: Duos for violin & viola. O. & E. SHUMSKY. A, LSM.
Spring Choral Festival
K8OP 6096/9 (2) Hanson: The Cherubic Hymn; Dvorak: Te Deum; Mendelssohn: Hymn of Praise. Helen BOATWRIGHT (s), Robert PRICE (t), Richard EIKENBERRY (bs); PARANOV, Hartt SO (& various Connecticut school choruses). Live perf., 1959; private release. A.
816 S Brill: Harp works. BRILL. Harpist/composer acclaimed by Bernstein, Barber, Diamond, Stokowski, et al. FS.
STR 608 Villa-Lobos: Duo; Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia; Hindemith: Trauermusik (Stradivari Chamber Ens.); Turina: Scene andalouse. L. & R. PERSINGER. One of two LPs of Louis Persinger playing violin. A. Jacket corner scraped.
STR 617 Handel (?): 3 Viola Concertos. VARDI, o. At least one of these is fraudulent, probably all 3. A. AS.
LSU 3081 Ireland: Violin Sonata #1. LOVEDAY. Cello Sonata. SIMPSON, CASSINI. A.
1 10 1239 S Reger: Variations & Fugue on a Theme by Hiller. KONWITSCHNY, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
1 10 1428 S Martinu: Serenades #2-4; Janacek: Suite for Strings. HLAVACEK, PragueConservatory CO. A.
1 11 1836 S J.A. Stepan (1726-1797): Piano Sonatas in A, G, & B. BERNATIK. A.
10" SUF 29077 Reicha: Wind Quintet in Bb, Op. 88, #5. REICHA QUINTET. A.
A 19035 Reicha: Quartet in D for 4 Flutes. CECH, ZILKA, JOSIFKO, KLEMENT. 6 Trios for Horns. STEFEK, KUBAT, CIR. A.
6.35047 S (4) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. ESSWOOD (a), EQUILUZ, ROGERS (t), RIDDERBUSCH, VAN EGMOND, SCHOPPER (bs); HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Regensburg Domchor, King's College Choir, Cambridge, Concentus Musicus Wien. A. Text.
6.41903 Schumann: Piano Concerto. MICHELANGELI; PEDROTTI, La Scala O. From 78s, 1942; first LP issue. A.
6.42587 D "Organ Music of the Renaissance." TACHEZI, Ebert organ, Innsbruck. A.
NT 529 Weill: Die Dreigroschenoper--exc.; Mahagonny--3 exc. LENYA, HELMKE, TRENK-TREBITSCH, et al. A.
SAT 22521/2 S (2) Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel. SPRINGER, HOFF, ADAM, SCHROTER, SCHREIER, KRAHMER; SUITNER, Dresdner Kreuzchor, Staatskapelle Dresden. A. Summary.
SLT 43099 S Bartok: Suite; Improvisations on Hungarian Folk Songs; piano music. ESCHENBACH. A.
Telefunken (Eng.)
LGX 66032 Strauss: Tod und Verklarung. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Till Eulenspiegel. KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
Temple Beth Israel
76 100 "Tsur Yisrael: High Holy Day Music of Temple Beth Israel, Austin, Texas." Paulina STARK (cantor), Paul OLEFSKY (cello), M. OLEFSKY (pf), BARNETT (org). A; tiny X.
Three Centuries of Musick
3C 309 S Handel: Saul--exc. STEPHANI, German Bach Soloists (instrumental ens.) A.
S/8003 S Berio: Circles; Bussotti: Frammento (BERIO, pf); Cage: Aria with Fontana Mix (electronic music). BERBERIAN (s, in all). A.
Ti 94 S Haydn: Divertimento a Tre in Eb; Beethoven: Horn Sonata; Ries: Sonata. RIFE (horn), PEARLMAN (fp), STEPNER (vln), ARICO (cello) (period inst). A.
T 1006 S Rameau: Suite in e; Couperin: Suite #17. R.E. SMITH (hpsi). A.
S 24 S Subotnick: Liquid Strata (w. electronics); Lesemann: Nataraja; Kraft:Requiescat. GRIERSON (keyboards). A.
Trax Classique
TRXLP 112 (2) Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; opera exc. S. WAGNER. From 78s, 1926-27. A.
UNLA 1007 M. Haydn: Flute Concerto in D (uncredited soloist); Symphony in G. ADLER, Vienna SO. A, LSM; tiny X.
UNLP 1033 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. Ernst LEVY. A. AS, later edition.
UNLP 1036 Haydn: Sonatas #32, 46, 50, & 51. Ernst LEVY. A.
Unicorn (Eng.)
PCM 500/1 D (2) Gliere: Ilya Mourometz (complete). FARBERMAN, Royal PO. A.
RHS 331 S Herrmann: Symphony. HERRMANN, National PO. A. EP.
UNS 237 S Herrmann: Welles Raises Kane; Devil & Daniel Webster Suite. HERRMANN, London PO. A.
Unique Opera Records
UORC 257 Wagner: Die Meistersinger--exc. LEHMANN, THORBORG, KULLMAN, NISSEN, ALSEN; TOSCANINI, Vienna PO (Salzburg, 1936). A. BJ, as issued.
United Artists
UAS 8007 S Villa-Lobos: Forest of the Amazon. SAYAO; VILLA-LOBOS, Symphony of theAir & Cho. A, LSM.
University of Illinois Symphonic Band
24089/90 S (2) Grainger: Band works. BEGIAN, U. of Illinois Symphonic Band. A.
URLP 7020 Humperdinck: Moorish Rhapsody. ABENDROTH, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A, LSM.
US 58031 S Beethoven: Sonata #23; Chopin: Ballade #4; 5 Etudes. FIDELMAN. A.
VRS 438 J. Strauss: Frauenherz; Aus der Ferne; Polkas. PAULIK, Vienna St. Opera O. A, FOT.
VRS 481 Mozart: Songs. FELBERMAYER, WERBA. A. Texts.
VRS 6025 Shostakovich: Symphony #5. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A-, LSM. Jacket heavily marked.
VRS 6032 Shostakovich: Piano Quintet. SHOSTAKOVICH, BEETHOVEN QUARTET (premiereperformers). String Quartet #1. KOMITAS QUARTET. A.
VSD 2019 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. MATTHEWS, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERRMANN. A. Black label.
VSD 79294 S "Rosh Hashanah Service" (traditional & contemporary items). PEERCE; A. KAPLAN, Camerata Singers. FS.
Vanguard Bach Guild
BG 565 "Masterpieces of the Italian Baroque: Italian Songs for Solo Voice." DELLER, DUPRE (lute & gamba), MALCOLM (hpsi). A; tiny X.
BGS 5020 S Handel: Suites #2, 3, 4, & 6. A. HEILLER (hpsi). A. Black label.
BGS 5021 S Handel: Suites #1, 5, 7, & 8. A. HEILLER (hpsi). A. Black label.
BGS 70664 S Purcell: Dido & Aeneas. THOMAS, SHEPPARD, WATTS, TEAR, BEVAN; DELLER. A. Black label. Text.
Vanguard Everyman
SRV 265/7SD F (3) Mozart: Violin Sonatas (Vol. 2). SZIGETI, SZELL (in 2), HORSZOWSKI. Only LP publication (except for 2 Szell items). A. Program notes.
Varese Sarabande
VC 81041 S Sibelius: The Origin of Fire (SAARITS, b; Helsinki U. Cho.); Pohjola'sDaughter. JOHNSON, Cincinnati SO. Works of Sibelius (2), Kilpinen, Sonninen, Palmgren, Happalainen, & Turunen (arr.) (2). TURUNEN, Helsinki U. Cho. Genuine stereo from 1953. A.
VC 81080 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. GIESEKING; ROTHER, Berlin Radio SO. Genuine 1944 stereo. A.
VM 104 Works of Praetorius, Peerson, Telemann, D'Anglebert (3), Couperin (2), & Landowska. LANDOWSKA (+ interview with John Pfeiffer) (all from broadcasts). A.
109 "Bidu SAYAO II, in Song" (from broadcasts, 1944-52). A.
11 S (3) Verdi: Macbeth (1847 version). HUNTER, GLOSSOP, TOMLINSON, COLLINS; MATHESON, BBC Concert O. (1978). A, LSM. English summary.
Voce del Padrone
LALP 141/2 (2) Falla: La Vida Breve. DE LOS ANGELES, GOMEZ, CIVIL, PAYA; E. HALFFTER. Spanish song recital. DE LOS ANGELES, MOORE. A. Spanish summary.
QALP 10408 Mozart: Concerto #15 (GRACIS); Beethoven: Sonata #3. MICHELANGELI. A.
QELP 8145 "Melodie e Canzoni" (in Italian, Spanish, French, & English). CORELLI; MINGARDO, o. A-, FOT. AS.
QIM 6381 Mozart: Symphony #29; Musical Joke. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A; 1/8" X.
Voix de Son Maitre
COLH 103 Faure: Melodies. PANZERA, PANZERA-BAILLOT. A. Dowel spine.
COLH 104 Duparc: 12 Songs. PANZERA, PANZERA-BAILLOT. A. Dowel spine.
COLH 33 Schubert: Sonata in Bb; Allegretto in c. SCHNABEL. A, LSM. Dowel spine.
COLH 91 Chopin: 4 Ballades; Fantasy in f. CORTOT (from 78s, July 1933). A. Dowel spine.
FALP 453 Honegger: La Danse des Morts (BARRAULT, narr; TURBA-RABIER, SCHENNEBERG, PANZERA; Gouverne Cho.); Symphony #2. MUNCH, Paris Conservatory O (1941/4). A. Dowel spine. French texts.
OVD 4044 Mozart: Concerto #17 (FISCHER); Concerto #24 (COLLINGWOOD). E. FISCHER. A, LSM. COH.
OVD 4324 Mozart: Concerto #20 (FISCHER, London PO); Concerto #25 (KRIPS, Philharmonia O.). E. FISCHER. A.
DL 413 1 Geminiani: Concerti Grossi, Op. 2, #3-6 (Vol. 1). BIFFOLI; ECKERTSEN, Gli Accademici di Milano. A-, FOT.
EZ 1 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #8; Franck: Sonata; Bartok-Zathureczky: ForChildren--Suite. ZATHURECZKY, PRESSLER. Live performance, Indiana, 1959; first publication. A, LSM. Writing on jacket.
PL 10150 Hoffmann ("Haydn"): Flute Concerto in D; Leclair: Concerto in D, Op. 7, #3; Pergolesi: Concerto in D. WANAUSEK; ANGERER. A, LSM.
PL 6380 "Petit Concert of French Vocal Music from the 12th to 20th Centuries." N. BOULANGER, ens. A.
PL 6850 Mozart: Serenade, K. 250, "Haffner." KRAUSS, Vienna SO. A. Late pressing.
PL 6880 Mozart: Concerto #24 (MORALT, Vienna SO); Sonata in C, K. 545. KRAUS. A-, LSM.
PL 6890 Mozart: Concertos #19 & 23. KRAUS; MORALT, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
PL 7090 Beethoven: Concerto #4. NOVAES; KLEMPERER, Vienna SO. A. EAR.
PL 8310 Chopin: 17 Polish Songs. CONRAD, Jackson. A/A-, FOT. Texts.
PLP 6010 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. B. & D. BARTOK, BAKER, RUBSAN. For Children--10 Pieces; Evening in Transylvania; Bear Dance. BARTOK. First publication of Sonata performance. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
STPL 510902 S (2) Liszt: Faust Symphony (KOCH, t); Mephisto Waltz; Wagner: Faust Overture. HORENSTEIN, S.W. German Radio SO & Cho., Baden-Baden. A. EAR.
SVBX 58 S (3) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas; Variations. SCHUSTER, WUEHRER. A. Notes.
VBX 3 (3) Mozart: String Quintets. BARCHET QT., KESSINGER. A. Booklet.
VBX 36 (3) Corelli: Sonatas, Opp. 3 & 4. MUSICORUM ARCADIA. A.
VL 6490 Paganini: Concerto #1 (arr. Wilhelmj) (BIGOT); Moses Fantasy; Witches'Dance; Moto Perpetuo (PERSINGER, pf). RICCI. A-, LSM. Numerous mild PBs.
Vox Turnabout
QTV 34646 Q Haydn: Horn Concerto #1. M. SMITH. Oboe Concerto in C. ROSEMAN. Trumpet Concerto. SCHWARZ; KAPP, Philharmonia Virtuosi. FS.
TV 34053 S Mozart: Bastien und Bastienne, K. 50 (in German). DUSKE, COERTSE, GUNTER; EBERT, Hamburg SO. A.
TV 34744 S Offenbach: 7 Overtures. KUNZEL, Cincinnati Pops O. FS.
TW 63 MacDowell: Sonata Tragica; Gershwin: 3 Preludes; Dello Joio: Suite. TOWLEN (pf). A.
9411 S Works of Valderrabano (2), Milan (2), Mudarra (3), Pisador, & Narvaez (3) (arr. Pujol). BYRD (gtr). A, LSM.
WR 420 Handel: Trio Sonatas #2, 3, 4, & 6. KAPLAN, ROSEMAN (ob), NEWMAN (bsn), FULLER (hpsi). A.
Washington University
(no #) Blumenfeld: Expansions. N.Y. WIND QUINTET. Transformations. PELTZER (pf). Tranquil Poems. WEISS, Washington U. Men's Cho. A, LSM.
Welte Legacy
675 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #12; Legend #2; Paganini Etude #5. STAVENHAGEN. Hungarian Rhapsody #10; works of Beethoven & Chopin (2). REISENAUER (from Welte piano rolls, 1905). A.
S 662 S Mendelssohn: Rondo capriccioso; Handel: Variations in d; Beethoven: Sonata #18. HOFMANN (from Welte rolls, 1913). A. Booklet.
S 663 S Debussy: Piano music. DEBUSSY. Ravel: Piano music. RAVEL. From Welte piano rolls, 1913. Some Ravel rolls allegedly played by Casadesus. FS.
S 670 S Teresa CARRENO recital, from Welte piano rolls, 1906. FS.
WER 60013 S Schoenberg: Variations for Orchestra. ROSBAUD, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden (F). Variations on a Recitative. ZACHER (organ). A.
WER 60073 S Lutoslawski: 5 Lieder nach Gedichten von Kazimiera Illakowicz (LUTOSLAWSKI, Leipzig Radio SO); Dessau: Tierverse; Eisler: Legende von der Entesehung des Buches Taoteking; 3 Elegiaen; Zuchthaus-Kantate; Holderlin-Fragmente. TREXLER (in all), et al. A. German texts.
WER 60087 S Francaix: Concerto for 2 Pianos. J. & C. FRANCAIX; STOLL, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden. Variations sur un theme plaisant (SCHOLL, Mainz Wind Ens.); 5 portraites de jeunes filles. FRANCAIX. A.
W 9361 Scriabin: Preludes, Opp. 11 & 74; Vers la Flamme; Fantaisie, Op. 28. LEWENTHAL. A.
W LAB 7054 Berlioz: Overtures--Beatrice & Benedict; Waverly; Benvenuto Cellini. BOULT, London PO. A.
WL 5026 Dvorak: String Quintet in G, Op. 77. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERMAN (bass). A; tiny X. Green label.
WL 5052 Schubert: Quartet #14, "Death & the Maiden." VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A/A-. Red label.
WL 5098 Beethoven: Quartet #8, Op. 59, #2. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A. Red label.
WL 5105 Schumann: Sonata #1; Carnaval. BADURA-SKODA. A; tiny X, minor PBs Spine repaired.
WL 5108 Beethoven: Symphony #6. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. Early mono edition. A, LSM.
WL 5117 Brahms: Double Concerto. FOURNIER, JANIGRO; SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A, LSM.
WL 5151 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 135; Grosse Fuge. BARYLLI QT. B.
WL 5162 Bach: Partitas #3 & 4. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5183 Mozart: Concertos #21 & 26. DEMUS; HORVATH, Vienna St. Opera O. A, LSM.
WL 5184 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5225 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. JANIGRO; DIXON, Vienna St. Opera O. A-, FOT.
WL 5245 Brahms: Sonata #3, Op. 5. BADURA-SKODA. A, LSM.
WL 5317 Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 331; Fantasy & Sonata in c, K. 475/457. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5330 Tchaikovsky: Sonata in G, Op. 37; piano music. REISENBERG. A.
WL 5362 Beethoven: Symphonies #2 & 8. SCHERCHEN, Royal PO. A.
WMS 1015 S (3) Beethoven: "Kakadu" Variations; Trios of Brahms (#2), Haydn ("#3,in C), Martinu (#2), Mendelssohn (#1), & Mozart (K. 548 & 564). ALBENERI TRIO (Balsam, Ciompi, B. Heifetz). A.
WP 6004 Works of J. Strauss (5), Komzak, E. Wagner, & Novacek. HERRMANN, Deutschmeister Band ("Here Comes the Band! Vol. 1"). A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
WST 14017 S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A-, FOT; 1/3" X. ABC label.
WST 14068 S Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp. RAMPAL, LASKINE. Clarinet Concerto.LANCELOT; PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
WST 14097 S Mozart: Symphonies #18-20. LEINSDORF, Royal PO. A.
WST 14111 S Vaughan Williams: Tallis & Greensleeves Fantasias; English Folk Song Suite. BOULT, Vienna St. Opera O. A. ABC label.
WST 17029 S Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben; Lieder of Mozart (5) & Schubert (5). STADER, DEMUS. A, LSM.
WST 17059 S Bach: Suites #3 & 4. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
WST 17060 S Dittersdorf: Harpsichord Concerto in Bb. VEYRON-LACROIX. Flute Concerto in e. REDEL. Sinfonia Concertante (HORTNAGEL, bass; RETYI, viola). REDEL, Munich Pro Arte CO. A.
WST 17077 S Haydn: Fantasy in C; Sonatas #33, 39, & 60. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WST 17086 S Berg: Chamber Concerto (GERLE, SHETLER); Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony#1. SCHERCHEN, ens. A.
WST 17087 S Hindemith: Kammermusik #4; Weill: Violin Concerto. GERLE; SCHERCHEN. A.
WST 17088 S Schumann: Manfred. HERMGES; SCHERCHEN, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & Radio O. A. English text.
WST 17090 S Mozart: 13 Church Sonatas. M.C. ALAIN (organ); PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
WST 17091 S Mozart: 5 Church Sonatas; Fantasies, K. 594 & 608. M.C. ALAIN (org); PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
WST 17107 S Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. BARENBOIM (at age 23). A.
WST 17136 S Varga: Prelude & 4 Caprices; Paganini: Introduction & Variations on "Nel cor piu non mi sento;" Caprice #24; Bach: Partita #2. VARGA. A.
WST 17151 S Bach: "Unfamiliar Masterpieces for Orchestra." RUDOLF, Vienna Radio O. A.
WST 17161 S Liszt: Fantasy & Fugue on BACH; Mephisto Waltz; Scriabin: Sonata #5; Ginastera: Sonata #1. BEAN. A.
WST 17166 S Mendelssohn: Concerto in d for Violin & Piano. GLENN, LIST; MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO. A.
XWN 18041 Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 364. BARYLLI, DOKTOR; PROHASKA, Vienna St. Opera O. Sinfonia Concertante, K. Anh. 9. VIENNA PHIL. WIND GROUP; SWOBODA, Vienna St. Opera CO. A.
XWN 18045 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 357, 497, & 521. BADURA-SKODA, DEMUS. A.
XWN 18106 Mozart: Trios, K. 254, 502, & 564. FOURNIER, JANIGRO, BADURA-SKODA. A.
XWN 18107 Mozart: Trios, K. 496, 542, & 548. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A.
XWN 18232 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 1, #1; Op. 70, #1. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A.
XWN 18379 Beethoven: Concerto #3. HASKIL; SWOBODA, Winterthur SO. A.
XWN 18397 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A, LSM. AS.
XWN 18433 Granados: 12 Spanish Dances. ECHANIZ. A.
XWN 18457 Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini. IVANOV. Glinka: Jota Aragonesa; Summer Night in Madrid; Symphony on 2 Russian Themes. GAUK. A, LSM.
XWN 18508 Rakov: Violin Concerto (RAKOV); works of Scriabin, Khachaturian, Rakov, Kreisler, & Mozart (KOLLEGORSKAYA, piano). I. OISTRAKH. A.
XWN 18511 Debussy: Violin Sonata; Cello Sonata. FOURNIER, JANIGRO, G. DOYEN. Sonata for Flute, Viola & Harp. WANAUSEK, WEISS, JELLINEK. A. Late label.
XWN 18535 Karlovich: Violin Concerto, Op. 8. BARINOVA; KONDRASHIN. Machavariani:Violin Concerto. VAIMAN; DMITRIADI. A, FOT.
XWN 18546 Mozart: Concertos for 2 Pianos, K. 242 & 365. BADURA-SKODA, GIANOLI; SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. ABC label.
XWN 18603 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #1 & 2. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT. ABC label.
XWN 18610 Haydn: Trios #1, 28, & 30. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A.
XWN 18611 Haydn: Trios #4, 17, 27, & 29. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A.
XWN 18665 Bartok: Songs, Op. 16; Hungarian Folk Songs. LASZLO, HOLETSCHEK. A. Texts.
XWN 18682 Tchaikovsky: Album for the Young. GOLDENWEISER. Sonata in c#, Op. 80 (1865). FEINBERG. A.
XWN 18926 Bach: Concertos in f & A; Double Concertos in C & c (BADURA-SKODA). DEMUS; REDEL, Vienna St. Opera O. (Vol. 2). A. AS.
XWN 19101 S Milhaud: Symphony #3 (Brasseur Cho.); Concerto for 2 Pianos (MARIKA, JOY). MILHAUD, Paris Conservatory O. A. AS.
XWN 2217 (2) Albeniz: Iberia; Navarra; Cantos de Espana. ECHANIZ. A, LSM. Booklet.
XWN 4405 (4) Bach: Geistliche Lieder. ROESSEL-MAJDAN, CUENOD, HARAND, HOLETSCHEK. Commentary booklet, no texts. A. Spine taped.
Westminster Gold
WG 8354 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A.
WGM 8270 "The Italians: Early Songs." CUENOD, LEEB. FS. COH.
WGS 8341 S Chopin: Piano music. FLIERE. A.
EL 1 S Lieber: 24 DeKooning Preludes; piano music. LIEBER ("Music to Paintings"). A.
WIMR 10 S Schmidt: Sonatina; Campo: Dualidad; S. Davis: 3 Poems of William Blake (STEVENSON, s); works of Bach, Rarig, Chopin, & Pillin. SPEAR (low clarinets), et al. A.
WIMR 11 S Pillin: Tune in c; Serenade; Cello Sonata (D. DAVIS). S. DAVIS (pf), SILVERMAN (perc), WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET. A.
WIMR 12 S Pergolesi (?): Sonata #4, in Ab; Brahms: Marienlieder; Bach: 3 Sinfonias; Fugue in g; Bruckner: 3 Motets; "3-Part Music from the Renaissance." L.A. PHIL. TROMBONE ENS. A.
WIMR 13 S Schmidt: Vendor's Call (ATKINS, clar); S. Davis: Though Men Call Us Free (D. STEVENSON, s); R. Brown: Concertino for Piano & Band (HENDERSON). S. DAVIS (pf, in all). A.
WIMR 14 S Schmidt: Serenade for Tuba & Piano (T. JOHNSON); Variations on "St. Bone" (VEEH, tmbn); Horn Sonata (C. SMITH). S. DAVIS (pf, in all). A.
WIMR 15 S Schmidt: Songs of Early America, Sacred & Profane (variations on earlysongs). GRANAT (vln), CHRIST (ob), BREIDENTHAL (bsn), SHOSTAC (fl), DAVIS (pf), et al. A.
WIMR 17 S Schmidt: Variations with Solo Cadenzas; Concertino (OCHSE, org); Trumpet Sonata (S. DAVIS, pf). PLOG, et al (tpt). A.
WIMR 18 S Schmidt: Suite for Unaccompanied Saxophone; Sonatina; Sonata; (S. DAVIS, pf); Jazz Suite (B. SILVERMAN, perc); Variations on a Theme of Prokofiev. GREENBERG (sax, in all). A.
WIMR 2 S Doran: Sonatine (D. DAVIS, cello); Michalsky: Partita Piccola (S. DAVIS, pf); R. Brown: Sonata (THOMAS, org); Schmidt: Septigrams (REMSEMN, perc). SHANLEY (fl, in all). A.
WIMR 20 S Schmidt: Double Concerto. PLOG (tpt), S. DAVIS (pf); DUERR, Pasadena CO. Reinecke: Concerto for Piano, Clarinet & Horn. DAVIS, ATKINS, C. SMITH. A.
WIMR 3 S Rosenthal (arr.): 3 Renaissance Madrigals; Brahms-Jolley: 3 Motets; Pezel: Suite of Dances; Schmidt: Suite #1; Bach-Taylor: Canzona. N.Y. BRASS SOCIETY. A.
WIMR 5 S Kraft: Morris Dance; Sifler: Marimba Suite; Schmidt: Ludus Americanus; Pillin: Duo (S. DAVIS, pf). ERVIN (perc). A.
WIMR 6 S Schmidt: Suite #2, "Folksongs;" Music for Scrimshaws (D. REMSEN, harp); Spiritual Phantasy (THOMAS, organ); Shortnin' Bread Variations. L.A. BRASS SOCIETY. A.
WIMR 7 S Owen: Chamber Music; Michalsky: Divertimento; Campo: Concertino; Heussenstamm: Tetralogue. D'ANTONIO, ATKINS, H. RAIMONDI, SPEAR (clar), ERVIN (perc), S. DAVIS (pf). A.
WIMR 8 S R. Brown: Symphony for Clarinet Choir. L.A. CLARINET SOC. Concerto for2 Pianos, Brass & Percussion. S. DAVIS, STEPAN (pf), L.A. BRASS SOC. A.
7018908108 S Works of DeLalande, Bach, Lully, Daquin, Dupre, Campra, Clark,. Haan, B. Marcello, & M. Shaw. BISH, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church organ, Ft. Lauderdale. A.
SPCN 7 01892910 D (3) Handel: Messiah. CABLE (s), BALDWIN, DeGAETANI (ms), McCOY (t), PAUL (bs); NEUEN, Eastman Chorale & Philharmonia. A. Text.
SPCN 7018928109 S Haydn-Piatigorsky: Divertimento; J.C. Bach: Concerto in c; works of Bach, Faure, Debussy, St.-Saens, Glazunov, & Faure. WILLIAMS (cello), BISH (organ). A.
World Record Club
CM 22 Gibbons: 2 Fantasias; Locke: Consort of Ffowre Parts--#6; Purcell: Pavan & Chacony. NEW MUSIC QT. M.
SH 314 Brahms: Symphony #1. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. M.
SHB 52 (2) Tchaikovsky: Symphonies #5 & 6. CANTELLI, La Scala O., Philharmonia O. A.
SPE 753 S Arias of Verdi (3), Mascagni, Puccini (4), & Giordano. SHUARD; DOWNES, Royal Opera House O., Covent Garden. A.
ST 246 S Grieg: Peer Gynt. CANTELO (s); GIBSON, Royal PO. A.
ST 343 S Mendelssohn: Symphony #4. DERVAUX, Hamburg PO. Midsummer Night's Dream--4 exc. DIXON, Cologne Radio SO. A.
ZRG 701 S Gerhard: Symphony #4; Violin Concerto (NEAMAN). C. DAVIS, BBC SO. HP Super Disc. A.
MS 6328 S Stravinsky: The Firebird. STRAVINSKY, Columbia SO. A. 6 eye label. TAS recommendation.
SDBR 3019 S Vaughan Williams: Job. BOULT, London PO. A. Dowel spine. Early silver label.
Harmonia Mundi
HM 1036 S "La Fete de l'Ane." CLEMENCIC, Clemencic Consort. HP Super Disc, Pontefract recording. A, LSM. Texts.
ASD 3266 Q Elgar: Symphony #2. BOULT, London PO. HP Super Disc. A. Small dog label.
ASD 3284 S Rachmaninov: Symphony #1. PREVIN, London SO. A. HP Super Disc.
ASD 613 S Gerhard: Symphony #1; Don Quixote. DORATI, BBC SO. A. Black Odeon label.
SLS 861 S (4) Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra; Don Juan; Alpine Symphony; Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme; Schlagobers--Waltzes; Metamorphosen; Macbeth. KEMPE, Staatskapelle Dresden (Vol. 1). A.
CS 6100B S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. CURZON; SOLTI, Vienna PO. A, FOT. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6235 S Works of Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Liszt, Mendelssohn (2), Mozart, Chopin (2), Debussy, & Falla. KATCHEN. A, LSM. FFSS label.
CS 6324 S Holst: Hymn of Jesus; Egdon Heath; The Perfect Fool--Suite. BOULT, BBCCho. & SO, London PO. A. EP.
CS 6816 S Ives: Symphony #1; Elgar: Enigma Variations. MEHTA, L.A. PO. HP SuperDisc. A. EP. Writing on jacket.
CSA 2204 S (2) Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP. Large FFRR labels.
OS 25331 S Britten: Noye's Fludde. REX, ANTHONY, BRANNIGAN; DEL MAR, English CO. A. Libretto. Blue back jacket.
PS 100 S "A Journey into Stereo Sound." A, FOT. Blue back jacket.
London Treasury
STS 15088 S Mozart: Notturno for 4 Orchestras, K. 286; Serenata Notturno, K. 239; Lucio Silla Overture; King Thamos--Interludes. MAAG, London SO. A. EP. COH.
STS 15191 S Walton: Facade--exc.; Lecocq: Mam'zelle Angot--exc. FISTOULARI, RoyalOpera O., Covent Garden. A. EP. Jacket marked.
SRCS 105 S Moeran: Violin Concerto. GEORGIADIS; HANDLEY, London SO. A. Decca pressing.
SRCS 78 S Cooke: Symphony #3; Jabez & the Devil--Suite. BRAITHWAITE, London PO. M. Decca pressing.
SR2 9013 S (2) Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker. DORATI, London SO. A, LSM. RFR matrix. White promo labels.
SR90005 S Ravel: Bolero; Ma Mere l'Oye; Chabrier: Bourree Fantasque. PARAY, Detroit SO. A. Color back jacket FR matrix.
SR90016 S Offenbach-Rosenthal: Gaite Parisienne; J. Strauss-Dorati: Graduation Ball. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A. FR matrix. Color back.
SR90049 S Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite; Mississippi Suite. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A. RFR matrix. Color back.
SR90136 S Carpenter: Adventures in a Perambulator; Phillips: Selections from McGuffey's Readers. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A, LSM. FR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90233 S Cherubini: Medea--exc. CALLAS, SCOTTO, PIRAZZINI, PICCHI, MODESTI; SERAFIN, La Scala. A. FR matrix.
SR90235- S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2 & 3; Enesco: Roumanian Rhapsodies #1 &2. DORATI, London SO. A. RFR matrix. B&W back jacket.
SR90376 S Franck: Symphony; Lalo: Namouna Suite #1; Le Roi d'Ys--Overture. PARAY, Detroit SO. A. Vendor label.
SR90450 S Nielsen: Fynsk Forar, Op. 42; 12 Songs. WOLDIKE, Danish Radio Cho. & SO. A. COH. RFR matrix. Text.
RCA Victor
LDS 2513 S Brahms: Double Concerto. HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY; WALLENSTEIN, o. A. Soria booklet.
LSC 2228SD S Berlioz: Harold in Italy. PRIMROSE; MUNCH, Boston SO. A. 6S/4S.
LSC 2297SD S Brahms: Symphony #4. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM; 1 mild PB. 8S/5S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2323SD S Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol; Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien. KONDRASHIN, RCA Victor SO. A, FOT. 20S/8S. Harmless dish warp.
LSC 2362SD S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. MONTEUX, Vienna PO. A-, FOT. Ex-library. 7S/7S.
LSC 2394SD S Haydn: Symphonies #94 & 101. MONTEUX, Vienna PO. A. 5S/4S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2448WD S "The Art of Julian BREAM." A.
LSC 2487SD S Giuliani: Guitar Concerto; Arnold: Guitar Concerto. BREAM, Melos Ensemble. HP Super Disc. A. 5S/5S. PB after music. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2507SD S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #3; MacDowell: Concerto #2. CLIBURN; HENDL,Chicago SO. A. 35S/33S.
LSC 2516SD S Schubert: Symphonies #5 & 8. REINER, Chicago SO. A. 14S/9S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2524SD S Dvorak: Quartet in C, Op. 51; Wolf: Italian Serenade. JUILLIARD QT. A, LSM. 1S/1S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2531WD S Berg: Lyric Suite; Webern: 6 Bagatelles; 5 Movements. JUILLIARD QT. A.
LSC 2536SD S Beethoven: Symphony #7. KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A. 3S/8S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2545WD S Beethoven: Sonatas #12 & 23. RICHTER. A.
LSC 2563SD S Beethoven: Trio in D, Op. 9, #2; Bach: 3 Sinfonias; Schubert: StringTrio #2, in Bb. HEIFETZ, PRIMROSE, PIATIGORSKY. A. 2S/2S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2591SD S "Hallelujah! & other Sacred Choruses." SHAW, Cleveland O. & Cho. A.
LSC 2742WD S Haydn: Symphonies #95 & 101. REINER, o. A, LSM.
LSC 2746SD S Works of Enesco, Liszt, Chabrier, & Gershwin. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A.
LSC 2785WD S Menotti: Death of the Bishop of Brindisi; Schoenberg: Guerre-Lieder--Song of the Wood Dove. CHOOKASIAN, LONDON; LEINSDORF, Boston SO, cho's. A. Text.
LSC 2985WD S Dvorak: Piano Quintet (LATEINER, BAKER); Francaix: String Trio. HEIFETZ, DE PASQUALE, PIATIGORSKY. A.
RCA Victrola
VICS 1028 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. SZERYNG; MONTEUX, London SO. A, LSM. EAR.
VICS 1032 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #3. JANIS; MUNCH, Boston SO. A. EAR.
VICS 1037 S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (MUNCH, Boston SO); Tartini: "Devil's Trill" Sonata (C. REINER, pf). SZERYNG. A, LSM. EAR.
VICS 1057 S Bizet: L'Arlesienne Suites; Chabrier: Espana; Marche Joyeuse. MOREL, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden. A, LSM. EAR.
VICS 1064 S Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole. SZERYNG; HENDL, Chicago SO. A. EAR.
VICS 1071 S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #2; Ravel: Concerto in G. HENRIOT-SCHWEITZER; MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM. EAR.
VICS 1139 S Rachmaninov: Symphony #2. BOULT, London PO. A; 2 tiny X's. EAR.
5036 S Works of Widor, Vierne (3), B. Marcello, Karg-Elert, & Dupre. MURRAY, Methuen Memorial Music Hall organ. Direct-to-disc recording. A, LSM.
10" AVRS 8012 X "Vienna Midnight Cabaret mit Georg KREISLER." A, LSM.
S 35834 S "Christmas Carols." THALBEN-BALL (organ & cond), Temple Church Choir, London. A.
S 36066 S "Alfred NEWMAN conducts his great film music." A.
S 38003 S "The Magic Panpipes of Mario MORENO, with his orchestra & chorus." FS.
APON 2643 Sandor LAKATOS Gypsy Orchestra: Russin Gypsy Melodies. A.
APN 30101 S Earl ROBINSON: Alive & Well. Very late album by the songwriter, including his "Ballad for Americans." Jacket inscribed by Robinson, 1988. M.
LPA 2470 "The Six Day War: The Battle for Jerusalem!" A. COH.
101 RM "Author's Roundtable." Brief radio transcriptions (c. 3" each) of M.C. MUMMA (2), Rebecca GREER, Gordon WILLIAMS. Dr. Renatus HARTOGS, Roger HILSMAN, William Bradford HUIE, Morton COOPER, Dick SCHAAP, E. SHOSTROM, Piet HEIN, W.J. DUNN, E.L. POST. A, LSM.
BHA 1378 S "Bulgarian National Dances (Horos) & `Ratchenitzi.'" Various performers. A.
BHA 1467 S "Bulgarian Folk Horos & Ratchenitsi." Various performers. A.
BHA 1541 S Petkov RADEV (folk clarinetist & conductor). A.
BHA 1670 S "Bulgarian Folk Music: 10th International Folklore Festival, Bourgas '74." Various performers. A.
BAY 206 S Frankie ARMSTRONG: Out of Love, Hope, and Suffering. A.
BR 6964 S Jesse WINCHESTER: Let the Rough Side Drag. A.
BRK 6984 S Jesse WINCHESTER: A Touch on the Rainy Side. A.
TC 1042 "Tyrone POWER Reading Poetry of Byron." A. Text missing.
TC 1043 "Dylan THOMAS Reading, Vol. 3" (his own poetry, with introduction). A.
TC 1046 Walter DE LA MARE speaking and reading. A.
TC 1056 "The Cambridge Treasury of English Prose, Vol. 3: Defoe to Burke." RYLANDS, "Members of Cambridge University." A.
TC 1057 "The Cambridge Treasury of English Prose, Vol. 4: Austen to Bronte." RYLANDS, "Members of Cambridge University." A.
TC 1058 "The Cambridge Treasury of English Prose, Vol. 5: Dickens to Butler, 1836-1903." RYLANDS, "Members of Cambridge University." A.
TC 1059 "The Poetry of Shelley, read by Vincent PRICE." A.
TC 1063 Joyce: Ulysses--exc. Siobhan McKENNA, E.G. MARSHALL (readers). A.
TC 1069 Coward: Brief Encounter ("complete adaptation"); Blithe Spirit--exc.; Present Laughter--exc. Noel COWARD, Margaret LEIGHTON. A.
TFC 1004 Thomas MANN: Tonio Kroger--chapter 1; Lob der Verganglichkeit; Der Erwahlte--Die Busse. MANN (reading in German). A.
S603 Hague: Plain and Fancy. DERR, COOK, DANIELS, CONWAY, NAGRIN (Broadway cast). A; 2/3" X.
SWBO 1569 S (2) Judy GARLAND at Carnegie Hall. FS.
T10309 "A Visit to Portugal." Berta CARDOSO (in 4 fados), Angolan pops by OuroNegro troupe. A, FOT. COH.
461000 1 S Nurit GALRON: Heartfelt--Nurit Galron in Concert (Israeli pops). A.
64927 Ivan REBROFF: Folk Songs from Old Russia. A.
C 32268 S Earl SCRUGGS: Dueling Banjos. A.
CL 570 Jacqueline FRANCOIS: Mademoiselle de Paris. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X. English texts.
Connoisseur Society
CS 1466 S "Indian Drums." Mahapurush MISRA (tabla). A.
528 "Traditional Fiddle Music of Mississippi, Vol. 1: Mississippi Breakdown." RAY Brothers, NARMOUR & SMITH, Ming's Pep Steppers, CARTER Brothers & Sons, Mississippi Possum Hunters (from 78s). A.
773 S John ASHBY & the Free State Ramblers: Fiddling by the Hearth. A. Corner clipped.
10" DL 5108 Berlin: This Is the Army. "Original All Soldier Cast" (BERLIN on 1 item). Tremendous rarity! A; 2 1/2" X's.
DL 4596 LOS AMIGOS: El Sensacional Trio (Mexican ensemble). A.
DL 9028 Ethel MERMAN: Memories--40 Great Songs from the "Gay Nineties" to the "Roaring Twenties." A, FOT.
DL 9044 "The Heroic Soul: Poems of Patriotism." Arnold MOSS, R.E. JOHNSON, Jayt JOSTYN (readers). A.
DL 9504 Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet--4 exc. (Pamela BROWN); Hamlet--exc.; 5 Sonnets. John GIELGUD (reader). A.
DX 100 (2) Eliot: The Cocktail Party (spoken play). GUINNESS, NESBITT, FLEMYNG, PEEL, WORTH, CLARK, BLAKE; BROWNE (N.Y. original cast). M.
Deutsche Grammophon
2531 381 S "East Greets East: Ravi SHANKAR in Japan" (w. Alla Rakha, tabla; Susumu Miyashita, koto; Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi). FS.
SL 5187 Judy GARLAND: The Beginning (Decca 78s, 1940-46, 6 new to LP). FS.
60432 1 S Ruben BLADES y Seis del Solar (w. Joe JACKSON, Linda RONSTADT). A.
Elektra (Mexico)
LWE 6582 S Ruben BLADES: y Seis Del Solar. A.
15287 F Yves GUILBERT: Du caf' conc' au music-hall (#13) (from 78s, 1933-4). A; 2/3" X.
ERS 6501 ST S Herrmann: Battle of Neretva (film music). HERRMANN, London PO (from sound track). A.
Flying Fish
205 S Peter ROWAN: Medicine Trail. A. Corner clipped.
224 S "Tellulive: 1979 Telluride Bluegrass & Country Music Festival." Norman& Nancy BLAKE, Dan CRARY, COUNTRY GAZTTE, Doug DILLARD Band, HOT RIZE, Bob LUCAS, Peter ROWAN, NEW GRASS REVIVAL, Wayne STEWART, Doc & Merle WATSON. A.
FF 054 S Mike AULDRIDGE & "Old Dog." A. Corner clipped.
FF 068 S "The Festival Tapes" (Telluride, 1977). Byron BERLINE & Sundance, BryanBORWERS, DAN & CHAZ, Tim GOODMAN, John HARTFORD, NEW GRASS REVIVAL, Peter ROWAN. A.
FF 080 S Mike AULDRIDGE & Jeff NEWMAN: Slidin' Smoke (Dobro & steel guitar). A. Corner clipped.
FF 214 S "The Great Hudson River Revival, Vol. 1" (live, 1979). Paul GEREMIA, John HARTFORD, KLEZMORIM, Taj MAHAL, Bernice REAGON, Pete SEEGER, Robin & Linda WILLIAMS, Paul WINTER, et al. A. Corner clipped.
FF 241 S Claudia SCHMIDT: Midwestern Heart. A.
FF 265 S Jane SAPP: Take a Look at My People. A.
FF 327 S Robin & Linda WILLIAMS: Close As We Can Get. A. Corner clipped.
FF 332 S Frankie ARMSTRONG: I Heard a Woman Singing. A. Corner clipped.
FF 359 S Robin & Linda WILLIAMS: Nine 'til Midnight. A. Corner clipped.
FF 361 S Claudia SCHMIDT: Out of the Dark. A. Corner clipped.
FF 415 S A. ROBIC & THE EXERTIONS: Old Time Music Dance Party (Mike Seeger, Bruce Molsky, et al). A.
Folk Tradition
B004 S Ned BACHUS: Raisin d'Etre. A.
FSI 85 S Helen Bonchek SCHNEYER: On the Hallelujah Line. A.
FA 2367 S Kevin ROTH Sings & Plays Dulcimer. A.
FP 85 1 Pete SEEGER/ALMANAC SINGERS: The Original Talking Union & other union songs. A. No texts.
FTS 31045 S Kevin ROTH: The Other Side of the Mountain. A.
FTS 31070 S Kevin ROTH: New Wind. A.
FTS 31087 S Kevin ROTH: Dulcimer Man. A. Booklet.
FTS 6524 S Tracy SCHWARTZ & Tracy's Family Band: Dancing Bow & Singing Strings. A.
Front Hall
FHR 019 S Debby SAPERSTONE & George WILSON: Kissing Is a Crime. A. Corner clipped.
Gold Castle
171 004 1 S Joan BAEZ: Recently. A.
Green Linnet
SIF 1030 S Joe RYAN & Eddie CLARKE: Crossroads (fiddle & harmonica). A. Corner clipped.
GR 704 S Alice GERRARD & Mike SEEGER (fiddle & banjo). A. Corner clipped.
GU6 401S1 S Steve ASHLEY: Stroll On. A.
GT 0049 S Mac WISEMAN: Golden Classics. A.
Happy Valley
ARIS 808015 S Angelika THOMAS Singt Friedrich Hollaender. A.
AN 44 11 Sing Along with Meir HARNIK, Vol. 2. A-/B, FOT. Hebrew text, Eng. summary
10" 0061 "Saturday Matinee: Theatre Fun for the Young." Performances by Adolph GREEN, Betty COMDON, Harold ROME (4), Alan Jay LERNER (1), Ira GERSHWIN & Kurt WEILL (1). A-/B, LSM.
10" H 0055 Harold ROME Plays "Fanny" (piano & vocal with rhythm). A-, FOT; 2/3" X.
10" LP H 0053 Harold ROME: A Touch of Rome (composer plays & sings songs from musicals). A. Writing on jacket.
10" LP H 0073 "GERSHWIN Plays Gershwin, with Fred & Adele Astaire." A/A-, LSM.
HER 34 S The SHADY MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS with Gary PATTON: All Smiles Tonight. A. Corner clipped.
Hollywood Soundstage
5002 "The Harvey Girls" (Mercer/Warren musical). Judy GARLAND, Ray BOLGER, John HODIAK, et al. Film sound track, including 3 items cut from film. FS.
ID 101 Greta KELLER singt Kinderlieder. A, LSM.
HELP 24 S "Rattlebone & Ploughjack, devised & compiled by Ashley Hutchings." Documentary with music & readings on early British dances. A. EP.
F 11 S Kate WOLF: Safe at Anchor. A. Corner clipped.
KL 1116 Vera BRYNNE: Russian Gypsy Folk Songs (Yul's sister). A. AS.
KS 3263 S Erich KUNZ: Vienna, City of My Dreams. A, FOT.
Kicking Mule
KM 219 S Janita BAKER: Fingerpicking Dulcimer. A. Corner clipped.
KM 223 S Michael RUGG: Rugg's Celtic Collection for Dulcimer. A. Corner clipped.
KM 327 S SCARTAGLEN. A. Corner clipped.
AK 27 Peter LESTCHENKO & Orchestra: Russian Songs & Tangos. A, FOT.
Lion Dog Music
LD 0004 S Rick RUSKIN & Lewis ROSS: On the Cheap. A.
HA T 8268 Charles BOYER: Where Does Love Go (singing). A.
LL 1548 "Poetry Readings, Vol. 2, by Dame Peggy ASHCROFT" (Tennyson, Wordsworth, Donne, Dryden, Blake, Pope, Byron, Swift, Shakespeare, et al). A.
PS 319 S Anton KARAS: Vienna, City of Dreams (zither solos, including "Third Man" theme). A.
10681 S The WEAVERS Together Again (Carnegie Hall, 1980). A.
S 01221/2 S Valentina LEVKO: Russian Songs. A; 2/3" X.
S60 17663/6 S (2) Alla PUGACHOVA: How Disturbing Is This Way? A.
MG20056 "Songs by Anna Maria ALBERGHETTI." A.
MGP 2 104 (2) "Original Motion Picture Sound Track from Jack LeVien's `The Finest Hours': Sir Winston Churchill's Own Story" (narration by Orson WELLES). A.
MES/7028 F Maurice CHEVALIER: You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (14 songs fromearly American films). A.
MR 0644 MARAIS & MIRANDA: Spotlight on Europe, Vol. 2. A-, FOT. Text.
National Voice Library
NVL 18 Fiorello LA GUARDIA: Patience and Fortitude! (radio address & excerpts, with memorial by Senator Paul H. DOUGLAS). A.
10" OS 1038 Leo FERRE (9 songs). A-, LSM.
OL 001 S Kate WOLF & the Wildwood Flower: Back Roads. A. Corner clipped.
6313 489 S Yves MONTAND in English. A.
Philips (U.S.)
PCC 633 S Yves MONTAND: Extraordinaire! A, FOT. Texts.
Prestige International
PR INT 13058 Peggy SEEGER: A Song for You and Me. A.
Pro Arte
PAD 188 D Bill CROFUT & Benjamin LUXON: All Through the Night--Folksongs of America & the British Isles. A.
4026 S TRIO HNOS. SAUCEDO: Lo Mejor de los Panchos (w. guitar). FS.
RCA Camden
CAL 190 "Scenes from Shakespeare's Plays" (O. SKINNER); "Anthology of English Lyric Verse." Cornelia Otis SKINNER. A.
RCA Victor
LM 6110 (3) Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet (complete play). Claire BLOOM, Alan BADEL, Old Vic Company. A. Booklet.
LM 6126 (3) Shakespeare: Richard III. Laurence OLIVIER, John GIELGUD, Claire BLOOM, Ralph RICHARDSON, Alec CLUNES (film sound track with Walton music). A. Text.
LOC 1018 S. Wilson: The Boy Friend. Julie ANDREWS, Ruth ALTMAN, Ann WAKEFIELD, Dilys LAY, John HEWER, Eric BERRY, Bob SCHEERER, Geoffrey HIBBERT (original cast). A, LSM.
LPM 1315 Aldemaro ROMERO & His Salon Orchestra: Venezuela. A.
LSO 1048 S Hague: Redhead. Gwen VERDON, Richard KILEY, et al (Broadway cast). A.
RCA Victor (Mexico)
MKL 1588 PEPE e IMELDA: Antologia Musical de Yucutan (w. guitar quartet). A, LSM.
REB 1603 S Jimmy ARNOLD: Rainbow Ride. A. Corner clipped.
REB 4624 S Jimmy ARNOLD: Southern Soul. A. COH.
SLP 1591 S Buck RYAN: Dream Train Engineer (fiddle band). A. Corner clipped.
Red House
RHR 19 S Claudia SCHMIDT: Big Earful. A. Corner clipped.
R 6187 Jacques BREL: Like Nothing Heard Before (Barclay recording). A.
SRLP 8094 S Louis DANTO: Best Loved Russian Songs (w. orchestra). A; 1/2" X. Jacket markings.
RSTR 115 S Jody STECHER & Krishna BHATT: Rasa (guitar/sitar duets). A.
0128 S The BACKWOODS BAND: Jes' fine. A.
2479 168 S "Pierre et le Loup" (French pop/jazz version). Pierre CLEMENT, Manfred MANN, Gary BROOKER, Chris SPEDDING, Gary MOORE, Stephane GRAPPELLI (!), ENO (!), Phil COLLINS, Alvin LEE, et al. A. Canadian pressing.
Sadie Green Sales
101050 S SADIE GREEN SALES: Play It Again! Play It Again! A.
308079X S SADIE GREEN SALES Ragtime Jugband: For the Record. A.
Schwann Musica Sacra
AMS 1508 S "Music of the Bible in the Tradition of Old Hebraic Melody." Various performers (from Israel, Middle East & Europe). A.
SEFD 5026 D "Live at Carnegie Hall" (debut concert, 1983). HENDERSON, N.Y. Pops. A.
Sound Out Music
SOM 1 S Alistair RUSSELL: Getting to the Border. A. Corner clipped.
Spoken Arts
701 A Golden Treasury of German Verse (13th to 20th Centuries), read by Henry SCHNITZLER (in German). A. German-English texts.
704 Arthur MILLER speaking on and reading from "The Crucible" and "Death ofa Salesman." A.
705 "An Informal Hour with S.J. PERELMAN." A.
707 Siobhan McKENNA: Irish Ballads, Folksongs & Lyrics (half Yeats). A.
710 The Golden Treasury of John BETJEMAN (reading his poems). A.
717 Marc BLITZSTEIN Discusses His Theatre Compositions, featuring Brenda Lewis, Roddy McDowell, Jane Connell, George Gaynes, Alvin Epstein, Evelyn Lear, et al. A.
718 John VAN DRUTEN speaking on & reading from "The Art of Playwriting," "The Voice of the Turtle," "The Druid Circle," "I Am a Camera," "I've Got Sixpence." A.
719 Paul GREEN speaking on & reading from "In Abraham's Bosom" & "Roll Sweet Chariot." A.
721 "An Informal Hour with Erskine CALDWELL" (reading 4 stories). A.
Sports Record
SCI 32 (2) Arnold PALMER: Personal Golf Instructions from Driver thru Putter. 24 page booklet. A. Minor jacket damage.
Sugar Hill
SH 1022 S Robin & Linda WILLIAMS: All Broken Hearts Are the Same. A. Corner clipped.
SH 3710 S Buck WHITE: More Pretty Girls Than One (w. Ricky SKAGGS, Dave GRISMAN). A. Corner clipped.
SH 3733 S Peter ROWAN with the Red Hot Pickers. A. Corner clipped.
SH 3749 S Peter ROWAN: The First Whippoorwill. A. Corner clipped.
TLP 501 Yeats: The Countess Cathleen (verse play). Siobhan McKENNA, John NEVILLE, Tom & Liam CLANCY, et al. A, LSM. Ex-library.
XTRA 1143 S Victor JARA: Manifesto. Folksongs by martyred Chilean performer. A. Texts. Jacket repaired.
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
309003/4 S (2) "Un Viaye Musical con Rita MORENO (5" radio programs). A.
CYCLE III S (2) "Un Viaye Musical con Rita MORENO (5" radio programs, 3rd series). A.
Unicorn (Eng.)
RHS 336 S Herrmann: Psycho--film music. HERRMANN, National PO. A.
United Artists
UAL 4099 Goldman & Kander: A Family Affair. Shelley BERMAN, Eileen HECKART, Morris CARNOVSKY, Larry KERT, Rita GARDNER, Bibi OSTERWALD. A. AS.
United Jewish Appeal
SA 986 "Israel's Finest Hour: Abba EBAN, Address before Security Council, United Nations, New York, Jun 6, 1967." A.
VLM 5001 Charles BOYER: Where Does Love Go? (singing). A-, FOT. AS?
Vancouver Folk Music Festival
ATR 102 S "Third Annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival, July 1980." David AMRAM, Byron BERLINE, Holly NEAR, SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, TANNAHILL WEAVERS, et al. A.
VRS 9074 "An Evening with Herschel BERNARDI: A humorous & nostalgic look at Jewish life in America." A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
VSD 2127 S Netania DAVRATH: Yiddish Folk Songs. A.
VSD 6535 F "Lament on the Death of a Bullfighter & other poems & stories of Federico Garcia Lorca." MONTERO (narr. & singer); BACARISSE, o. A. Texts missing.
VSD 79450 S KLEZMER CONSERVATORY BAND: Yiddishe Renaissance. Group includes very young Don BYRON! A.
MGV 15001 Gershwin: Funny Face. HEPBURN, ASTAIRE, THOMPSON (film sound track). A, LSM.
Warner Bros.
BSK 3329 S Pete SEEGER: Circles & Seasons. A. Lyrics.
W 1469 Raoul MEYNARD & His Orchestra: Passport to Pleasure. FS. COH.
WF 012 S Peter ROWAN: Revelry (w. Tex Logan & Greg Douglass). A.
XWN 18098 Lorca: Lament on the Death of a Bullfighter & other poems (in English). Alan WHEATLEY (reader). A.
XWN 18643 "Sabbath in the Synagogue, Friday Evening Service (Part 1)." Sholom KATZ (cantor); SILBERMINTZ, cho. A; minor PB.
ABC Impulse
AS 9274 S Keith JARRETT: Treasure Island. A.
Artists House
AH 2 S Paul DESMOND (posthumous release of 1975 quartet session). A, LSM.
SD 1596 S Keith JARRETT: The Mourning of a Star (w. Charlie HADEN, Paul MOTIAN). A.
S 63939 S Duke ELLINGTON: Anatomy of a Murder (from film sound track). A. French pressing.
SD 610 S Erroll GARNER: Serenade in Blue. A.
Collector's Classics
CC 27 Fletcher HENDERSON & His Orchestra, Vol. 1 (from 78s, 1923-24). A.
C 30035 LEADBELLY (several unpub. items). A.
C2S 847 S (2) Eubie BLAKE: The 86 Years of Eubie Blake. A.
CL 583 Erroll GARNER: Gems. A; 1/8" X.
CS 9149 S Thelonious MONK: Solo Monk. A. Late label.
KC 31996 S MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA: Birds of Fire. A.
RS 893 SD S Doc SEVERINSEN: Fever! A.
ECM 1017 ST S Keith JARRETT: Facing You (solo piano). A. U.S. pressing.
ECM 1035/7 ST S (3) Keith JARRETT: Solo-Concerts Bremen Lausanne. A, FOT. Booklet.
BXN 26466 S Paul HORN: Inside. Unaccompanied improvisations recorded in Taj Mahal. A.
ESP 3003 Billie HOLIDAY: Radio & TV Broadcasts, 1953-56, Vol. 2. A, LSM.
MGF 27561 Gloria LYNNE: Gloria. A, FOT. AS.
HAL 103 S Marian McPARTLAND Trio: Ambiance. A.
7115 S Marian McPARTLAND: A Fine Romance (piano solo live in Buffalo). A.
AS 9240 S Keith JARRETT: Fort Yawuh. A.
LS 86027 S Roland KIRK Quartet, featuring Elvin Jones: Rip, Rig & Panic. A.
S60 24479 S Petrosyan: Concerto for Voice & Orchestra. HOVANESYAN (vocal solo). VYSIAUSKAS (sax), MOLOKOEDOV (keyboards), et al; CHEKASIAN, Lithuanian SSR Conservatory Big Band. A; 1 severe PB.
New World
NW 204 S Ricky FORD: Loxodonta Africana (w. Dannie RICHMOND, Richard DAVIS, et al). A.
2310 762 S Duke ELLINGTON: The Ellington Suites. A.
LP 2 Dizzy GILLESPIE: The Small Groups (1945-46, w. PARKER). A, FOT.
LP 4 Dizzy GILLESPIE: Dizzy's Delight (The Big Bands). 17 items from broadcasts, 1942-46. A.
730.576 Duke ELLINGTON: Masterpieces (1928-1930). A.
730.584 Fletcher HENDERSON (1927-1936). A.
730.605 Jelly Roll MORTON & His Red Hot Peppers (1926-1939), Vol. 2. A.
741 071 Fletcher HENDERSON (1927-34), Vol. 2. A.
FXM1 7136 "The GOLDKETTE Bands (1924/1929)." A, LSM.
RCA Victor
LPM 1715 Duke ELLINGTON & His Orchestra: At His Very Best (1927-44). A. Df.
LPV 506 Duke ELLINGTON: Daybreak Express (from 78s, 1931-34). A. Df.
10" RLP 1054 Pete JOHNSON: Jumpin' (Solo Art 78s, 1939). A. Edges taped. $8

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